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Mr Ollivander's POV




A sullen Jeremy Ollivander sat quietly, rocking back and forth in his chair.

He soon found the smell of fire coming from the kitchen. He turned his head ever so slightly, and searched the kitchen for the source of this burning smell.

 He laid his eyes on the fireplace, small green flames steadily grew brighter until the whole room was filled with a slight green glow.

 His son in-law walked straight out through the flames, which died immediately.

 "Edward" Ollivander said, his voice strained.

 His black hair was a complete mop, and dark bags hung around his eyes.

 "It's a girl" he said collapsing beside Ollivander he continued, "She has Julie's eyes, your nose and my hair" he smiled giddily, "We named her Juliette, after her grandmother".

 For the first time in years, Jeremy Ollivander smiled.

 He really smiled. Not just with his lips but with his eyes too.

 "When can I see her?" he asked excitedly, his eyes glowing.

 "Now. Please, come now" Edward gestured to the fireplace, "We'll go by floo powder".

 Ollivander hurriedly donned his cloak, checked his pocket for his wand, and opened the jar of floo powder.

 "Wait" he murmured.

 He turned to the glass box, sitting on the counter. He looked at the sheet of dust that covered it's surface.

 Ollivander opened the dusty lid, and gently picked up the thin golden chain.

 He stowed the chain in his pocket and turned back to Edward, waiting silently by the fireplace.
"Let's go" Jeremy smiled, and gestured to the floo powder.





"She's sleeping" whispered Carmen, Ollivander's young daughter.

 Jeremy looked down at the sleeping child.

She had been born with a head full of ebony coloured hair.

Ollivander counted each of her tiny fingers, and each of her tiny toes.

 "Ette, you are beautiful" he whispered to the girl.

 As the years passed by, Ollivander noticed how much Ette seemed to look like his wife.
She had the same smile and laugh, the same gentle voice, and the same timid nature.
Her timid nature seemed to change, when Jonas Weasley moved into the house next door.






Jonas Weasley.

Jonas Weasley was a small boy, but with a head full of mischief.

 Something about him just seemed to annoy Julliette Ollivander.

Like the way his red hair framed his face, and how his clear blue eyes always seemed to sparkle.

 Maybe it was the way he always got in trouble, but without a consequence.

Maybe she was jealous that he had a father.









 Edward MacDonald.

 Ed MacDonald was a kind man, who lived a short life.

 It was that day, when Carmen Ollivander knew she would never love again.

Ed worked at the ministry as an Aroura, and this particular case was extremely difficult.
He was working with a group of the best Arouras, hunting Sirius Black, who was later proven innocent.

He was killed in the explosion supposedly caused by Black, which was really caused by scared little Peter Pettigrew.

 Carmen Ollivander wanted to scream, she wanted to rip her hair out. She wanted to cry for ever.

But she couldn't.

 She had to stay strong for both Julliette and herself.

She wasn't alone either. She had her father, and the rest of the family.

Carmen couldn't help but wish, that she had died instead of her husband.







Thanks to SereneChaos for suggesting doing a chapter on a back story. I wanted this chapter to be informative, but straight forward. I honestly think that the most important part in this chapter was Mr Ollivander's piece. Jonas and Edward's paragraphs weren't meant to be done by that character's Point of view, obviously. At first I wanted to do something with Jonas being dropped by Ron when he was a baby, but I decided that was a bit over kill :|, and It didn't really fit with how I had already written the character. I can't remember Mr Ollivander having a first name, so I used one of my favourites :)

And I couldn't remember how to spell Aroura (You know what I mean right?), so please inform me of the correct spelling :)

























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