Nazo: A Way Too Familiar face

Would you want to know anything more?

Rolling over on to the non-existent bed Nazo Shima fell on the floor. She groaned and lifted her head off the floor rubbing the soar part on top of her head. Sometimes she wished she didn’t roll so much. Now pacifically being one of those moments. She got up to look in the mirror. Okay so it would leave a tiny bruise that she could live with.

She walked over to her closet and started throwing everything everywhere. She had to look right today. Today she was going to see a certain Mr. Sirius Black. Everything was way too purple for her liking. Than again when you’re partially color blind and all you can see are different shades of purple…. Who was she to complain?

She settled with a medium length skirt and a short sleeve blouse. She wanted to make a good impression. She hadn’t seen the guy sense well, when her sister was alive. And then wasn’t the best terms. She took a quick shower before jumping into her clothes Maybe he could look past the last time they met. It was two years ago.

She decided that flooing in unannounced was probably not the very brightest idea so instead she drove. She had just got her lesions and she was using it like a muggle uses a toaster. She actually enjoyed doing things like them. Even if she did usually screw up.

It was a half hour drive to the Potters residence, where, last time she checked, Sirius was staying. She pulled over to the curb of an old Victorian house that’s old light blue paint (not that she could tell it was) was chipping off. She looked down at the address she had gotten from Dumbledore. Did she have the right one? It certainly did not look like a house of a particularly rich wizard family. She took a deep breath in. She sat in the car for awhile debating weather to check or not. She chose to trust the old wizard and ring the bell. The worst that could happen is that she had the wrong house.

She opened the door and stepped out onto the side walk. She squinted as the sun beamed down. She walked up the path leading to the front door and found her self pressing the bell. She had the right house. That is under the assumption muggles haven’t started using house elves too.

A very small, very skinny, week looking house elf wearing nothing but a potato sack had wedged the door open slightly. With its big eyes it gazed up looking somewhat scared.

“Potters residence how may I help you?” It squeaked out, trembling its knees ever so slightly. Nazo looked down it. SO small, whatever happened to it that made it this so afraid.

“I’m looking for Sirius Black. Is he around?” she asked softly. The creature stood up more slightly.

“Oh you’re his new girlfriend right this way.” It said so arrogantly Nazo didn’t feel so sorry for it anymore.

“No. I’m not.” She corrected fallowing the thing anyway. She was lead up a flight of stairs, down a hall way, up another flight of stairs and to a door at the end of that hall way. The house elf knocked three times.

“Master Black? A girl who is not young master’s girlfriend is here to talk with you.” It said after getting a grunt in reply. There was some shifting around in the room and then the door opened.

“What in the bloody hell do you mean, Pickle.” Sirius said looking at him and than up to his non-invited guest. His face went blank, and his jaw went slightly out of balance.

“Hi, um Sirius.” Nazo said picking up her hand to do some what of a wave. He remained silent blinking a couple times trying to make it all go away to all be some kind of horrible dream. The worse thing of this all was although he knew who she was and how he knew her. He couldn’t for the life of him figure out her name.

“Hello.” He said back. In a quite and scratchy tone his throat had decided then to close up. He nodded and the both stood there for a couple of seconds.

“Well Pickle can tell my master has a lot of catching up to do so Pickle will leave you two to talk.” The house elf slinked off to do some laundry or mop the floors.

“Do you want to,” Sirius gestured inside his room, some what nervously. He was trying his hardest to cover it though. He resisted from hiding in a corner so it was better than he thought it would be.

“Yes please.” She responded fallowing him into the room. She sat down on a chair shaped like a snitch with a whole in it.

“So why are you here?” Sirius asked, getting to the point. Why feed around the bush. Plus it had been two years sense he’d seen her and even than she didn’t seem like they were going to be life long friends.

“Well I think you deserve to know more about Zink.” He shuddered when he heard her name. “That is if you want to know any thing.” She added noticing his discomfort. He looked down at his feet. Did he want to know more? He had tried so hard to block out that part of his life. Why open wounds barely healed?

“You still have her journal.” She mentioned more of a statement rather than a question. He looked up not looking at her but now at a box in the corner of his room.

“I have more. Journals I mean.” She quickly added. It was true. The only reason her other one had started like it had was because she one day decided not to write anymore.
“I also have pictures and loads of stories too. I realize I should’ve told you back than but as you can probably tell I’ve changed sense then.” Sirius nodded remembering the girl who hit him in the head with a mallet.

“Alright. I suppose I want to know some more.” He replied not knowing what he was diving headfirst into.

A/n: SO yes it’s the Sequel. I hope it’s as good if not better than the first one. It’s here to “clean up” my other one. And I’m not talking about just spelling. Here to clear the air of any confusion I put in my other one. Or any loose ties I forgot to knot. If you have anything you want me to make sense to you just leave it in a review. Other wise I have the plot pretty much thought out so sit back relax and read. ….. wouldn’t hurt to review too;)

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