Chapter 9: Jealousy Is a Nasty Thing 

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“Four plus two is six,” Jamie whispered, “You moron.”

“I know, but it should be forty-two,” Colin argued back. They were sitting in Transfiguration, all having extra time to do what they like. Jamie ignored, for the past two weeks, all the sad glances Sirius shot at her when she talked to Colin and not him. Which he was doing right now. Yes they agreed to be friends, but it was still awkward. She didn’t know how to act around him, and vise-versa.

“You are just being stupid,” Jamie said laughing, “Don’t you know math?”

“Of course,” Colin said mocking offense, “If you take a girl and add her with a guy you will get-”

“Ewe, no, not here,” Jamie said laughing hysterically. The bell rang. Jamie walked into the hall way hearing giggles from a bunch of girls as they walked passed the Marauders, Tyler, and Colin. Of course, it was mid-October, and Hogsmed was next weekend. Jamie rolled her eyes with Lily as girls eyed James. James looked uncomfortable, and Lily looked ready to murder. Jamie walked over to them and said, “Shoo. He’s taken.” The girls all threw her glares as James let out a sigh of relief, and threw an arm around Lily.

“Thank You,” He said to Jamie, “They won’t leave me alone.”

“Aw poor baby,” Jamie said, “What is everyone doing this lovely Hogsmed weekend?”

“James is taking me somewhere,” Lily said. Remus commented on how he needed new quills. Peter had managed to get a date with some 5th year girl named Amy. Jamie remembered her vaguely. She prayed for Peter’s sake that she still wasn’t the fat, short, crater face, Hufflepuff girl Jamie remembered. Tyler said he was staying here, and Jamie shot him a sad look. She missed the town so Tyler offered to stay with Rory. Then, when Jamie said no, he pushed until she said she would go.

“What about you, Sirius,” Jamie asked, he had been awfully quiet.

“I have a date,” He muttered, “With Kara Dorey.” He felt so awful. He didn’t like Kara, and he knew that it was the number one girl that Jamie hated, but he agreed before he and Jamie were friends again. Kara Dorey was a girl with reputation for being easy. A dumb brunette, with a habit for putting on to much make-up.

“That’s nice, take her somewhere special,” Jamie smiled. Strike last thought, Sirius felt worse, because she was so happy. ‘How can she not be jealous at all,’ Sirius thought, ‘After what we had? How can she not even think for a second, ‘That could have been me.’ Sirius sighed. At least she didn’t dwell over it, “What about you, Colin?”

“Well it’s my time to shine,” He yelled, they all stopped walking down the hall to look at him. Sirius had a bad feeling about this, “I have wanted to do this for a long time, but I’ve been timid, coward, a little boy if you will. Ms. Smith will you be my date to the Hogsmed trip?” Jamie smiled and curtsied to his bow,

“Of course Mr. Tutee,” She laughed, “I would love to.” She hugged him and noticed the shock and angry Sirius. She lifted her eyebrows in a confused manner and mouthed, ‘Have fun with Kara.’ She said it in a friendly way, which pissed off Sirius even more.

She liked Colin, had a crush on him before she started going out with Sirius. When they arrived to the great hall for lunch, Sirius sat down at the end of the Gryffindor table and began to snog with Kara, and Jamie knew what had happened, although she tried to avoid it, it was happening: The war of jealously.


Tomorrow was Hogsmed, and after what had been going on with Sirius, Jamie couldn’t wait. She needed to get out of the castle. When ever she was in the room, he glared at her, and eventually she gave up trying to talk to him. She listened to Tyler sing while playing a grand piano in the Room of Requirements. They discovered that Rory’s favorite place to be was the park, so they had started taking her down there a lot. It wasn’t right keeping a child in the same two rooms. She was sitting in the sand box building a castle.

“It’s just,” Jamie sighed, listening to Tyler trying to perfect his song. She was helping Rory, “I don’t want everyone to know about me and Colin going out, but everyone will because all Sirius does is glare at him and hex him.”

“I know, Jamie. He’s an ass; he shouldn’t have said it to anyone, but we don’t know if he did. Who cares if you are going out with Colin?” Tyler said now playing darker notes, “If he’s hexing Colin, I will kill him. It’s not right, he gave you up, and that’s his fault. I will kill.”

“But you won’t,” Jamie sighed, “Because then I would have a criminal brother. Which I don’t want.”

“Still,” Tyler grumbled, “He deserves to die. He bet on you, got you pregnant, probably told everyone you secrets, beats up innocents, hexes Colin, does he sound like a nice guy to you?”

“No but,” Jamie started.

“You didn’t know him like I did,” Tyler mocked her. Jamie sighed, her eyes turning dark,

“I don’t know if coming to Hogwarts was such a good idea anymore.” Tyler played the piano while singing,

“Furtive lies and insinuation, all designed to tarnish my reputation...” He trailed off and let Jamie sing,

“And devised by you without explanation Tell me why – why are you spreading all these lies,” She sang. Tyler, being a musician, always told her to express herself through music. He had her write a song during the year they were off.

“You know, Dumbledore asked me to play at the up coming ball, you could sing that song,” Tyler said. He saw Jamie saying no, but interrupted her, “It might be good to let him know how much he hurt you.”

“I’ll think about it, when’s the ball?”

“Halloween.” Jamie nodded.

“Bad Black,” Rory giggled. Jamie’s jaw dropped,



“Are you sure you are ok here alone,” Jamie said, feeling awful leaving Tyler alone with Rory.

“I’ll be fine,” Tyler yawned, “Go have fun, Colin’s a good guy.” Jamie gave him a small smiled before skipping outside their common room. She agreed to meet Colin at the great hall. She broke into a run realizing she was five minutes late.

“Hi,” She gasped finally reaching Colin, “I am so sorry I’m late.”

“I was thinking that you stood me up,” Colin joked.

“No, No, I wouldn’t,” Jamie began to rant. Colin laughed and whispered to her ear,

“You look lovely.” She blushed; she was wearing a light blue dress, which was very casual. With her brown swayed coat over it, and her brown swayed boots. Colin took her hand in his, and they left.


“James,” Lily said, “How can you afford this?” James had taken her to a fancy Italian restaurant in North Hogsmed. It was covered with candles and rose pedals. Lily was afraid it was too fancy.

“Don’t worry, love,” James laughed, “Get whatever your heart desires.”

“Meatballs,” Lily said closing her menu.

“How is that we have every Italian food available and you still want meatballs,” James joked, “Are we going to pull a lady and the tramp? I roll it to you with my nose and you roll it back, and then we-,” Lily laughed at cut him off,

“Thank you, I love it here,” She said giving him a soft kiss.

“Your welcome,” James said, “It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

“Unfortunately, you are just average,” Lily laughed.

“Oh yeah,” James said raising his eye brows before tickling her with no mercy.

“Stop, stop,” She laughed, “I’m sorry you are perfect!”

“Why thank you, Lily,” He said, before continuing to tickle her.


Sirius sighed as Kara dragged him into another clothing store. Who knew that everything was 40% off? Not him! He remembered his first date with Jamie, it was nothing like this. There was no shopping, no Madam Pudderfoots. Well, she didn’t want to be there with him back then, but he decided to ignore that fact. He begged her to go out with him, and eventually she got sick of it that she agreed. Then she walked ten steps in front of him the whole time.

“Does this really look like a Magical Amashed design,” Kara asked holding up a dress, “It looks like a knock off to me. You’re right it’s a knock off. Plus it’s only 120 sickles after the 40% off. Your so smart, Honeybee.” Sirius didn’t understand a word she just said. Only Honeybee. Oh how he hated cute nicknames. “Sirius look, a real Jenny Depresetion!” Sirius sighed, wishing today was over.


“Where to first,” Colin asked Jamie as the arrived in Hogsmed, hand in hand. Just then Jamie’s stomach growled, “Well there’s our answer, food.” He brought her to the three broomsticks. They looked around for a table, not seeing any open. Jamie spotted Lily with James.

“Hey guys, do you mind?” Jamie asked, feeling bad for sticking Colin with her friends. He gave a wink, showing it was okay.

“Not at all,” James said gesturing to the two seats, “Please sit.” Colin pulled out my chair for Jamie, before sitting in his own.

“What do you want to eat,” He asked Jamie hearing her stomach rumbling again.

“I don’t know something yummy please,” Jamie said. Colin nodded and smiled before going to get her something, “How’s your day going?”

“Great, oh Jamie, you should have seen the place that James took me to,” Lily said swooning about the Italian place called, De La Vann.

“Sounds nice,” Jamie smiled, looking at James. He had his eyes on something behind them. Jamie turned around to see Sirius entering with Kara. They made there way to their table.

“Hey,” Sirius said sitting next to James. Kara sat next to him, just as Colin came back over with four butterbeers and a cookie for Jamie.

“Oh, hey Sirius, hey Kara. Sorry, If I had know you guys were here I would of gotten you something too,” Colin said setting the cookie in front of Jamie, and a butterbeer in front of everyone else. Jamie immediately felt the tension rising, and not wanting to talk to Sirius she whispered in Colin’s ear,

“Can we go for a walk?” He nodded; they said their goodbyes and left, not noticing Sirius’s angry eyes burning into them.

“So, where to,” Colin asked, putting his butterbeer free arm around Jamie. She leaned into his warm green sweater while taking a bite of her cookie.

“Where ever you’d like to go,” She smiled.

“Ah, but Ms. Smith,” Colin sighed dramatically; he let go of Jamie and moved into the middle of the street, “You are a painter.”

“I don’t like to paint,” Jamie laughed, “Unless it’s finger.”

“Jamie,” Colin said, putting his hand in front of his mouth and whispering. He was doing this so his invisible audience could not see, “Work with me.” He turned back around as if an actor and shouted, “But Ms. Smith you are a painter. The world is your canvas!”

“I have an idea,” Jamie said as Colin broke out into song about the colors of the rainbow. She laughed at his interpretation of a one man musical, “Why don’t you be the painter?” Colin jumped off the street lamp he was swinging around.

“Fine, I’ll be the poor painter, and you the beautiful princess. And you fall in love with me while I think you’re ok,” He winked at her to let her know he was joking, “But it is forbidden for you are just too good. So I will paint your picture for years until you understand that I am the one for you: Pride be damned!” Jamie shushed him as a crowd gathered thinking he was serious. He bowed to them and walked away, grabbing Jamie’s hand. With that they made their way to Honeydukes.

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Sirius came sprinting and managed to grab Jamie’s wrist.

“Let go of me,” Jamie yelled.

“Jamie, just listen,” Sirius said grabbing the other wrist, “I’m sorry I was going to tell you. I was just telling James that the bet was off. I love you!”

“Why are you still here,” Jamie said, and her voice sounded full of hate, so much that it shocked the older Jamie, “You won you’re bet two weeks ago! Why don’t you go collect your prize? What did you get for ruining my life? A new broom? What, Sirius, WHAT?!” Sirius looked ashamed of his self.

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