Author's Note: I know it seems odd to add a vew story in a middle of a really great one but, it's just a simple oneshot. So hope you enjoy.

Pansy POV

Despite popular belief Pansy Parkinson isn't stupid. I may not be the smartest witch of mygeneration but, I'm not a complete idiot either. There was one thing that only I was smart in that no one else not even the great Hermione Granger was in: The relationship between Draco and Hermione.

Yes, I know what you must be thinking, I fling myself at Draco and, can't take the hint that Draco doesn't like me. But much to popular belief I don't love Draco, scracth that i don't even like him. The only reason I hang onto him in such an idiotic and pathetic is that my parents told me to. They'd told me ever sicne I started Hogwarts, being with a Malfoy means great power and respect. So yes, I did as i was taught, flirt more than allowed and act like a total bafoon.

Draco doesn't like me (obviously) nor does he like anyone else in slytherin. I knew who he really liked......................................Hermione Granger. When most people look at the relationship between Draco and Hermione they see one of the following: a.) mortal enemies b.) they'll one day end up killing each other or c.) hatred. No, what i see is the truth between them. They pretend to hate each other it's as simple as that.

You wouldn't notice unless you watched them carefully. Both of them couldn't mask all the signs of their feeling for each other. I saw them quite clearly as if surrounded by a neon blinking sign. You could see them in Draco more. I saw them examples would be.  Whenever he used the M word, at that single second moment right afterwards you'd see the guilt wash over is face and the pain when he saw that twitch of the lip meaning no matter how hard she tried to hide it he'd hurt her feelings.

Or, when she made a comeback (which were suprisingly good) he couldn't think of anything to say back.  Sure he would open his mouth as if to sy some hurtfull commetn but, in realitty he was rendered speechless. Also, whenver I or any other Slytherin made a bad comment about Granger, he wouldn't agree. His eyes would turn into a firery pit of hated before smoldering to thier wicked gray. He would just force a laugh, wtih had a tone of regretfullness.

So I am not stupid, if I was do you think I would of have been able to make sure they were stuck under the misletoe. No, I'm way to dumb for that.

Author's Note: There aren't enough Pansy POV stories so I decided to write one. Hopefully it seemed realistic. Thank you so much for reading and please review. I thought that her family was a good reason for Pansy to act like the way she does for another reason than she loved draco. And how she was the only one who noticed did kinda make sense. So review and reveiw and reveiw till your arm falls off.

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