Hermione led Ron throughout the school. It’s a never-ending labyrinth! Ron thought.



            “So, Ron, this is our first period class: calculus. Tips: don’t sit in the front, don’t raise your hand unless your 100% sure you got your answer right, try VERY hard, always provide work, NEVER leave an answer blank, and don’t get on Ms. Bradley’s hit list.”




            “Whoa, that’s a LOT to remember. Thanks, Hermione.”




            “You’re welcome. See you after class.”




            Hermione was right. But, then again, when is she ever wrong? Ms. Bradley wasn’t the nicest teacher Ron ever had, but she was nicer than Snape. But, then again, when is he ever nice? The people in class acted rude, just like Malfoy. But, then again, when is he ever civil? No matter how much Ron tried, he couldn’t stop comparing things to Hogwarts. He had OHD: obsessive Hogwarts disorder.




            “Hey, how was the first day of calc with Bradley?” Hermione approached Ron after class.




            “You were right. She is something…different.” Ron and Hermione both smiled and suppressed a giggle.




            They both continued down the hall. Hermione was acting like a tour guide, helping Ron maneuver his way through high school, maneuver his way through the Muggle world, maneuver his way through reality.




            Wet floor signs were seen everywhere. Apparently, the school sprung a leak. The wet floors helped Ron throughout his task; it also betrayed him. As he and Hermione were rounding a corner, Hermione slipped on a puddle of water and flew straight into Ron’s arms. However, at that very same moment, Greg passed by with his jock jerks.




            “What’s going on here?” Greg asked the pair of them.




            Ron released Hermione and positioned her on her feet. Hermione was the one who responded, “Nothing, Greg. I slipped and he caught me. It’s fine.”




            “Boys,” Greg ignored what Hermione had said. “I think it’s time to show ginger here who the king of this castle is.”




            Hermione looked embarrassed. Apparently, she didn’t want to be seen dating someone who is as arrogant as Greg. “Greg, no.” This came out as a small whisper. She didn’t look up. She was focused on the floor.


            “Let’s go, boys.” Greg and his gang grabbed Ron and brought him into the bathroom. One of the boys took Ron’s bag and drenched it with water from the sink. Then, all of them put Ron’s head under the sink and turned it on. Greg changed the temperature to ice cold. Then, he switched it to burning hot. Ron was screaming as the searing pain trickled down his neck. “Never, and I mean never, talk to MY girl again!” Greg was screaming at Ron. After a while, they pushed Ron to the ground and ran away as fast as they could. Ron felt horrible, both physically and mentally.




            After a long while of trying to dry off, he exited the bathroom. To his bewilderment, Hermione was waiting for him. This made him happy, even given the state of things.




            “Look, I know that Greg can be very difficult, but I apologize.”




            “Why are you apologizing? It wasn’t your fault at all. You shouldn’t blame yourself for the wrongdoings of others. I’m just trying to make sure your reputation doesn’t get crushed or whatever.” Ron tried to add extra charm while talking to Hermione.




            “Thanks. Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, Ron.”














            “So?” Harry was eager to know what happened.




            Ron recounted every detail-every single bloody detail- about what happened.




            “That sucks.”




            “You think?” Ron replied in a harsh tone.




            “Sorry. At least you know one thing,” Harry told Ron.




            “Yeah? And what might that be?” The harsh tone came back.




            “Hermione waited for you outside of the bathroom. This means that she cares about you, AND she barely even knows you!”




            “Yeah, I guess you’re right,” the harshness and spite in Ron’s voice drifted away.




            “We should celebrate!” Harry suggested.




            “What do you mean?”




            “Dumbledore gave us Muggle money. Why don’t we go spend it? That’s what money’s for.”




            “Alright, sure, what do you want to do?”




            “Have you ever been to a movie theatre?”




            “A what?”

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