“Young master, mistress asks to see you sir, she is in the study sir” Kreacher said absently, staring at Sirius room with the deepest disgust. “Kreacher wonders why young master will not let Kreacher clean his room sir?” he said staring coldly at Sirius. It was no secret Kreacher, the Blacks family house elf, hated Sirius more then any other member of the Blacks, out of loyalty to the family he wouldn’t dare admit it or publicly show it, instead he muttered snide remarks and curses under his breath. “We’ve been though this before Kreacher, your not to clean my room because you’re An a) an ugly git and b) your just dying at the chance to have a snoop around my room.” Without another word he quite literally kicked Kreacher out of his bedroom, locked the room’s door and swept off down the stone staircase leaving Kreacher to mutter furiously under his breath. Sirius knocked cautiously on the study’s door. “Come in Sirius” his mother replied. Sirius sighed opening the door and faced his mother. Mary Black was tall, pallid looking woman with jet black hair tied in a strict tight bun, her hair only matched her dark empty eyes, sometimes Sirius shivered at the sight of them. “Your mother and I have called you here to discuss how you will behave and act at Hogwarts” Sirius jumped in fright. Aydric Black, Sirius father who was hidden in the shadows of the study, put down a book entitled “A wizard’s pride: Dark Art achievements of the 20th century”, that looks interesting thought Sirius sarcastically, his mothers cold voice shattered his thoughts. \"Hogwarts was not the school which I would off preferred you to attend but I felt Durmstang was too far. Your father and I thought it was best if you attend Hogwarts, you have a terrible headmaster who will attempt to poison your mind into believing nasty mudbloods have every right to be there and you are all of equal talent, blah, blah, blah you’ve heard it all before. It’s of most importance that you do not weaken your mind and believe it. Mudbloods are a waste of our talent and the shame of our world. We expect you’ll be in Slytherin. Every generation of our family dating back to the Middle Ages have been in Slytherin”. As for those few who haven’t, well” she said with a nasty laugh, pointed her bony finger at the Black Family Tree, a few names had been scorched out with what looked a cigar. His father noticed him staring at the tapestry “those shame of our flesh were disowned the day they were old enough to leave their homes, do you understand?” his father asked coldly. “Yes” Sirius answered “excellent, best go to bed, you will have to wake up slightly earlier than usual, you have a big day ahead of you tomorrow, oh and remember, do NOT associate with mudbloods!” he said with a horrible smile. “Yes father, night mother, night father” Sirius exited the room knocking over Kreacher who had been eagerly eavesdropping at the door. Sirius sighed feeling slightly more nervous than he did before. James Potter woke with a start and fumbled around for his glasses and dressed quickly, a voice that belonged to his mother carried through to his bedroom “James, honey, breakfast is ready!” James could hardly believe it, today he was going to Hogwarts, he’d dreamt of this day for so long and it was finally happening, smiling to himself he made his way downstairs. Macey Potter was a pretty, dark haired, curvy woman with beautiful hazel eyes, at the moment she was slaving over the stove with breakfast wearing a pink apron and floral sundress. James father, Alex Potter was sitting at the table reading the Daily Prophet and sipping his coffee. “What would you like for breakfast dear, it will be your last one at home before Hogwarts”. Mum was beginning to tremble, the next thing I knew she’d burst into tears “I.. can’t believe… I wont see my baby…. for another four months” she sobbed. Dad, who’d already sensed danger from the moment she mentioned Hogwarts, jumped up and comforted her, Macey, was now sobbing uncontrollably on Alex shoulder. “I’m sorry, I’m really am so happy and proud but…but…I’m going to miss you so much” mum apologized, but the truth was I was in danger of tears to. True, I was ecstatic about Hogwarts but I was also incredibly nervous about it too, what if the sorting hat placed me in Slytherin, what if I couldn’t make friends? What if I failed all my classes? At his muggle primary school he seemed popular enough, in fact he was probably the most popular boy in his year. That was his only bit of comfort. “Oh my! My face most look hideous” his mother, who was now recovering from her latest outburst of tears, hurried of to the bathroom to clean her face. “Sit down James” his father asked, piling ketchup on his eggs. “Nervous? What a stupid question of course you are, but don’t worry, everyone is on there first day. Hogwarts is going to be the best years of your life, I can tell” James immediately felt calm. How is it you parents almost always know what to say? “His mother emerged from the bathroom looking both refreshed and happy “Is it that time already! best be off now then” With a smile, James retreated upstairs to get his trunk. Lily Evans gazed happily out the window of her car that was destined for Kings cross Station, reflecting on all the memories of a month ago. It had been the day before her 11th birthday when it all started. She’d had a fantastic birthday party, when all her friends went home and she’s gotten tired of listening to her 15-year-old sister Petunia whine to their mum Sunny Evans about buying her a new hair straightener, she carried her presents upstairs. She’d flopped down on her bed thinking how wonderful the day had been and how much fun she’d had when Lily heard a shriek down stairs. I wonder what the hell that was and made her way downstairs. A owl, a barn owl by the looks of it was hovering over Petunia’s head “DAD!!! Get it away! Get it away!” Adam Evans was attempting to shoo the owl away with his paper, but the owl just kept flying back at him hooting angrily. At that moment I couldn’t remember feeling so surprised, owls’ don’t usually come out at night, let alone inside peoples homes. “Dad!” I cried “I think it wants you to take that thing of its leg!” Mum, who was terrified of birds, came out from the corner of the room and begun to untie the, which now Lily recognized as a letter, from the owl’s right talon. As soon as it had been relieved of the letter, the barn owl soared out the kitchen window, leaving the Evans amazed in its wake. “It’s addressed to you Lily dear” my mum said shakily. She passed me the letter, which read Ms. Lily Evans, The bedroom on the right, Upstairs, 3 Penticle rd, Windigon, London. I curiously opened it, what I was about to read would change my world forever. HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT AND WIZARDRY (Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugump, International Confed. Of Wizards) Dear Ms. Evans, We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1st September. Yours Sincerely, Minerva McGonagall Deputy Headmistress Stunned, I passed the letter to mum, who read it several times before giving a weak laugh “m-m-magic, L-lily? That cant be possible can it..? I mean there’s no such- BANG! Everyone jumped in fright, a man in a Violet cloak and top hat appeared in the middle of the kitchen. Petunia fainted. “Well hello their Lily, how are you Mr. and Mrs. Evans? Umm… tell your other daughter I said said hello when she comes round. So you just read your letter eh Lily? Bet you got a billion questions to ask me, or you don’t even believe me at that, This odd man was tall, with flaming red hair, glasses and a good-natured smile. My names Calvin Weasley by the way, from the Education Department at the Ministry of Magic, he pulled out a thin strip of wood, “Wingardium Leviosa” had said with a flick of his wrist aiming the spell at the vase in the middle of the kitchen table. Lily who was to amazed to speak watched the vase drift lazily into the air before landing on the table with a soft thump. No-body noticed Petunia had come around, “freak!” she muttered weakly at Calvin before fainting once more. Calvin either didn’t hear her or ignored her. “That was a-a-amazing” my dad stuttered, “can my Lily do that too?” mum asked eagerly. “Of course she will, she will have to learn though, that’s what Hogwarts is for, The best Wizardry school Europe” he finished proudly. Calvin then launched into an explanation about Hogwarts, where Lily would need to buy her school equipment and how to get on to Platform 9 and 3 Quarters. “It’s a simple matter of walking through the barrier dividing Platform 9 and Platform 10”. You just have to make sure no muggles are watching. Muggles are non-magic folk by the way he said noticing Sunny and Adams blank faces. Looking at his watch, “Oh! Is it that time already?, I best be heading off then, I’ll be picking you up tomorrow Lily, we need to head of to Diagon Ally for your school supplies. With one last smile and a BANG, he was no longer there. Dad scooped the limp Petunia into his arms and carried her upstairs and my mother, no longer pale, looking as though she was going to faint gave Lily a bearhug “A witch in the family! How wonderful” Lily smiled although she was still in a state of deep shock. Sunlight streamed through Lily’s bedroom waking her up. Today was Lily’s birthday, she was 11 today yet that seemed to be at the back of Lily’s mind. She felt her heart sink, I’m not a witch and I’m not going to some magic school…theres no such thing, last night was only a dream she told herself… or was it? There was a loud voice was coming from downstairs that she didn’t immediately recognize, her heart seemed to skip a beat as she realized with a start that voice belonged to Calvin!. Lily dressed at top speed and raced down the staircase, skipping three stairs at a time. Calvin was wearing a Midnight Blue cloak this time and smiled broadly at the sight of Lily “ah there she is! I was wondering when sleeping beauty would wake” he said with a small laugh. “Well let’s get going shall we” My parent nodded and we all made for the door. Kings Cross Station slowly came into view my thoughts were broken by my mother voice “Where here honey” dad closed the car door to get my trunk, followed by me and mum, excluding Petunia who chose to remain sulking in the backseat. Mum and Dad begun there good-byes. Dad kept repeating how proud he was “remember be good and send heaps of owls” he finished while mum was tearfully saying “I’m so happy and Proud, be good honey, please write and Oh I’m going to miss you so much!” I was now on the verge of tears to! . “It’s five to 11, Sunny dear”, my father said, you better get going. With one last hug and goodbye, I walked through the barrier between platforms 9 and 10, leaving the muggle world behind. Betty Pettigrew looked proudly at her son Peter; she was thrilled he was accepted at Hogwarts. Deep down Betty had a feeling her son might not be talented enough to go, through his 11 years he’d always been a bit of a klutz and showed no signs of magical power until he was 10. “I’m so-so-so-so proud of you” Betty begin to sob, “you better be going, the trains about to leave, I’ll see you in four..Four…months, remember Petey, I love you”. I looked at my mother and my eyes were filling with tears “I love you to mommy” I said, gave her one last hug and boarded the scarlet Hogwarts Express. James Potter, had been one of the first students to board the school train so he acquired his own compartment. Around him were 5 empty seats he’d thought by now they might be full with a few potential friends. This is hopeless he thought, no-ones coming, I’m going to be all alone for the entire trip to Hogwarts. At that split second James thoughts were broken by the sliding sound of the compartment door. A handsome boy around his age stepped in; his dark hair fell into his deep blue eyes with a sort elegance James thought he could have never achieved. “Hey can I sit here mate, my names Sirius by the way, Sirius Black” Sirius had a mischievous grin, he looked like exactly James’s sort of person. “My names James, James Potter, yeah sure you can seat here,” said James, he looked most relieved thought Sirius. James had untidy black hair that stuck up in all ends, Sirius thought it looked kind of cool like that, and hazel eyes and glasses, he also seemed to have a habit of rumpling up his hair. The train begun to move and Sirius and James were deep in conversation about pranks they were plotting, what houses they wanted to be in (they’d both decided Gryffindor would be the best), what lessons they couldn’t wait to begin and their backgrounds. Sirius was about to show James his stock of Dungbombs when the compartment door slid open.

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