Disclaimer:I own nothing. I know your just so suprised by this news. -Rolls eyes- A/N:Hello,Readers(future reviewers,maybe-wink,wink-). Chapter 2-Pigman and A Bag of Rocks "Get to know her first,James. None of this walk-up-to-her-grab-her-snog-her-then-ask-for-a-date,thing James. Lily's not that type of person." He says. Pfft. Like that's what I was going to do. . .I had a. . .different plan. . . Ok. . .maybe that was my plan. . . But this is coming from Mr.Guy-Who-Thinks-Dates-Are-Sitting-In-The-Stuffy-Library-Studying. "This is coming from Mr.Guy-Who-Thinks-Dates-Are-Sitting-In-The-Stuffy-Library-Studying. Remus,if you think for one minute I'm going to sit around in the library with Pince breathing down my neck,trying to 'get to know' Lily,your wrong." I replied. Remus rolled his eyes,while Peter and Sirius snickered. Peter,actually,sounded like a pig. Snorting and making those funny 'oink,oink' noises or whatever they make. He's always been that way. The 'pig' even turns a bit pink from oinking and snorting for too long. But my laugh sounds way different. My laughs 'cool'. Just like me. It sounds like 'tinkling bells' as Remus would probably say. Anyways. "James,Sirius isn't stupid. . .well,when his brain's not on vacation or away,he isn't. Other than that he's quite an idiot." Remus ducked as an empty chocolate frog box was thrown his way. "What I'm trying say is that he wouldn't go and choose some stupid airhead that would immediately say 'Oh,James I would absolutely LOVE to go on a date with you,then we can go snog,then we can go get married,then have a bunch of miniture airheaded James' and Jamie's." Remus finished at last. Remus has this thing about talking. After saying about 4 sentences and without stopping his left eye starts to twitch. It keeps twitching even more violently,till his eyes hardly open at all. I asked him why once. The reply was a nice bump on the forehead. That was the size of a quaffle. Really,it was. The rest of the Marauders agreed. Well,Peter thought it was the size of a bludger,but I had seen many bludgers in my days of living,you know being an experienced quidditch player and all,and the bump just wasn't the size of a bludger. That's the difference between parents and friends,or at least mine. My friends do the exact opposite of my parents and tell the truth,therefore NOT making me feel better. . . "James,for the love of Merlin,put those stupid idiotic earmuffs away. They make your head look even bigger." Or. . . "You drew a purple snitch,mate! A purple one. You are such a pansy! Not to mention it looks like a rotten purple banana more than a purple snitch. . ." I was three. I wasn't a pansy. I was three. That's all. I grudgingly,in my mind agreed,somewhat,to what Remus said. Sirius wouldn't risk losing this bet,he wouldn't go choose,as Remus oh-so-nicely put it,'a stupid airhead'. I still argue,in my mind,though that Lily Evans would be easy to get to agree to a date. I mean why would she say no? She's better than Morriannabathatabatha Millington,at least. "Why would she say no?" I asked,cluelessly. The other three snorted(Pigman snorted the loudest)and rolled their eyes. "What?" I asked. "James,Lily isn't that type. . .really,she isn't your type. Believe me. I've studied with her for-" I cut Remus off,"Don't you mean,dated her?" I asked in amusement. Remus scowled at me,"Ha,ha,ha. As I was saying,I know Lily. She's not that type of person. Take my advise and get to know her first. You'll have a better chance at winning the bet." Sirius gasped at Remus,"Your helping him win the bet? Mr.Moneybags,himself? Do you know how much I would have to pay if he won the bet? Do you,Remus?!" "Oh,be quiet,Sirius. I said he'd have a better chance at winning the bet. I didn't say he would." Remus replied. Sirius looked satified,smiling smugly at me. "What's that suppose to mean?" I asked,staring at Remus. "Oh,nothing." He replied. "You know," I said standing up quickly,glaring at my 'friends',"I have to get to the heads meeting right now and. . .oops." I trailed off. Pigman,Sirius,and Remus stared at me in bewilderment. "The Heads meeting? Since when do you go to them? Their only for heads. . ." Pigman trailed off,confused. Remus smacked him over the head and scoffed,"Honestly,Peter." "What?" Pigman asked,still confused. Sirius smirked and looked at James,while saying,"Don't you get it? Jamesie's Head Boy." Pigman's eyes widdened,and his mouth fell open,"Your head boy?" I glared at Peter,". . .Yes. . .don't ask me how-" "How do you get that?" Peter asked,not paying attention to my previous statement. "I don't know! Ask Dumbledore!" WIth that I promptly stomped my foot,like a four-year-old,who didn't get to be 'just as free as a hippogriff' or something,and stormed off. To the Heads compartment. Where ever that was. . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "How many bloody compartments are on this bloody train?" I asked myself. It seemed like an hour had gone by since I stomped off to the head compartment,only to get lost and find a bag of rocks lying in the middle of the aisle. Who just leaves a bag of rocks in the middle of the aisle? Who just leaves a bag of anything in the middle of the aisle(Well,Sirius and I left a bag of dungbombs in the middle of the aisle,but that was for 'special purposes' only)? Who has a bag of rocks,anyway(Pigman has a bag of rocks in his trunk,don't ask why though. . .). . .Pigman! That might have been his rocks! Oh well,he'll have to go collect some more rocks. I threw them out a window,which somehow blew back in the window. . .rocks don't really blow around,but that's what happened. Now I have a bump the size of 8 snitches put together,ok,maybe just 4 put together. Right in the middle of my forehead. I'm going to have a permenant knot on my forehead if this keeps happening. Anyways,back to being lost. The way I figure it,I'm about 5 minutes late for heads meeting. I don't have a watch on,and I can't find anyone who does. Actually I haven't seen anyone anywhere. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Talking! Signs of life! Looking through a glass window of a rather large compartment,I see a whole bunch of people sitting down,appearing to be listening to someone. I could hear that someone talking about. . .patroling! This was definitely it. Smoothly,I open the door,a small grin on my face. Everyone turned to me,staring,not saying a word. What is it? Do I have a bogey hanging from my nose? Oh,maybe it's just my 4 snitches size bump. . . How could anyone not notice my battle wounds? Silence. . . I looked around,surveying the group. There was Remus and Mark Erg. Also Julia grapie, Greg Broken-oh and if it isn't Stay Put. Stupid name. Carol Veela(she sure didn't look like a veela),Peter Baconcona(brother of Jill Baconcona),Lily Evans,Timmy Tibbles,Reneer Pop. . . The list goes on. "Well,er,sorry,I'm late. I'm James Potter,Head Boy. Let's continue." I greeted,sitting next to some short boy,who kept wheezing things to himself. Bit annoying really. . .very annoying. . . To my suprise Lily Evans cleared her throat and open her mouth,"Well,ok. Thanks for. . .showing up. . .ok,everyone,the meetings over." Oops. I'd missed it all. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After all the prefects shuffled and pushed each other out of the heads compartment,it left Remus,Lily,and I. "Congratulations,Lily,becoming head girl,I mean." Remus put in,after a few seconds of silence. He looked at me with raised eyebrows,nodding in Lily's direction discretly. "Oh! Oh,yeah,that's great,Lily. Great job." I said,grinning at her. Lily was sitting across from us,holding a rather thick book,staring with a curious look(at us),". . .Thanks. Congratulations to both of you,as well." "Thanks. . ." We both replied. Silence again. Remus cleared his throat loudly,and stood up,"Well,it would be best if I left,you never know what the idiot twins are going to do." He said with a smiling,walking to the door,"Maybe you should stay and talk with Lily about duties,James. You know,since you got here,er,late." "Yeah,maybe I should." I replied,looking over at Lily. "Yes,I suppose so." Lily spoke. "Ok,well,bye James,Lily." He said with a nod. "Bye,Remus!" I said back. "Bye." Lily said,with a slight smile on her face. She hugged her books to her chest,and turned to me once more. "So. . ." I said sitting up straight. "There's not much to being head boy,really. We patrol together every Monday,Wednesday,and Friday from 9:00 to 10:00. The rest of the days are for prefects to patrol. The teachers are on patrol every night though." Lily explained,looking down at a sheet of paper,that apparently had rules and instructions. I nodded slowly,slouching slightly. Boring. . .so boring. . .I just want to leave. Why did I agree to this bet? Oh yeah,because I was being an idiot at the time. A smart idiot,though,just for the record. "Um,we have the authority to give out detentions to people who deserve detentions. We can't abuse that." LIly added,after seeing the look on James' face."Also we can take away points from the house,that also can't be abused,either. We have meetings with the prefects every two weeks and have to plan at least one school event this year." Lily finished rolling up the parchment and stuffing it in a bag at her feet. "Right. Not much at all! Well,this is going to be a great year,yeah?" I asked,smiling charmingly at her,"You and me together,we'll be unstoppable!" Lily nodded,a pleasant,yet somewhat forced smile on her face,"Yes." This wasn't working. "You'll be a great Head Girl,I'm sure of that." I added. "Thank you." Lily replied. Silence. Lily glanced at the door,biting her lip,"Well,I think I'm going to head back to my compartment." She said standing up. Wait,no! This wasn't how it was suppose to happen. She's already leaving! I stood up as well,"You could come sit with me and my friends if you want." I wince inwardly,that would be boring. . . I moved closer to her. Maybe I should try my original plan. It has a whopping 1%(getting slimer by the second) chance of working,but you've got to try once and a while. She stepped back some and stared at me then turned back to the door,walking for it,"No thanks,bye James. I'll see you tonight at patrol." She left. She left. She left. I'm still not comprehending it. She left. Lily just walked away from me,and declined a wonderful offer of staying in my compartment. Maybe Sirius isn't stupid after. . . Maybe he's a secret genius like me. . . Nah. . . --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So how'd it go,Bighead Boy?" Sirius asked slyly,as I walked into the compartment. I 'accidently' stepped on his foot as I walk to my sit,by the window,"Oh,it went well. Very quick too." Remus laughed and shook his head,"Because you got there right at the end of the meeting. What? Did you get lost or something?" He asked. "No." I replied quickly,"I had to deal with some serious situations,that's all. That's my heads duties now,you know." You know,like throwing a bag of rocks out a train window and getting hit by them in the forehead seconds afterward. Smooth,James. "How'd you get that bump?" Pigman asked,tilting his head as he stared at my forehead. "Oh you know,just bumped my head on a luggage rack. I got taller this summer,you now." I replied. "Your lieing." Remus spoke up. "How'd you kn. . .I mean,what are you talkng about?" "You kept saying 'you know',which naturally means your lieing. It's a habit I've noticed over the years." Remus replied,smugly. "Good,observing,Moony!" Sirius congratulated "Thanks." Sirius turned to me and smirked slyly,"I heard that Evans is the head girl,how'd it go? You two already planning your wonderful day out?" He asked sarcastically. "No,it went just fine,you know-dang it!" I cursed as I said 'you know' again. The rest chuckled. "So how'd it really go,James? Did you ask her out?" Peter asked. I looked out the window,"No. She explained what the heads duties were then got up and left." "That's it?" Sirius asked. "Yeah,you kn-nutters." I somehow forgot to mention the small detail of me asking her to join me in the compartment. Oh well. Remus noticed my mistake,"What did you do,James?" "Nothing. . .I asked her to compartment here,and she said she had other plans. No big deal,you know-bloody Merlin. . .!" I replied casually. "Then she walked out on you,didn't she?" Sirius asked,shaking with silent laughter. "No. She just-Lily just left the compartment before me,that's all." I argued. "Isn't that walking out on you?" Pigman asked. "No,there's a difference,you know. . .argh!" I groaned. "She walked out on you!" Sirius exclaimed. "No,you know she didn't-argh!" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi,Lily." I greeted with forced cheerfulness later at 10:00pm that night,just outside the portrait hole. We had patrol. I was NOT looking forward to this. At all. Here it was,the first night back,I was tired and just wanted to fall on to a bed and sleep,instead I'm stuck patroling with Lily Boring Evans. I had to pretend to be happy about it too! Lily gave me a small smile,"Hello,James,you made it on time." "Yeah." I replied,and started walking with Lily following at my side. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey,Lily?" I asked,20 minutes later,after a long silence. "Yes?" She asked politely. "Have you ever been on a date before?" I asked,looking sideways at her. I decided to spring the question on her,maybe to suprise her into a 'yes' if I asked her. Wait-I'm not doubting this! She'll say yes,you know,oh for the love of Merlin! Great,now I was lieing to myself. Lily peered into the dark hallway,"No." "Why not?" I asked. "Because,no one's asked." She answered. "Well,Peter tried to ask. . ." I trailed off,with a lopsided grin on my face. Lily smiled,"That's what he was going to ask?" That's all she said. I decided to leave out Remus asking her for a date. They were still studying together and being the great friend I am,decided not to make it awkward for Remus. "Yep. . .would you say yes if someone asked you right now?" I asked. Lily's eyebrow furrowed as she looked at the stone floor,"It depends on who asks." I looked away. Should I ask? Would she say yes? I hadn't exactly treated her the best over the years. I hardly ever talking to her,teasing her a few times,taking her precious books from her occasionally. It might seem suspious to just ask out of the blue. Lily's smart. She could figure it out,if she had enough clues. I sighed,realizing that this could take longer than I thought and that Remus' plan might be the right plan. "Oh." I replied bluntly. Silence. Can't this girl talk once and a while? She's making me do all the work here. "So what are you going to do after Hogwarts?" I asked. Lily didn't answer for moment,looking thoughtful,"I'm not sure." Whoa. Lily Evans didn't have a step-by-step plan for after Hogwarts. That just seemed so unreal. Lily Evans was always prepared. "I don't know for sure yet,either. An auror,maybe. Or work at the ministry." I replied after silence again. "That's nice." She replied. I rolled my eyes and looked out a nearby window. I gave another go at this 'get to know her first' thing Remus was talking about,"What's your favorite color?" Lame,I know,but I think with all the boredom it was decreasing my imagination. Lily looked me in the eye,"Purple." I chuckled,"What a coincedience." He muttered to himself. "Hmmm?" Lily asked,looking ahead again. "Oh,nothing. My favorite color is blue." I replied. There was no way I was going to tell Lily Evans that my favorite color when I was younger was purple. Crap-I denied that my favorite color was purple! Which it most certainly is not my favorite color. Blue is. Blue is a manly color. Blue's good. Lily only nodded this time. Maybe Morriannabathatabatha Millington would have been better. At least she talks. I looked down Lily. She was average height,maybe a bit smaller,with long flaming red hair. It had always been long like that. Lily would usually just put it in a ponytail or braid it,keeping it out of her face was my guess. Lily had bright green eyes,they were. . .nice. A unique color. I yawned and stretched. Merlin,how boring can it get? "So what activity should we have?" Lily spoke suddenly. I nearly jumped out my skin just then. She actually started a conversation,instead of the other way around. I shrugged,"A ball maybe?" "That's a good idea. When?" Lily asked. "You choose." "Maybe around the beginning of December. A winter ball. Before Christmas break,so that everyone can come." She planned. "Sounds good to me." I replied,not really paying attention. "Good. I guess we can meet sometime this week or next week to write out the details for it,then present it to Professor Dumbledore." Lily said,a smile on her face now. Yay. We get to plan a ball. Then present it to Professor Dumbledore. How exciting. I'm not being sarcastic. I was sarcastic in that last sentence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'm here." I wheezed loudly,as I stopped in front of Lily,who was sitting neatly at a table in the dragon section of the library. It was Wednesday of the first week of school,I just finished quidditch practice and had to run all the way to the library,knocking over 3 suits of armor,a first year,peeves,and Professor Flitwick on the way. Pulling a chair out,I slumped down in a chair across from Lily,dropping my bag next to me. Lily had a pleasant look on her face,"Yes,you are. Quidditch practice nice?" I take pant a few seconds before replying,"Oh,yeah. It was great." "Good." "Great." "Ok,well,let's get started." Lily said,pulling a piece of parchment and quill,which were neatly put aside,to her. "Who should this be for?" "Who should this be for?" I asked confused. It's for the students,duh. "Yes." "The students." I replied. Lily half smiled,"No,should it be for all years,or for just certain years?" Oh,duh. "I think we should have it for 5th years and up,the rest can have parties in their common rooms." I replied. "Alright. Attire?" "Uh,dress robes?" "That sounds good." Lily replied,scribling down dress robes,neatly,under 'attire'. "Should we have music?" I asked. "I think so. How would someone dance without music?" Lily asked somewhat amused. "You can dance without music." I protested,although, I really can't dance at all. With or without music. LIly just looked down at the parchment,"What band should we get?" "The Rocking Warlocks?" I asked,beginning to slouch over on the table,my elbow propped up. I didn't want this stupid job. . . "Ok. . .Rocking Warlocks." Lily repeated slowly to herself as she wrote it down,"Food?" That got my attention. "Why don't we just ask the house elves to come up with some wintery theme food or something?" I asked. Lily nodded wordlessly,writing it down. At least she agrees with me. "Decoration?" She asked,looking up. "Christmas colors?" I asked. "That's good." Lily replied,writing that down too. I yawned,and leaned over her parchment reading it to myself. This was so pointless. "And last,the date? How about the 1st? I think there's a Hogsmeade weekend just before that." Lily said. What a coincedience. That was when the bet was up. "Ok,sure." "We just need to present this to Professor Dumbledore and we'll have this out of the way for a while." Lily explained,puting her stuff away neatly,and standing up. I stood up as well,ready to shoot out of here,"Ok,great. I guess I'll. . ." I trailed off,realizing I couldn't just leave,and had to 'get to know' her. "I'll walk back to the common room." "Ok." Was all she said walking to the library exit. I hastily walked with her,"Where are you going?" I asked. "Girls dorm." Lily answered. "I'll walk with you then." I replied,"Well,to the common room,since,you know,I can't go to the girls dorm." I said with a laugh. She smiled,but said nothing. This was going to be a long walk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "So hows the bet going,James?" Sirius asked slyly as I bid Lily good-bye at the bottom of the girls stairs,and walked quickly away. "It's doing just fine,thanks." I replied. "Is it then?" Remus asked. "Yes,you know,it is-argh!" I exclaimed,putting my head in my hands. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A/N:That's the end of this chapter! Just Another Harry Potter Fan

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