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Haley’s head started to pound the moment after she shot up in her bed. Her head felt like it might implode if the pain did not fade. Her room was dark and she squinted to see her surroundings. The burning pain soon started to subside and she turned towards the alarm clock on her bedside table. 1:30 glowed green on the tiny screen that stood next to her ancient copy of Pride and Prejudice. She had read the novel many times and it showed. The pages were ripped and crinkly from the many times Haley had turned its pages.

Haley, for the first time she had woken up, realized she had been breathing heavily and shaking. She had had another nightmare. It was the third night in a row that she had had the reoccurring dream. Images of her mother and father would flash before her eyes, their faces filled with terror and their screams filled her ears but for some reason Haley never found the source of their panic. These dreams were the reason Haley had been sleeping so poorly. She had started to develop circles around her round green eyes but luckily her parents only thought it was a result of her summer partying or late night reading.

Haley’s tired mind started to drift towards the thoughts that she had been having before she fell asleep. Haley was unhappy. Her life seemed to be going so well, or so others thought. It was late August, she was young, smart and had loving parents and friends but yet something felt so wrong. She felt like she didn’t belong, like that she was in the wrong place. She felt like no one knew the real her and that no one would want to. She was trapped, bound with knotted rope and unable to escape. She felt as if she were running, not from the past and the future but the present. The world was a place that Haley wanted to explore to its greatest potential. She only had to find out how.

Haley took a few deep breaths, trying to clear her mind of the unhappy thoughts. Summer would be over soon and she would be beginning her final year at her private high school. It was a year that many of her fellow classmates looked forward to since the beginning of their secondary school career. They would party, cut class and have the time of their lives. To everyone else it was a year that was going to be remembered but to Haley it was the year she hoped would be different. The year that would change her life forever.

Suddenly, voices found their way upstairs. Haley froze as she strained to hear the syllables being spoken below. Soon the voices become more clear; it were those of her parents. Her muscles relaxed and she swung her legs over the side of her bed. The warm summer breeze coming through her open window hit her bare smooth legs. The scent of the August evening filled her spacious bedroom. The scent made Haley feel exhilarated. She loved the way the summer made her feel; more alive and awake. She slowly stretched her arms over her head and stood up. The room was dark except for the small amount of light coming through the crack under the door, produced by the living room light downstairs.

As she made her way to her bedroom door something caused her body to stiffen. The once friendly voices coming from downstairs turned into loud yells of panic and fear. A scream she recognized as her mother’s burst forth from the kitchen, accompanied by the sound of the backdoor crashing to the floor. An explosion of yells filled Haley’s ears and she knew something was wrong.

Haley tugged on the doorknob and sprinted downstairs but as she rounded the corner, she was met with a sight that was almost unimaginable. Her father and mother lay motionless on the cold kitchen tile and a meter away stood a dark figure. It was accompanied by a woman who wore a menacing grin and a man with platinum, shoulder length hair. The dark figure rose its hooded head. Two pale boney hands reached to unveil its hidden face.

Haley watched motionlessly. She was unable to move, frozen by fear. She opened her mouth to let out a cry, words or anything but all she could do was stare at the horrifying scene of her dead parents and the mysterious figures who stood before her. Her eyes travelled back to the hooded creature. Her gaze met with a pair of snake-like eyes but the face that accompanied the eyes was just as gruesome. Where its nose should have been, two nostril slits cut across its face. Haley soon realized that it was a man she was facing, a man whose skin was a pale shade of grey and whose grin made her shiver. The man looked at her and continued to grin with what seemed like sick pleasure. He raised what seemed to be some sort of stick in his right hand towards Haley’s face. He opened his mouth to speak to his accomplices but did not glance away from Haley. The words,“Get her,” cut through the air in a high-pitch menacing tone. Haley knew she had to move. It took all her might to unglue her feet from the tile floor. As she turned to run towards the door though, she felt herself being launched into the air and into the door itself. The wind flew out of her lungs and she felt warm blood trickle down her forehead. She forced herself to grab the doorknob and use it to hoist herself back up to a standing position. She yanked the door open and started to run.

She could hear the yells and footsteps of her pursuers following behind her but she did not dare to turn around. She found herself passing the many identical houses on Dover Street that she had become so accustomed to. She did not think of her feet moving beneath her but only the houses she passed that made up her small suburban part of England, Little Winging.

She soon saw a small dark alley way that lead into Privet Drive. She took a fast left hoping that she had lost her followers. The alley was dark but strangely cool for an August night. She maneuvered herself over garbage bags and pieces of junk. She soon entered a street that resembled her own. Identical houses lined the street on both sides, with white picket fences and manicured lawns.

She slowed her pace to a walk and made her way to the middle of the dead-end street. She could not hear any trace of the yells and footsteps that had followed her earlier. She looked around but could suddenly take it no more. It was then that her knees gave way and heavy sobs filled her chest and she began to cry into her knees.

She could make no sense of what had just happened. The man and his accomplices, the sticks they were holding, how she was launched into the air with no physical force or how her parents were now dead.

As Haley felt the warm salty tears stream down her face she could only hope that someone would save her from her new found hell. All Haley knew now was that her life would never be the same. Her parents were gone and she had no family she knew of. Where would she live? Who would care for her? All of these questions raced through her mind as she continued to cry. A porch light was all that illuminated Haley’s silhouette on the dark pavement of Privet Drive.

Author's Note: Well what did you think? Pretty eventful beginning to a hopefully wonderful fanfic. It's my first fanfic ever so please leave your thoughts behind in a review. I would greatly appreciate it!

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