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September 1st
Dear Mum, Dad and Ginny,
So much happened already and I just left this morning, it’s great! I hope it keeps being so wicked for the rest of my 7 years here!
The train ride was great, I sat with a boy and you will never guess: it was Him! Harry Potter! He’s really cool and we had a lot of fun and we both got sorted into Gryffindor so, thank Merlin, I didn’t break the tradition right? Only you to go Ginny but, you’re a sure thing, no worries.
Well, the castle is even more wicked than I imagined it to be and the food is amazing, though yours is much more satisfying mum.
I miss you all and I will write again at the end of the week to tell you how the classes are going, promise!
Love, Ron

“I wrote a pretty similar letter to my parents too when I got sorted,” Al said. “Except the part about Harry Potter; in mine, it was more like ‘Everyone keeps asking me if Harry Potter is my dad and they all look at me in awe; I hate it”’.

“I remember that in mine, I talked more about Hugo than anything else,” Lily says, giving her cousin a sideway look.

“Well my letter couldn’t have been more different than dad’s,” Hugo laughs. “I was in shock about my Sorting and scared to death that dad would disinherit me because I was a Ravenclaw.”

“Weirdest. Sorting. Ever,” Rose whispers, shaking her head in disbelief before her brother hits her playfully on the arm.

“Shall I keep reading?” Hugo asks the group.

“No wait, I got one from mum with the same date,” Al interrupts.

September 1st
Hey Gin,
Just wanted to tell you that it’s strange to not have you around and I can’t wait for you to join me here.

“Ah, so cute,” Rose coos.

I hope you are ok and not too sad about being the only one at home with mum and dad but make the most of this special “only child” time, you will be the only one to have that (except for Bill but he was 1 year old when that happened so it doesn’t count).
Also, I became friends with your hero, Harry Potter in the train and we’re both Gryffindors so I expect we will stay friends because we had a lot of fun together. Just so you know, he is an even cooler guy in person than in your imagination! Can you believe he didn’t even know he was famous until he got his letter? Weird considering we all know who he is!
Your big brother, Ron
p.s. If something really cool happens but it is not for mum’s ears, can I tell you in a letter you would keep private? Let me know and that way, you might find out some Hogwarts wicked secrets early…

“You didn’t do that with me when you left for school,” Lily scowls at Al.

“We obviously weren’t as close as them Lils. Plus, don’t be upset because nothing happened so I wouldn’t have had anything to write to you.”

“Right,” his sister says, clearly not believing him

“It’s true! The only interesting thing that happened…” Al begins but does not finish.

“Al?” Hugo asks after a couple seconds of silence. The teenager’s eyes are glassy and his mouth hangs loosely open; he is clearly lost in his memory. Upon hearing his name, Al shakes his head and looks at the three others, a mischievous look illuminating his features.

“Oh I just got the best idea to make this even better!” he declares loudly as he gets up to his feet. “Give me an hour, I promise this is going to be worth the wait.”

“Err, and where are you going exactly?” Rose sighs, knowing that there is no stopping Al when he gets like this.

“Uncle Bill and Aunt Fleur,” the boy announces before walking out of the cool room.

“Do you guys know what this was about?” Hugo asks the girls. They both shrug and sit back in silence, getting ready to wait for Al to return with his brilliant plan.

Exactly 43 minutes later (according to Lily) Al walks back inside the room, closely followed by Teddy, his god brother. Teddy salutes he three bored teenagers as he sits down on the floor with them.

“You guys are lucky I owe you one because you just took me away from my last day with Vicky before she leaves for her internship,” the newcomer groans. Only the smile that creeps on his face suggests that he isn’t too angry at them.

“So, are we finally going to know what this is all about?” Lily asks her brother who still has a wicked grin plastered on his face.

“Yep but since I don’t want to take the man away from his lady too long, we’ll let Teddy cast the spell before I explain everything. That way he can go back faster and we won’t take too much of his precious time.”

“Nah, it isn’t like I won’t ever see her again; she’s only leaving for two weeks after all!” Teddy laughs. Never the less, he takes out his wand and points at the letters next to Rose. “Are those the one you want me to charm?”

“Yeah, along with… Where’s the other pile?” he asks the others.

“They’re all together, chronologically classified,” Rose shrugs. Under Al’s puzzled look, she adds, “we had a lot of time on our hands.”

“Excellent! This makes it even easier, thanks!” Al exclaims happily. Teddy puts his wand on the pile of letters and murmurs a spell none of the others are able to catch. The letters glow bright yellow before Teddy points his wand at the four teenagers, murmuring the same spell. They all look at each other when their skin prickle and their nostrils are filled with the smell of parchment.

“Now to activate it, you touch the letters with your wands and say « Incipere » and when you want out, just says « Finite »,” the older boy says, getting up. He smiles down at his three puzzled cousins and the ecstatic one, “if you want me to do it again, it’ll have to wait to at least tomorrow, okay? Have fun!”

And with that, the blue haired boy walks out of the room. Rose, Lily and Hugo turn all together toward Al, waiting for an explanation.

“A couple years ago, I asked Teddy about his parents and how it felt to not have known them. He told me it had been really hard until he was given a letter by his gran; a letter from his parents that she had held on to until his 15th birthday, like they had asked. They had written that letter just days before they died and it was just for that, for their son to have in case neither of them made it through the war. The letter contained an incantation for him to use on the letter and on himself. It allowed him to get inside the letter, back to where the writer was and to observe the writer, but not communicate with him.”

“Are you kidding?” Rose asks excitedly, “you mean we are going inside the letters to watch dad write those letters and live a bit of his life back then?”

“Not exactly,” Al declares mischievously. “You see, as much as Teddy loved that gift from his parents, he didn’t feel like it was enough so over the years, he perfected it. The charm I asked him to do today is one of his own creation that took him years to invent but that, according to him, gave him the most satisfying feeling of proximity to his parents. With it, he was able to watch his father play pranks with the Marauders, just the way he described it in the letters he had written to his own parents back in the days. He watched both his parents get Sorted; his mother’s first disastrous date and even his own birth!”

“And you kept that information for yourself?” Rose shrills disbelievingly as the two younger ones just look at Al with wide eyes.

“He made me promise,” Al simply says. “Teddy told me that if one day I was to put my hands on letters or writing of some sort that I would have a good reason to want to see from another point of view, he would do it for me. I don’t even know the spell myself and it will be my first time too since he refused the last time I asked.”

“What was it for?” Lily wonders curiously, suddenly finding her voice back when she sees her brother blush furiously.

“That’s not the point Lily,” he says, shaking his head dismissively. “So, you guys in?”

“Hell yeah!” Lily shouts. Her two cousins nod happily and the four of them take outtheir wands and touch the letter on top of the pile.

“Ready? On three; one. Two. Three.”

“Incipere!” the four teenagers shout in one voice. They only have time to register that the entire pile of letters is glowing before a great rush of wind coming from the pile of letters, takes them away.


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