The Hospital was in complete chaos Medi-witches and wizards running all over the place and George knew why. With Berry close behind him and Hermione in his arms george rushed to the closes medi-witch he could find. A plump Redheaded woman with an jolly feel to her stood near marking a clip board worry and authority was evident.

"Excuse me..." George said panicky

"Oh Dear what happened to her!?" The witch exclaimed at the sight of Hermione. She was extremely pale and was obviously having trouble breathing. the medi-witch reached over and placed her wand against Hermione's kneck. Her Pulse was barely visible.

"Someone Help over here!" The medi-witch whistled and a group of medi-wizards and medi-witches rushed over and took Hermione from George and placed her in a wheelchair. The medi-witch looked up at george as the others took Hermione and began to walk away..

"are you George Weasley?" she questioned.

"Yes. my, where ....Is he going to be ok?" he asked worried.

"From the looks of it, and what I've seen so afraid, unless we find an answer or cure by tonight ...he isnt going to make it. Im sorry" the Medi-witch said sadly. George stared at her...he didnt want to hear those words again, after the war ended and Fred almost dying once before, he couldnt handle thos words ever again, The medi-witch patted him on the back and began to follow the other medi-witches and wizards.

As they began to walk farther away the commotion behind them grew louder George turned around and saw more medi-witches and wizards rushing in and out. He knew where Fred was.

"Wait!..." He called but just as he did two ear-piercing screams erupted and flooded the hospital, one male and one Hermione's. It was the worst scream you had ever heard, like they were being skinned alive and having salt rubbed into it. It hurt just to listen.

"Bring her back here! They will only get worst if she goes that way!!!" George said rushed and paniced. he quickly grabbed Hermione's wheelchair and pushed her screaming form closer to the room filled with Medi-witches and wizards as fast as he could. upon getting closer their screams subsided. The medi-witch from before was now next to George checking Hermione's pulse.

"oh my Merlin...But ...but thats impossible!" George and Berry looked over at her never stopping, with the others following them.

"what?" Berry dared asked.

"Her..pulse its getting stronger with every step we take and i dont mean that as a metaphor Im serious. " she exclaimed

"ITS A MIRACLE!! A MIRACLE!" she said smiling. They stopped right before entering the room, everyone cleared out of their way as directed by the head medi-witch. george praying this would really work stepped inside. a group of frantic medi-witches and wizards turned and looked at who had entered, before any of them could say anything the head medi-witch and stopped them and told them to get out. 

after the room was cleard George rushed Hermione over to his almost dead looking brothers bed and seiftly and frantically picked her up and placed her in his bed quickly connecting their hands.....nothing happened. They all waited in silence, but just as they were about to give up a blinding light engulfed the two and just as quickly as it had come it had vanished leaving the two behing. George dared not move, So The medi-witch walked up and checked their pulses, and Berry held on to George who mentally held on to her.  It seemed like it took forever before the medi-witch responded. she walked back around to George and stood firmly infront of him.....looking up into his eyes...she slowly shook her head.

it didnt work...

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