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I miss you so much

You’re my air, my love, my life. I cannot believe you’re gone. I miss you more than I thought possible. The pain I feel is like a fire, burning a hole in my aching heart.

your light your smile your wave

Laying by the Black Lake, I read my Defence Against the Dark Arts book. I was so concentrated that I didn’t notice you coming my way. When you called my name I jumped a little, I turned around, and there you were, waving at me, a huge smile on your face. I could never stay mad at you; you brighten up my mood from the simplest things. You never knew.

and everything about us

We were perfect for each other. We were meant to be together, forever.  

Though you’re gone you’re still here

Everyone is saying you are gone, but you will never be gone, ever.

in my heart, in my tears

You will always be here, in my heart. My first love, my only love. I still cry myself to sleep, thinking about your beautiful, green eyes.

Yeah you sure left your mark

I will never be able to forget you. Every good memory is with you in it. You are my everything.

we were just gettin’ started

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to call you that horrible name. I didn’t mean it, please forgive me,” I cried to her.

“It’s okay Severus, I forgive you. You’re my best friend.” She smiled at me brightly, bringing me into a loving hug.   

It wasn’t long enough

I never got to tell you my true feelings towards you, I will never know if you felt the same way.

it wasn’t long enough together

We hardly got together after school ended. We stopped being together.

but it was long enough
yeah it was long enough
to last forever

You are my life. You will always be on my mind, in my heart, in my life. Forever you will be mine.

sometimes I get so mad

“This wasn’t supposed to happen! You didn’t deserve this! You can’t be gone!” I yelled to no one.  

I scream, I swear at this

“Your life, it was supposed to be with me, no one else, me! You are my life, you can’t be dead!” I screamed, tears streaming down my red hot face.

cause this isn’t how we planned it

We were going to have a family together. We were going get married, we were supposed to be together, together forever. You must have felt the same way.  

I sit here in a cold room

I don’t sleep. I lay on my bed, crying over your memory. Wishing you were here right now.

prayin, waitin’ on you

I will never stop waiting for you.

to run back though that door

You will come to my door, telling me this was some type of joke, you will laugh at me, and bring me into a hug I long for. You will tell me you never liked Potter, that it was always me.

to the way it was before you left

We will continue how we left off. We will be together, just how I planned it.

it wasn’t long enough

Not even close.

it wasn’t long enough together

It would never be enough.

but it was long enough
yeah, it was long enough
to last forever

I will never stop thinking of you. You were, you are my life.

I’ve been cheated, defeated, can’t believe that your gone

Was this my punishment? Did I do something that made me deserve this? I will never believe that you’re gone. You will always be here, with me.  

it wasn’t long enough

It will never be, but you’re not coming back.


It will never happen, you will never be back.

it wasn’t long enough
it wasn’t long enough together

Never again.

but it was long enough
yeah it was long enough
to last, to last, to last forever

Forever. You will be mine, forever.

no, it wasn’t long enough

I will always love you. We will always be together, right here, in my heart. You are my Lily flower, you will be, now, always, forever.



August 15th 2011

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