James and Mia were standing at the stern of the ship talking. By this time the sun was up and other people were up on the deck. There were many little kids running around the deck playing tag.

“Is anyone on the ship with you?” Mia asked as she hoisted herself up to sit on the railing.

“Yeah, some of my cousins are here with me and a friend of ours.” James explained.

“No offense, or anything, but I just can’t help but notice that you sometimes talk a little different then allot of other people.” She said, “I’m not saying it’s a bad thing because, but I was just curious.”

“Oh, well, um… in the town I’m from allot of people talk this way,” He said, “I guess at some point someone came along who started talking like this and everyone else followed.”

“I like it, you have some of your own ways of saying things.” Mia said, “I honestly don’t think I’d ever be able to do that after the way I’ve been brought up, but it’s great that you can.”

“Thank you,” James said uncertainly.

Before he could change the subject a man walking by, who obviously wasn’t very coordinated, tripped over his own feet, but instead of being stopped by the railing he fell into Mia. She shrieked as he fell backwards. James didn’t know how, but he managed to grab Mia’s hand before she’d fallen to far down. She quickly grabbed the railing and James pulled her back on the deck.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” Mia gasped.

“No problem,” James said.

“I’ve honestly never seen anyone react that quickly to something like that.” She said.

“Not quiet sure how that happened.” He lied. He’d been in countless Quiditch accidents with his cousins, so now it just came naturally.

“I can never thank you enough.” Mia said flinging her arms around him.

James hugged her back tightly. Mia pulled back slightly and stared into his chocolate brown eyes. Some of his flaming red hair was blown if front of them, but she brushed it away. James slowly moved his face closer to hers, and very slowly closed the gap between their mouths.


Rose and Scorpius walked across the deck towards the stern. Rose could see a couple by the back railing looking as though they were glued together by the lips. Both were redheads, the boy with flaming red and the girl with dark auburn. As they got even closer she could tell who the boy was.

“James Sirius Potter!” Rose yelled, and the couple broke apart and looked around.

“Rose, killing you’re cousin won’t do any good.” Scorpius pleaded.

“IT WILL DO PLENTY OF GOOD!” She shouted before making an attempt to run at her cousin.

As soon as she’d taken two steps toward James, Scorpius grabbed Rose around the waist and threw her over his shoulder, and took her back down into his third class cabin. He kicked the door closed behind him and plopped her down on Hugo’s bottom bunk.

“Scorpius! Why did you do that?!” Rose screamed.

“No matter how good of an idea killing him seems like now, it will seem awful when we get back to our own time and you face felony charges!” Scorpius yelled back.

“Getting back! Getting back! Didn’t you see him snogging her? Trust me we are not going back!” She yelled furiously, before breaking down and letting tears slide down her cheeks and adding in a quiet broken voice, “James is just being a bitch who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.”

“I know he is,” Scorpius said gently as he sat down next to her, “but if we’re still on here when the ship hit’s the ice berg then he will leave.”

“No, he won’t.” Rose said weakly putting her head on his shoulder as she said it.

“Then what will he do?” he asked.

“Well, when we tell him we have to leave he’ll say ‘No, I have to stay here with Mia. Trust me I’ll find a way out of this. Just trust me you guys!’” Rose explained, “And then the ship will sink and we will die. Does that answer your question?”


Fred, Louis, and Albus were walking along the deck towards the stern. As they got closer they could make out a couple in a firm embrace snogging, and as they got closer they could tell who one of them was.

“If we die so James and his precious Mia can die together, I will kill him!” Fred said fiercely.

“I second that!” Louis said.

Albus however kept walking until he was right next to the couple. He cleared his throat loudly. No reaction. He did the same thing, only this time it was even louder. Losing patients he finally shouted:

“James Sirius Potter!”

The two finally broke apart.

“James, I need to talk to you.” Albus said through gritted teeth.

“Okay, talk.” James said.

“Alone!” He yelled grabbing his brother’s wrist and pulling him away from the crowd.

“What, Al? I was kind of in the middle of something.” James said.

“James, when are we going home.” Albus asked.

“Soon, Al,” James after a long pause.

“James we only have so long before the ice berg, are we going to be off before it hits?” Al persisted.

“I can’t promise that, but…” James started, but he was cut off.

“You are the most selfish ass I’ve ever had the misfortune to meet.” Albus cut across his brother.

And with that Al turned around and walked back over to Fred and Louis, who both gave James looks full of anger before turning and leaving with Albus. Mia walked back over to James after a few minutes.

“James, could you please tell me what’s going on?” Mia asked, “Your cousin and brother seemed awfully upset about something.”

“It’s a long story,” James said wearily as he put his arm around her, “They’ve been a bit off ever since we got on the Titanic. Well, actually Rose was kind of mad at me before that. Why, I don’t know.”


Rose walked back up to her cabin, and when she got there she saw Lily and Roxanne were there.

“Did you guys see James up on the deck kissing that girl?” Rose asked.

“No,” Roxanne said.

“He kissed her?!” Lily said angrily, “Well, that settles it there’s no way we’re getting home!”

“If we die, how are our parents going to find out?” Roxanne asked.

“I honestly don’t know.” Rose said.


Fred, Albus, and Louis entered the second class cabin shared by Al, James, and Louis. Al and Louis flopped down on their own beds while Fred sat on James’.

“Do you think there’s any way to make him want to go home?” Louis asked after a long silence.



“Alright then,” Louis said frowning.

They fell silent again. After about a half hour of silence there was a knock on the door. Al got up and answered it and when he did Scorpius entered the room.

“Did you guys see…” He began, but Louis cut across him.

“James,” he said.

“Snogging that Mia girl.” Fred added.

“Uh huh, sucks, doesn’t it.” Scorpius said.


“Very much,”


“I was with Rose when I saw him,” Scorpius explained, “literally had to carry her down to my cabin to keep her from ripping his head off.”

“I love my cousin.” Albus said.

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