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"Draco! Hurry up! We're going to miss the train! »

"I'm coming, woman, sheesh, stop your nagging," mumbled a thirty-six year old Draco Malfoy, who was levitating a pink trunk behind him.

"He was helping me mummy!" A small eleven year old girl said, coming out from behind her father. Draco grinned; his little princess always had his back.

"You're lucky she loves you Draco," glared Hermione, she was quite frazzled, they had fifteen minutes until the Hogwarts express left, yet she and her family of eight was still at home.

"Well, we're ready now, so let's get going! Everyone, grab onto someone who can apparate, and we're off!" There were four resounding pops, then the Malfoy family disappeared, only to reappear at King's Cross station.

"Malfoy's! Around me!" Commanded Draco. Hermione rolled her eyes, knowing what was about to come, she scanned her eyes around the platform, before her eyes came to rest on her best friends, she beckoned them all over with a grin, and then returned her attention to her family.

"Right, let's go over the rules one more time boys," Draco began, before turning to face his oldest son, "Perseus Lycoris Malfoy, this is your final year, what is expected of you?"

"To be the best Head boy and quidditch captain that Slytherin has ever seen and to beat Yasmin Weasley and the rest of the Gryffindor team," stated his son, as he rolled his eyes.

"Good," Draco faced his sixteen year old twins next, "And you two?"

"We are to unleash-" began Lynx Orion Malfoy,

"As much mayhem as possible-" continued Lupus Regulas,

"Upon our fellow schoolmates-"

"Especially the Gryffindors-" they chorused in unison. Hermione covered her eyes with her hand.

"Excellent, Cepheus?"

"Uh, do well in school?"

"I suppose that'll do," grumbled Draco, turning to face his next son.

"Scorpius Hyperion?"

"I'm supposed to do well in school and be a good prefect and make sure I don't get close to Rose Weasley," he drawled, sarcastically.

"Very good!" Draco grinned, grimacing as Hermione hit him upside down the head.

"Leo Lucius?"

"I'm supposed to not get into any trouble?"

"Yeah… I guess that'll work," finally, Draco turned to face his angel.


"Yes daddy?" Cassiopeia Narcissa's six brothers all rolled their eyes at her childish voice; it was so obvious how she had their father wrapped around her little pinky.

"What's expected of you this year?"

"I'm expected to get into Slytherin and make the quidditch team and make lots of friends and be mean to the Weasley's, even though I really like Auntie Pansy," she finished, grinning up at her daddy.

"Perfect! Oh, my little angel's going to be the brightest, smartest, most amazing quidditch player and Slytherin that Hogwarts has ever seen, not to mention the prettiest," he winked, ignoring his families groans behind him. Then his eyes narrowed.

"Speaking of prettiest,"

He whirled back around to face his sons.

"If any boy tries to talk to your sister, what do you do?"

"Deduct points from his house," said Perseus.

"Beat him up," smirked the twins.

"Prank him?" Cepheus asked. He tended to do that, answer a question with a question.

"Throw him off the astronomy tower," grinned Scorpius.

"Hang him from the quidditch pole!" yelled Leo.

"Oh lord, you're going to turn my sons into criminals," Hermione glared at her husband before turning her attention to her children.

"You are all to focus hard on school, and quidditch if you so wish, no bullying or pranks on anyone!" she stared hard at her sons, who looked away from her, Hermione Malfoy was quite terrifying, "No bullying the friends that your sister makes, or I'll be coming up to Hogwarts personally to bully you," her sons gasped, and she smirked, glad that they understood her.

"Now sweetie, even if you don't get into Slytherin, it'll be fine, you'll make a wonderful asset to whichever house you get, especially if it's Gryffindor… dear Merlin, please let my daughter be a Gryffindor," she added, looking up to the sky. It was a sore subject for Hermione, yet one of great amusement to the rest of her friends and husband. She had seven children, and so far, every single one of them was a Slytherin.

"Now, everyone, give your mummy a hug," she commanded, and her children threw their arms around her and engulfed her in the biggest hug ever.

"All of my babies are going to be at Hogwarts now, it's so sad!" she wailed. Draco winced; he should have expected her to get emotional today.

"Mugglemuffin, don't worry! It'll be Christmas hols soon, and then they'll be home to visit!"

"It's, it's just not the same!" she sniffed.

"Oh god, has she started already?" interrupted the voice of Ginny Zabini.

"Thank Merlin that you don't cry like that, love," added her husband, Blaise.

"Shut up! You guys are so heartless," glared Hermione while Draco chuckled. Then he gave Blaise a manly hug, the two of them refused to call it a normal hug, they insisted that that was far too feminine for them, so even though they hugged each other exactly the same as they hugged everyone else, it was referred to as a manly hug between them. Honestly, men.

"Eyo Malfoy's," chorused the three Zabini children. Falcon, the oldest was in his seventh year and also in Slytherin, he was best friends with Perseus. Gideon, the next child, was in his fourth year, but he was a Gryffindor, much to the delight of Ginny. Finally, there was Maya, their only daughter, who in her sixth year was a mischief maker, just like the Malfoy twins.

"Oh, a reunion!" cried a voice to their left. Hermione barely had enough time to turn before she was tackled by a blur, a blur by the name of Pansy.

"Awe, did we have to come say hi, Pans? I wanted to keep my daughters away from Malfoy's evil sons for as long as possible," whined Ron, coming up behind his wife.

"Oh daddy, don't worry, we can handle ourselves, after all, we did beat them on the quidditch pitch last year," smirked Yasmin, the eldest of the Ron's children.

"You won't win this year!" Promised Perseus, glaring at his rival.

"Good morning aunt Ginny, uncle Blaise, aunt Hermione, uncle Draco," chorused the rest of the kids.

After Yasmin, came Eliza Iris, in her sixth year. Rose Azalea, in her fifth year, who upon seeing Scorpius, started blushing, then there was Aria Flora, in her third year, Hazel Ivy, a second year, and bringing up the rear, the youngest child and only son, Hugo Fred Weasley who, like Cassiopeia, was beginning his first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"Weasley," acknowledged Draco,

"Malfoy," greeted Ron.

"Potter," Blaise nodded at a man who was fast approaching the three families.

"Friends!" came the lofty voice of Luna, as she appeared behind her husband, from seemingly nowhere.

"Luna!" cried Hermione, Pansy and Ginny, before beginning to question Mrs. Potter. The Potters had just returned from a two-month long trip from the Amazonian jungles where Luna wanted to discover a colony of scrumblebacked bumblebees. She hadn't found any, but still maintained that they existed.

"Oh hey Harry, how are you? It's so nice to see you! How was your trip? Oh it was fine, thanks for remembering me!" said Harry sarcastically, as he stood on the outside of the group, forgotten.

"Sorry Harry!" giggled Hermione, as she launched herself at her best friend. Then, she pushed him away abruptly.

"How're my favorite godchildren!?" she cried, opening her arms wide and hugging the life out three teenagers.

"Auntie Hermione, we're your only godchildren,"

"That makes you my favorite," she replied cheekily.

"Oh of course, how could I forget, you love my children and wife more than me," grumbled Harry as he turned to greet his best friend, Ron. At least someone appreciated the boy who lived.

"It's okay daddy, I love you!" grinned fourteen year old Lily Potter.

"Suck up!" Albus rolled his eyes, and then went to greet his best friend, Scorpius.

"Oh that's right, go over to the snake pit," James Potter shook his head at his little brother. It came as a shock to everyone, except for Harry, when the middle Potter child was sorted into Slytherin.

"Now now, children, play nice," drawled Draco Malfoy, eyeing the nineteen children standing in front of him. Yeah, nineteen, and that wasn't even all of them. Minerva, the current headmaster, had a full set of grey hair now thanks to the offspring of the graduating class of 1998 and 1999. The amount of disciplinary letters sent home to these families was astounding. James, Fred and Louise took great pride in being the greatest Gryffindor pranksters ever, well, after the Marauders of course. And, on the other side, Lynx and Lupus thought themselves to be the greatest thing since chocolate frogs. It was a wonder they could fit through doors with heads as inflated as theirs were.

Suddenly, the Hogwarts express sounded its final boarding alarm.

"Oh! Get on the train! All of you!" commanded Hermione, snapping into action.

"We love you!" chorused the voices of the adults, as their children hurried towards the train.

"Don't forget to take care of your sister!" Bellowed Draco, while glaring at every teen-aged male that he could see and that wasn't related to him.

"Stay away from Scorpius, Rose!" called Ron. The two men glared at each other before barking out various demands and commands for their children, not aware that one, they weren't listening, and two, their wives and friends were leaving.

"They'll notice eventually," shrugged Harry. "Come back to our house for a bite to eat?"

"Yes!" and then the Zabini's, Potter's, Hermione and Pansy apparated out with a pop.

"Hey!" cried Ron and Draco simultaneously, glaring at the spot their friends vanished from.


Dear Mummy and Daddy,

I like it here at Hogwarts, it's very nice, and everyone is so kind! I'm so happy that I'm finally here; Hugo and I have stuck together so far since we haven't really had time to make any friends. But I'll owl you soon!

PS: Mummy, please tell the boys to stop following me around everyone.

PPS: Mummy, can you also tell them to stop threatening Hugo?

PPS: Gryffindor.

"Nooooo! My baby's a Gryffindor!" wailed Draco Malfoy as his wife punched her fist in the air while dancing around him singing.

"Finally! Another Gryffindor in the house!"




Alas, after two years, the story is finished.

For my first fanfiction ever, I think that it went pretty well. Is it my best work? No. I started writing this when I was fifteen years old, now I'm in university. I've learned a lot more and know that the next time I write something, it will be much better.

"It's just a crush" is my baby, I thank all of my readers and my reviewers. Logging on, and seeing that someone had reviewed my story meant so much to me. It would motivate me to open up word and write the next chapter of this story.

I have many ideas for the next-generation, do I want to put those ideas into writing? Maybe someday.

 Did I rush some parts of the story? Yes. And so unfortunately, some parts of the story were not as detailed as they could have been, for that, I'm sorry.

As of now, I am occupied with University, when I have time, maybe I'll write the occasional one-shot, but I'll be focusing my attention on my studies, that's my first priority.

Once again, thank you everyone who has been with me since the start. I love you for giving my story a chance. Thank you.

Much love,


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