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She reached the entrance to her room. It was in a secluded part of the school that was near the Slytherin common room. The portrait was of a sphinx in a field of flowers. She was gorgeous.

“ Hello, my name is Subaru. You must be Hermione. Password?” said the Sphinx.

She opened up the piece of paper that had the password ‘ Lacuna’ and entered her new room. It was all white, even the bed spread. She heard a knock at the door.

“ A young man wishes to come in.,” said the voice of the Sphinx.

“ I don’t want them to come in”

“ He says it’s an emergency and that he needs to talk to you. He says his name is Draco.”

Hermione was taken back by this. She was expecting it to be Harry or Ron, anyone, but Draco.

“ Let him in,” commanded Hermione.

The door opened up and Draco stepped in. Like her, he was taken back by all of the white.

“ What do you want?” asked Hermione.

“ I wanted to make sure you’re all right. I mean I wanted to make sure they were not going to follow you back.” Said Draco.

“ So you followed me instead?”

“ Yes. I mean no.”

“ Pick one.” Said Hermione.

“Yes. I just wanted to make sure that you were alright.” Draco said looking down to the ground.

“ Why? I mean…that’s extremely friend-like of you.”

“ Well, I guess it’s because I’m in debt to you.” Finally looking at her.

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean you’re nice to me even though I had spread that rumor about you with Pothead and Weasel. So, I’m sorry and this is the only way that I can see to get even with you.”

It sounded so strange to be hearing this from a Malfoy. He seemed to be telling the truth but he still seemed to be hiding something. Hermione took advantage of the opportunity since he seemed to be in the moment of saying anything.

“ That can’t just be it. There has to be some other reason. You seem different. Come on tell me. Its not like I have other friends to tell.” It sounded corny to her. Like something out of a movie but it would be good enough for him.

“I don’t know. I suppose with my parents basically being gone, I got to see the world in another way. I don’t have anyone to hang out with, the house elves hate me, and people that I though were my friends just like me because of my parents. Except for Pansy. She doesn’t care about my parents but she needs to learn to take the hint.”

Draco didn’t know why, once again, why he felt comfortable. She never seems to truly judge him, even if he has been a bastard to her. He hadn’t had anyone to be close to for as long as he could remember. On top of that he could now be who he wants to be without a vulture looking over him all the time.

“So that’s really the truth. You’re really just the imperfect guy hiding behind a mask. That’s stupid.” Said Hermione.

“Hey, I have an image to look up to.”

“ So, who cares? Why should you impress people in your house about who you are if they don’t like you that much? That’s something I learned a long time ago. I’m not going to let people try to get me to be someone I’m not.”

“ So, what should I do?”

“Be yourself. Shock people for a change. Be an individual. It’ll feel weird for a why, but it feels nice.”

“ Do you know how hard that would be!” he said laughing, “ What could I do? I can’t change my hair or what house I’m in.”

“ Start hanging out with me more. That’s biggest change you could do. Don’t be cold or nasty, be nice. Use manners. Don’t torment people.”

“ Except for a few.” Draco said with a small plea.

“Except for a few.”

The grandfather clock struck 10pm.

“ I guess I should be going.”

“ Yeah. Classes start tomorrow.”

“ Well, Good night Hermione.”

Hermione got butterflies when he said her name. She wanted to talk to him for a little longer.

“ Yeah. And Draco.”

“ Yeah?”

“ See you at breakfast.”

“ Well then it’s a date.”

“Huh?” He said with a confused look.

Hermione realized what she said and quickly fixed it.

“ It’s a Muggle expression. Well goodnight Draco.”

“ Good night.”

She closed her door, smiling to herself. She had to admit she liked him. She got into pajamas and went to bed.


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