"but that's complete and utter nonsense, your older than me and your Ron's brother" she sniffed

"is it, she's incredibly smart,top of every class,you know, she has an incredible smile that could make a thousand flowers bloom and she looks stunningly pretty in a red dress at this moment in time" Fred smiled

Hermione looked taken aback, she had only ever expected Ron to come to his senses one day and say this to her, but no this was Fred Ron's older brother

"I'm the girl you're madly in love " she sounded very shocked

"really Hermione, i mean even a genius like you could have been able to work it out, i mad for you"

"how long for" she whispered

"since the yule ball, that was the first time i realized that you were more than my little brother's best mate and that you were really a gorgeous young lady"

Hermione turned away not looking at him, tears slowly running down her cheeks

"Hermione,look at me, what if you've been falling for the wrong brother, i mean there are quite a lot of us isn't there, bills now a married man and personally i think that if any girl was to look at bill now they would have Fleur to answer too, charlie's got his dragons, Percy's an idiot, a ministry loving power hunger pompous prat, George is holy and saint like,hes gonna find a girl who is perfect for him maybe a nun and Ron ,well Ron is just too stupid to see such a beautiful young woman standing right in ront of him"

the tears were coming faster as they tricked done her face,her mascara slowly running

"Fred I'm not sure about this,it would never work" she mumbled

"Hermione trust me" he said as he wiped away her tears

"close your eyes" she looked up at him "trust me,close your eyes" he whispered

Hermione slowly shut her eyes, Fred plucked up all of his courage and he looked at her, her hair shining in the moonlight, he leaned down and kissed her, with all of his courage he put one arm around her waist and the other on her back. her lips tasted like strawberries, which happened to be his favorite fruit

"see its like we are meant for each other " he told that little voice in his head

Fred kissed her with so much passion that she was lifted off her feet, somewhere above them Weasley wildfire whizzbangs were going off, after what seemed like forever they broke apart. Grinning down at Hermione, Fred felt as thought a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders, all those feelings and thoughts he had been carrying around were now out in the open

Little did they realize was that Ron had been watching from not too far away,hidden amongst the reeds, as he gone after Hermione as he was worried when she went off with krum into the reeds, Tears were falling thick and fast down his face, then suddenly a big bright light appeared in the sky, it shot down into the marque, it was a patronus - Kingsley Shacklebolt's voice erupted from it "the ministry has fallen,Scrimgour is dead, they are coming, they are coming...." Ron got up from his hiding place wiped away his tears and went to find harry and the rest of his family

Meanwhile ...

Fred and Hermione looked at each other

"Fred i have to go, i have to go with harry and Ron, there's something we have to do, Dumbledore left harry a quest and i said i would stick by him, hes my best friend i would do anything for him." she sounded terrified

"its ok Hermione, i understand, take care my love,be safe" and with that he kissed her forehead "i love you with all my heart"

the tears started to trickle down her face again, her mascara was smudged but she didn't care, she knew she had to get to her two boys,they would never cope on their own without her

they both headed towards the marque, Fred took one last look at the bookworm who had captured his heart, just moments later she grabbed harry's hand and with a blink of the eye she,harry and Ron Disapparited....

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