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Meeting Nymphadora Tonks

October was arriving and summer had ended for the students of Hogwarts. It was much cooler outside now and no one was really that fond of going outside to the castle grounds anymore. It had also rained occasionally and the castle started to have a gloomy aura.

It was already Saturday and I was stuck in the Library, trying to finish the load of homework we had. The teachers were stricter then ever and I couldn’t just leave all this work to the last minute. Besides, it was better like this. If I didn’t have anything to do, I would be probably wondering around the castle, like a loser, with no one in company but a...well nothing.

Half the day passed and only then did I feel in need of a break. I got up from the table I was sitting at and packed my things up before I left. I had decided to go to the common room so I can put my things back in the dormitory before dinner.

I passed a group of giggling sixth year girls who sent me weird looks, scanning me up and down. I heard one of them whisper (rather loudly), “Ew! Look at her clothes! What a weirdo...” the rest of the girls nodded in agreement before walking their way to the opposite direction.

Stupid girls.

Well, that’s what they were. I mean, what was wrong with my clothes? I was wearing, slightly baggy, jeans with a grey and black t-shirt (which, mind you, was slightly bigger than my size).

So, what was wrong with them?

‘You’re an idiot Lizzy,’ said a voice in my head. ‘Look at what you’re wearing...you have no sense of fashion at all.’

Oh shut up! I am wearing some descent clothes, thank you very much. At least I’m not wearing clothes that display half my body, like those other girls!

‘You know that you’re a weird ugly thing that no one would ever look at twice’, said the voice that sounded strikingly similar to mine. ‘Don’t deny it, Liz.’

As my face was about to boil up, I accidently bumped into someone and caused the victim to fall. I looked down to see a small girl with pink hair. It was the metamorphagus girl I saw the other day, Nymphadora Tonks.

“I’m awfully sorry!” I quickly apologised, outstretching my hand to help her up. “I really didn’t mean it.”

“No, it’s alright,” she said once she got up. She was smiling a sweet smile and I realised her hair was changing from pink to purple. “I didn’t get hurt anyway.”

We stood there in silence smiling at each other. She looked as though she was waiting for me to say something. But when I didn’t she asked: “So...er...What’s your name?”

I was pleased that she actually wanted to know my name. “My name’s Elizabeth Taylor, but you can call me Lizzy. Nice to meet you.”

The girl smiled. “Nice to meet you too. My name’s Nymphadora but please call me Tonks.” she said rather seriously, adding emphasise to her name Tonks. “Anyway, what house are you in?”

“Oh...I’m in Gryffindor...”

“Really? Do you happen to be a seventh year?” Tonks asked interestedly.

“Erm, well... yes. I guess.” I answered, wondering why she wanted to know.

“Then you must me with Sirius!” Tonks said enthusiastically.

“Sirius? Oh...Sirius Black,” visions of the first day came back and I remembered how this girl had smiled at Black as though she had known him for years. “Why? Are you-”

“-he’s my cousin,” Did she just say he’s her cousin? Oh.my.god. “Well not really my cousin. My mum’s his cousin, but we interpret ourselves as cousins.”

This girl was Sirius Black’s cousin?! I never even realised that. She acts so differently and she is way too nice to even be related to him. And, this also means she was related to Narcissa Black and all those other gits.

“Are you alright?” asked Tonks. “You seem surprised.”

“Oh, ah, yes I’m fine,” I said. “It’s just that I never even thought of you being related to him.”

Tonks chuckled. “So you know Sirius then?”

“Well, er, sort of,” I really do hope she doesn’t find out that her cousin doesn’t even know I exist. “I really haven’t talked to him before, though.”

“Really?” said Tonks, looking rather sad. “Why?”

“Because I...because he......because we...” I didn’t know what to tell her. “Because-“

“-It doesn’t matter...I think I know what you mean.” said Tonks, frowning. “He can be a scum sometimes. I can’t even believe he’s dating that bitchy girl in my house.”

I laughed. “I know...but I really don’t care. More than half the girls in the school are dying to have him, though.”

Tonks raised an eyebrow. “And you’re not one of those girls running after him, I hope?

“No!” I said defensively.

“Well I do hope he starts talking to you, that’s very rude of him.” said Tonks with concern. “Have his friends talked to you. James? Peter? And erm...” Tonks started to blush. “...Re-Remus Lu-Lupin?”

“Hmm...Well I haven’t talked to Potter and Pettigrew much. As for Remus...I have occasionally.”

 “Oh,” Tonks blushed again. “I better get Sirius to start talking to you.”

“Oh no! It doesn’t matter, he’s not the only one who doesn’t know me,” I said truthfully. “Half the school don’t know I exist, in fact.”

Tonks looked shocked. “Why would no one know such a nice girl like you?”

“I don’t know and don’t care...I’m use to-”

“Hey Tonks!” called a male voice from behind me. I turned my head to see Sirius Black running his way towards us.

I gulped, my face turning bright red. Why? I don’t know!

“Oh it’s you, Sirius.” Said Tonks once Sirius had stopped running and stood in front of her.

Black smiled his charming smile and a few girls in the corridor started giggling. “What are you doing around here?” he asked Tonks, completely ignoring me.

“Well I was on my way to the library when I accidentally bumped into-” Tonks didn’t finish off her sentence. “Sirius, do you know who this girl is?” Tonks asked, pointing at me.

Sirius Black turned around at dropped his grey eyes at me. My heart started to beat so fast that I thought it was going to explode. I cursed Tonks for bringing up the attention to me.

Black observed me up and down with a confused look while I nervously gazed at the floor. A full minute had passed before Black answered with a simple: “No.”

“Are you new?” he asked me.

I looked up and met his gorgeous grey eyes. His hair was so- OH MY GOD! What am I saying! Oh Merlin, did I just call Sirius Black’s eyes gorgeous?!

‘Don’t fool yourself Liz. You’re obviously no different than the other girls in this school. You’re just like them all.’ said the extremely annoying voice in my head.

No I’m not. I just didn’t know what I was thinking and-

‘-Just didn’t know what you were thinking? Sirius Black just charmed you!’

He did not!

‘Yes he did...’

No he did n-

“Sirius, this girl has been in the same year and house as you for six years and you don’t know her?” Tonks said, breaking me away from my hideous thoughts.

“She’s in our year?” asked Black, flabbergasted. Why are you doing this Tonks? Why? I don’t want him to know me. “What’s your name then?”

I gulped. “Er...my name...well my name is...Eliz-”

“-Sirius!” someone shrieked. That someone turned out to be Christina Phillips. She was standing in front of us with her arms crossed, her blonde hair glittering with the candle lights. “Why did you leave me?

“Oh Christina I’m sorry, I just had to-” before he could finish his sentence, Christina took hold of his hand.

“Don’t give me excuses, let’s go.” She aired, dragging Black away from us. Black turned around and sent us, or more to Tonks, an apologetic look.

Tonks was glaring after them, disbelievingly. “What an awful girl. How could Sirius date someone like her?”

I nodded in agreement, mainly because I hated Christina (But not for the reasons that other girls hated her for).

“She’s conceited and has no brains. What good did Sirius see in her?” Tonks fumed.

“Well...” I told her. “What more do you expect from someone that is considered to be the hottest guy in school?”

“Ahah! I got you this time! You just admitted he’s the hottest guy in school!”

Oh no. Not that voice again! You stupid voice, I said he’s considered not is!

“Are you alright, Lizzy?” asked Tonks, looking at my perplexed image.

“Oh, yea, yes, I perfectly fine.” I said, trying to block the stupid voice away from my mind. “Anyway, its nice meeting Tonks, but I need to be off now.”

“Oh yes, I need to be off too, actually. I do hope I see you again, though...” said Tonks looking expectantly at me.

I smiled. “You will. I’m not going anywhere.”

We both laughed at that before going our separate ways.

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