Chapter Three

For the second time in two days Fleur was awoke to Monique waking her up, this time by enthusiastically bouncing on her bed, “Fleur, the owls here, will you wake up!” 

Fleur opened her eyes blearily and held out her hand, Monique immediately shoved a thin envelope into it and sat down crossed legged next to where Fleur was now sitting up in bed. Fleur rolled her eyes stifling a yawn, “As eef you don’t already know what eet says, Mon’”.

Monique gave a shrug and instead leaned over to read with her as Fleur pulled out a piece of parchment with words written in green ink:

Dear Miss Fleur Delacour,

It is with great pleasure that we offer you a place to work at Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You’re interview yesterday went so well we would love for you to start as soon as possible. Please contact me for more information either by return owl or via floo, I will be in my office until 2pm today.


William Weasley
Gringotts Bank

After glancing at her clock and realizing it was already 10am Fleur couldn't contain her excitement, she was finally employed and desperate to start, “Do we ‘ave any floo powder?”

“It’s waiting for you by the fireplace, but at least brush your hair before you put your head in the fire” Monique teased before bounding out of the room again.

Deciding it would probably be best to follow her instructions Fleur quickly washed her face and brushed her hair before kneeling in front of the fireplace grabbing some floor and saying “Bill Weazley’s Office, Gringotts.”

Aware that her accent always made this difficult she waited patiently for the spinning to stop and before long she found herself in the fireplace of the office she had visited only yesterday. Bill was sat rummaging for something in his desk drawers and didn’t appear to notice her arrival.

“Mister Weazley,” she said cautiously trying not to startle him.

This failed and within seconds he had turned with amazingly fast reflexes he had his wand out and pointed at her. His hard face relaxed and grew a light shade of pink as he recognized her.

“Er,” Fleur started nervously already thinking this was a bad second impression, “Mister Weazley, could you please lower ze wand.”

“Right sorry,” he apologized in an embarrassed tone, he stowed his wand in his pocket of his robes before moving to crouch near the fire. Fleur’s heart jumped slightly as she once again noticed how he was just effortlessly handsome. Smiling at her brightly now he said, “Congratulations on the job, when can you start?”

“Zank you,” Fleur flashed him a breathtaking smile trying not to inhale the ash in the fire too much as she did so, “I am free to start whenever.”

“Is today too soon?” he asked with his lopsided smile she was beginning to really like, “I’m not too busy today I could just give you a tour and explain more about what we will be doing.”

“That ees perfect, I can be ready in ‘alf an hour.”

“No problem just come through on the floo when you’re ready?” he returned to his desk glancing back at her before she pulled her head back and returned to her flat.

Monique was at their front door smiling at her as she stood up and brushed herself off, “Oh Fleur your future is just getting clearer and clearer.” She planted a kiss on each of Fleur’s cheeks before waving goodbye and leaving for work.

Fleur was almost ready to leave when Monique reappeared with a crack, “I forgot my notes” she complained before looking at Fleur curiously. “Oh, you’re wearing those shoes are you?”

Fleur looked down at her favorite pair of shoes, they were a heeled boot and they matched her outfit perfectly, “Oui, why?”

Monique grabbed a stack of paper off the coffee table and rather too cryptically for Fleur’s liking informed her, “Fine, your future.” Before dissaparating once more.

Shaking her head at her friends’ behavior Fleur decided to leave herself and with a nervous spasm headed to the fireplace to floo to her first day of work.

The fireplace in Bill’s office flashed slightly green as she arrived and this allowed him the time to approach the fire and help her out with an outstretched hand which she gladly took, “That was quick.”

Fleur smiled uncertainly as they looked at each other, she wasn’t sure how to respond and he appeared to be in a daze. Suddenly he snapped out of it and said rather bluntly, “Right, yeah the tour. Have you been to Gringotts before Fleur?”

“Non,” Fleur shook her head, “We ‘ave our own bank in France and I ‘aven’t been living een London for very long now.”

“You’ll be surprised at how big it is,” Bill explained as they reached the main entrance hall where many goblins sat around some looking busier than others but the majority looking unpleasant as they worked. Fleur couldn’t help but notice they were really quite nasty looking. “This is the main hall where all the customers come when first entering the bank, the goblins run this area mainly, and if we are needed they come get us. Although they don’t like to do that very much, they’re proud creatures Goblins, don’t like asking for much.”

The tour continued much the same way and Fleur couldn’t help but be fascinated by how much went on in the bank as they travelled through different floors by cart. Bill explained about his life as a curse breaker and how much of the paperwork they would be completing was still based on searching for counter curses that could be used in sites where there was meant to be gold such as in Egypt where he had been based before.

“Why did you come ‘ome?” Fleur asked him curiously, she was surprised he had given up something he clearly had enjoyed doing in order to do the desk job side rather than keep an active role.

Bill hesitated slightly and busied himself by steering the cart on into the depths of Gringotts, “My family need me I guess. With everything that happened last month I wanted to be near them.”

Fleur was about to ask more, certain he was talking about the events of the last triwizard task but she halted in shock. Their cart had slowed down and Fleur was shocked to see twenty feet away a fully grown dragon lay in a deep sleep chained to the floor, “You ees kidding me right?”

“Nope,” Bill grinned at her. “At least this isn’t the first time you’ve seen a dragon, some people scream.”

“I am not exactly fond of dragons still,” she laughed lightly shaking her mane of blonde hair out behind her.

As they passed it Bill turned to her fully, “Do you know the Hogwarts motto?” When she shook her head he continued, “It is ‘Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus’ it means never tickle a sleeping dragon, strange motto for a school isn’t it” he winked at her and Fleur couldn’t help the slight giggle that escaped her.

“Your accent ees terrible Mister Weazley,” she informed him causing him to burst into loud laughter.

“Call me Bill.” He said still laughing and Fleur felt a swooping sensation in her stomach.

Bill’s tour went on for another hour with him explaining more about what she was required to do, Fleur was particularly excited about the idea of searching for new protections spells that could be used on the vaults wondering if her foreign education might provide her a different outlook. She couldn’t explain it but she felt an urge to do well at this job and make Bill glad he hired her.

After a while the cart had risen again and they came to a stop near where they had previously got in, Bill jumped out first and Fleur followed him as gracefully as she could however her shoes had different ideas and her heel caught on the edge of the cart.

She seemed to be falling in slow motion and let out a surprised exclamation before closing her eyes anticipating what was surely going to be a painful contact with the marble floor. Before she could hit the ground however she felt strong arms wrap themselves around her and her eyes popped open in shock. Bill had caught her and was now holding her up their faces so close Fleur could see that his brown eyes had flecks of gold in them and could count the freckles on his nose. The result of being this close to him momentarily stunned her and she placed her arms quickly on his shoulders to steady them both.

“I got you,” he said in a quiet voice, “are you okay?”

Fleur couldn’t stop herself from blushing, whether from embarrassment or their close proximity she didn’t know, “I am okay, Monique warned me these shoes would be an ‘orrible idea!”

Bill laughed again helping Fleur stand upright properly now, the strange atmosphere that had been around them since he caught her lifting slightly. “That sounds like her. Okay we have one last stop, I’ll show you the office you’ll be working from it’s just along from mine.” 

“Oh I thought I was too be sharing with you,” Fleur couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. 

Apparently she was not the only one, he gave her a small smile and murmured “No, sadly not”. He placed a hand lightly on her elbow and led her back down the hallway, his touch making her feel giddy.

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