They reached the Potions classroom. They entered silently; the room was dark and grim looking, just as it always had been under the teachings of Professor Snape. Hermione lit the candles that sat at Snape's old desk but they gave little light to the grim room. Harry headed towards the front desk with Ginny in tow and knelt down behind it to open the drawers. Inside the first was ingredients for potions, a book on Advanced Potion Making and a few test tubes of already made potions, one bright green and the other two murky browns. There was nothing in there that interested Harry. He was beginning to get edgy; it didn’t feel right to be searching through a dead man’s things.

"Harry? What are you looking for?" Ginny asked gently.
"I'm not sure Ginny. Something important?" Harry snapped at her.
"Ok, I'm sorry." Ginny snapped back, her tone offended and hurt. Harry shut the drawer forcefully, angry at Ginny for being so stupid. He yanked open the next, the drawer came flying out and landed on both Harry's and Ginny's lap, the contents almost flying out of the dust filled drawer.
"Harry! Calm down! There's no need to get so angry with me for asking a completely valid question!" She said loudly.
"Hermione wouldn't ask such a stupid question." Harry whispered through clenched teeth.
"What was that?" Ginny asked forcefully.
"Whatever. What's in the drawer?"

Harry grunted and rummaged in the drawer. He pulled out a battered black diary labelled Her. Harry opened it in his lap to the first page, stuck on the page was a photo, and unlike a magical photograph, it wasn't moving, it was from a muggle camera. It pictured a small red headed girl and a slightly bigger black haired girl on a see-saw in a park. Harry recognised the smaller girl as his mother, Lily Potter, or as she was known then, Lily Evans. He looked at the next photo, another of Lily and his Aunt Petunia, this time walking away, down a path.

"Who are they?" Ginny asked.

"Just let me look please. It's my mum and Aunt Petunia if you must know." Harry muttered.

He noticed Ginny glare at him out of the corner of his eye, he scowled. Harry flicked through the diary to the middle page; the picture on this page was of the magical kind, a photo of his mother, aged around 13, laughing. Harry couldn't help but smile to himself, even though Ginny was annoying him. He flicked to the back. He looked at the page for a long time, not taking in the image that was set out in front of him. The picture had shocked him speechless, unable to even utter a word, it was a picture he'd seen often, it was in his own album he had of his parents after all, but this was different. His father's face had been removed, scratched out and replaced by a long face framed by greasy black hair, it was Snape. Harry shut the book closed with a pang of anger and stood up swiftly, dropping it on the floor. Ginny, who was still knelt, picked up the book and began to flick through it herself at his feet, which angered Harry even more, how dare she look at his personal stuff? Harry's stomach twisted unpleasantly again as he looked up and around the classroom, Hermione and Ron were sharing a kiss on one of the potions desks. The gremlin had suddenly turned into a ferocious deadly monster, escaping from his stomach with might, it was about to force itself from his mouth, he wouldn't be able to stop it. He had to leave before he saw anymore. Harry stormed out in a rage, heading for a place he'd never think of going willingly, but he'd just had such a sudden strong revelation after seeing the final photo and Ron and Hermione sharing a kiss that he knew in his gut he had to go there. He headed towards the Slytherin Common Room with Ginny, Ron and Hermione running after him, shouting his name in his wake.

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