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Lily tore out of the passageway, tears forming in her eyes.

“Lily!” called James sticking his head out, following her with his eyes.

She didn’t answer, but instead kept on running.

Turning stony, James turned to Snape. He tried to keep a cool head, but his rage was seeping into his thoughts. “What did you do to her?” he asked weakly.

Crossly, Snape sneered, “Nothing.”

He couldn’t take Snape’s lies. “I ASKED YOU, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!” James shouted.

Snape flinched.

“James,” murmured Sirius.


Severus Snape frowned. James remembered how on his face there had been something other than his usual mask when he walked into the room. There was something there that he hadn’t expected to see in Snape’s face.

“You...” whispered James, taking out his wand. “What did you...”

“I didn’t do anything,” snapped Snape, backing up against the wall. He seemed unable to draw his wand, something which he had never failed to do before.

“Don’t lie to me, Snivillius,” sneered James. “Tell me, did you try to get her to bang you? Did you kiss her? Do tell me what crossed you perverted mind.”

Wincing, Snape looked at James, and opened his mouth unable to say anything.

“Tell me,” James continued. “Did you think that Lily would be like your mum? Did you think that if you paid her she would sleep with you?”

“My mum isn’t a whore,” spat Snape. “You know nothing about my family! You know nothing about me!”

“I know you did something to Lily,” ranted James. He was desperate to know... he needed to make sure that she was all right.

Raising his wand, Snape retorted, “Ask her what she did to me.”

James looked over his shoulder at Sirius, who shrugged. “I have no idea what that son-of-a-bitch is talking about,” said Sirius.

“Ask her,” insisted Snape. “She’s the one who’s wronged me. I’ve done nothing but been born.”

“Then you’ve done something-”

“No, I haven’t.”

James crossed his arms. “I’m not going to waste my time,” he stated flatly. He strode over to the entrance. “He’s full of it. ‘Come on Padfoot.”

Sirius looked over at Snape, and then at James. Taking out his wand, he pointed it at Snape. “You go, I’ll stay here with the whore’s son.”

“My mum-”

Sirius swished his wand, performing the ever popular spell that turned a person upside-down.

“Care to finish that, Snivillius?” asked Sirius. He looked over at James, “Go,” he mouthed.

Nodding, James ran out of the room and up the stairs. He didn’t know exactly where he was running, but he knew that he had to keep running... She had to be somewhere, she couldn’t have gone far or disappeared.

After less than a minute of running he stopped. “That sound,” he murmured. It was the seraph like sound that Sirius said was a violin. All thought of what just happened was out of his mind quickly, all that mattered was the song.

Walking down the hallway, he was able to trace where it came from. He could tell which corridors he should or shouldn’t go down. Suddenly his head was clear and calm. The bittersweet melody allowed him to think exactly what he needed to think. He could understand what was going on. The person playing the song was in pain, the song like tears, but sweet in an impossible way.

He came to a part in the abandoned corridor where a door from which the song came from. The door was slightly open, so a ray of the dim january sunshine crept into the hallway, illuminating the floor. Excited, James opened the door, knowing that the mystery player was just behind the door.

He gasped, no, it couldn’t be...


Lily tore up the stairs of the castle. Nothing made sense anymore, all that mattered was getting away from James and Severus. She would never be able to face any of them again... never... she couldn’t take the embarrassment and the pain of it.

Barely making it to the room where she kept her violin, Lily could feel the tears stinging her eyes. She barely took out her violin before the tears starting to pour down. Blinded, she placed her bow on the strings.

But being blinded by more than tears didn’t stop Lily from playing. Guided by the Muses, she began to draw her string in a way she never had before. The notes and melodies that came out of her violin she had never done before, it was all new, on the spur of the moment. Everything was coming from the pain of it all...


Why did she have to do that? She could have just told him to be quite, she could have put her hand over his mouth. But no, she had to have kissed him. She didn’t quite understand what came over her in that instant.


She swallowed, and continued bowing her lament of her happiness. Severus had surely told him that she had kissed him. James would now hate her for kissing Snape, his worst enemy. Just now, when she had started getting close to him, she did this...

Sobbing, and gasping with pain and grief, she put the violin on the floor. The bittersweet melody could no longer ease her pain. It was to great. Her first kiss, not including the accidentally one by bumping into James, was given to Severus Snape.

His kiss lingered on her lips. It wasn’t just that she’d kissed him... what was it? She’d felt something behind his lips. Praying, she looked up Heavenward, hoping she was wrong in what she thought she had felt.

And James... How much it hurt to know that he was gone for sure.


“It was rather pretty,” said a familiar voice.

Lily looked towards the door, hoping that she was right. But she would know that voice anywhere, the way that he leaned against the door, the way that his hair looked as if he just got off of a broom stick made her breath catch in her throat.

“Why did you stop?” asked James, coming into the room.

“James,” she murmured weakly, as he took a chair.

He smiled. He leaned his head on the back of the chair. Sitting on the backwards chair in a straddle, he looked careless, yet dreamy at the same time. Gazing at her, his hazel eyes seemed to sparkle in a light from another word.

“James,” she said even softer, the tears coming back.

“Lily,” he gasped, concerned. Intently, he looked at her, not sure exactly what to do as she burst into tears. “Lils, is anything wrong?”

For awhile, Lily was crying to hard to answer. “Everything,” sobbed Lily, choking on the word. “Everything... You... Severus... Rae... Nacrissa...” She looked at him. “Why were we born with feelings like this?” she pleaded.

Quizzically, James replied, “So that we know that we really care about someone. Think about it, Lily, would you go back on loving someone? Do you regret caring about someone?”

The tears were less now. She shook her head, closing her eyes.

“I thought not.” He rummaged in his pocket. “Here,” he handed her a handkerchief. “Use this.”

Drying her tears, Lily smiled feebly. “I can’t say that I’ve ever regretted loving someone,” she whispered.

Silence, then...

“So it was you,” stated James, pointing at the violin.

Lily looked down at the violin. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” began James, “I’ve never heard anything more beautiful. I’ve been hearing this for the past few months, and always wondered who was playing it.”

Smiling, Lily couldn’t find words to say.

“What have you been playing?” he asked, standing up and stretching.

She shook her head. “Nothing... I just play what comes out of my head.” She blushed slightly.

Gaping, James said, “You mean, you’ve composed that? I- wow.” He brushed his fingers through his hair. “Wow.” He sat back down in the chair.

“I improve most of it, and it’s never the same again,” explained Lily, hurriedly. “I’ve always done that.”

“It’s amazing-”


“Do you mind if I,” began James.

“Yes,” interrupted Lily.

Flushing, James added, “Draw you playing?”

Raising an eyebrow, Lily picked up the violin, and put it on her shoulder and placed the bow on it. Looking at him, she watched him take out his sketchbook.

“Like this?” she asked, plucking the strings.

Looking at her, James put the notebook down. “No,” he mused walking over to her.

He moved her hips slightly, so that it brought her body facing him, so her face was kissed by the sunlight. Lily’s heart skipped a beat as he adjusted her arms slightly and the angle of her arms. His touch sent shivers up her spine, but in a way that didn’t disturb her. In a way that made her face flush and her stomach flutter.

“I need to get more light on your face,” murmured James, lift her chin up slightly.

They were so close, only centimeters apart. James gazed into her emerald eyes, bright with tears and joy... and perhaps...

His lips brushed hers ever so softly, like a butterfly brushing over a flower. Lost in the moment, Lily forget exactly what happened to her violin, but somehow she ended up with her arms around James’ neck, and his hands around her waist. Their lips together, brushing and holding. Occasionally the tip of a tongue would flicker between their lips.

James’ heart was filled with more than the song of Lily’s violin. It was filled with joy and love. If he thought that he loved her before, he was wrong. What he had called love before was nothing like how he felt with his arms wrapped around Lily and her kissing him back.

Lily’s mind was on fire. She couldn’t figure out why she had put this moment off for so long. Why hadn’t she told him sooner how she felt?

Pulling away, James smiled. Lily looked with glistening eyes at James.

“Well,” coughed James, “as I was saying...” he set her back down, trying to ignore the uprising in his body. “The light really catches in your eyes when you have your head like this, and you chin tilted up wards slightly.”

Smiling, Lily watched as he got to work. They way that he placed her was such that she could see him out of the corner of her eye, but still could watch his every move.

“James!” shouted Sirius.

Looking up, James saw a rather flustered Sirius standing in the door way. “Gosh, Sirius, you look a mess! Who’ve you been chasing?”

“Snivillus,” panted Sirius, clutching at at stitch in his side. “He was just down this corridor.”

“You mean,” said Lily looking at James.

“He tried to hex me, some Sectum-whatever, but I blocked it, and then he ran off,” continued Sirius. “I followed him, and he led me up here. You’ve seen him.”

“No,” said James looking back at Lily and winking, “I’ve been drawing Lily all this time.”

Flushing, Sirius looked at James. “Well if he comes this way, tell him he’s got something coming to him.” Sirius bolted off looking rather red in the face.

Laughing, Lily asked, “Do you think he knows?”

“About what?” asked James sitting back down.

Lily glared at him. “What just happened.”

“Oh that...” James looked up from his sketch. “Turn your head back to the corner...”

“Yes that,” laughed Lily.

“Could you be quite one second, Lily!” laughed James, flinging his pencil a meter away from her. “Damn,” he swore, going over and picking it up.

“And Severus... what was Sirius doing to him?” Lily looked suddenly solemn.

“My guess is that whatever Sirius has done to Snape you should be happy about it,” snapped James sitting back down. He began to sketch her again. “And what did he do to you exactly?” he asked slightly crossly.

Lily was silent, and seemed to be reflexive.

“Sorry,” said James, after he realised that his comment had hurt Lily. He put down his sketchbook. “How can I make you smile?”

He touched Lily’s cheek and leaned in.

A/N; don’t own the image or HP.

Finally... they kiss! I’ve bet you’ve all been waiting for that to happen.

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