Ron did talk to Luna, the next day, and they started to go out. Ron and I were talking about getting a flat together. I knew that Hermione and I would definitely have to tell him before then. Maybe Hermione could move in as well, but I hadn’t talk to Hermione about that.

Hermione started coming to the Burrow again everyday, and it was hard for me not to go near her. I don’t know why we didn’t tell Ron. Part of it was that he would probably find out that we were hiding it. When Hermione and I were alone, when Ron went out with Luna, we discussed talking to him about it as if we weren’t going out. We planned to talk to him about it, a week after he started going out with Luna.

Ginny watched us. She was half expecting us to mess up and hug each other, or something. It helped that Hermione had spent three years in a relationship where they hardly had any physical contact in public. It helped that I had the practice of hiding my feelings slightly.

The day before Hermione and I planned to tell Ron, it was just Ron and I in the sitting room. He looked up at me.

“Harry, are you interested in seeing anyone?” he asked curiously. I shrugged, not wanting to lie, but knowing I had no other choice.

“I want to find someone to settle down with. It would be nice to find someone to spend the rest of my life with,” I said. Ron nodded.

“Anyone in mind? I mean, I’m on my second relationship, and all you’ve had is Cho, and well, that wasn’t exactly what I’d call a relationship,” Ron said. I laughed, and agreed with him. Cho was a kiss and a date. A silly crush. Nothing more. Especially now I had realised who I was in love with.

“I don’t know. I’m keeping my eye open, but since I’m here all the time, I don’t really have much opportunity,” I said, not exactly lying with that. Ron opened his mouth to say something, but Mrs Weasley walked in.

“Oh, good, you boys are here. Tomorrow we’re going shopping. Ginny needs school stuff,” Mrs Weasley said. Ron looked at her, practically outraged.

“Why are we going? Ginny’s the only one going to school!” he exclaimed. I covered my mouth with my hand, to cover my laughter.

“I thought you’d like to see Luna, she’s your friend. She’s going shopping with her,” Mrs Weasley said, affronted, “I won’t bother trying to be nice in future!” Mrs Weasley stormed out of the room, and Ron gave me a quick glance and went after her.

“I’m sorry, Mum, of course we’ll go, it will be good to see Luna!” he called. I was surprised that Mrs Weasley didn’t know about Ron and Luna yet, considering all the time Ron spent with her. It would be easy enough to deduce.

Which would mean it would be easy to deduce about me and Hermione.

Then I had another thought. Because of Mrs Weasley’s new plans, we would have to put off telling Ron. That would mean even longer lying to him. Or close enough to, at least.


When Hermione arrived the next day, I quickly told her about Mrs Weasley’s plan. She gave me a worried look that made me want to take her into my arms and kiss her even more than I usually did. Of course, I didn’t, because right at that moment, Ron walked in.

“Hey, Hermione. Did you see Luna?” he asked. Hermione shook her head, and Ron shrugged slightly.

“She’ll be here soon. I assume you guys are going well?” she asked. Ron nodded, and grinned.

“She’s great,” he said. Hermione gave him a wide smile.

“I’m happy for you,” she said. Ron nodded, and then we stood there for awhile. I saw Luna walk down the path, and nudged Ron. He smiled, and went out to greet Luna, and Hermione and I walked into the sitting room. No one was in the room, surprisingly enough, so I walked the two strides between Hermione and I, and kissed her. We broke apart, and I put my arms around her, and I kissed the top of her head. I closed my eyes, forgetting that anyone could walk in at any moment. It didn’t matter. I had Hermione in my arms again. That was all that mattered.

“Bloody hell,” I heard muttered by the doorway. Hermione and I sprang apart and looked towards the door. Luna was standing there, looking the other way, and Hermione and I rushed behind her to see Ron storm up the stairs. Luna turned to us, and gave us both a hug.

“I’m so happy for you!” she said in a shrill voice. She then left and followed Ron’s footsteps. I glanced at Hermione, and we sat down on the sofa.

“We could tell him it was just the first time,” Hermione whispered, “I don’t want him to know we’ve been lying to him.” I shook my head.

“He’ll find out eventually, anyway. I hate that he found out this way, but I guess it serves us right,” I muttered.

“It does serve you right! I told you that you had to tell him! Now, look what’s happened!” Ginny exclaimed as she walked into the room. Hermione looked down, and looked like she was about to cry. I put my hand on her cheek and brought her face up. She gave me a weak smile, and I wiped away her tears.

“Oh, this is disgusting! Once you guys have gotten over your disgusting gooey moment, you get up there and talk to Ron!” she said loudly, and left the room. I looked Hermione in the eye, and she gave a small nod. I stood up, and took her hand. We needed to talk to Ron.

AN~ Ok, this chapter is quite short, but the next chapter is going to be quite long, and I needed to cut it off somewhere. After the next chapter is the epilogue (or so I hope). Or I might change it and just give you the epilogue next...hehehehe...that would be evil...
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