Chapter 13: Back to the Real World!

Back at Grimmauld Place, the Order of Phoenix held another meeting to discuss the plan of action on how they were to take things forward in the fight against Voldemort and his growing number of death eaters. Things were beginning to become much darker as it seemed that they were able to attack whenever and wherever they wanted without having too much trouble.

The attack on the suburb of Norwood was a great disturbance for the order that had gone there, only to discover the sheer devastation that was left. Each member could all recall the piles and piles of bodies dumped unceremoniously in the middle of the streets, with no real signs of any struggle, only the haunting look of sheer terror on their faces.

The post mortem was also a very difficult thing to stomach as the results had shown that a number of potions had been used all with terrible effects to the human body. In particular one potion that was used seemingly burnt every single part of a person’s insides, leaving the body as a complete shell, with no muscle, bone or anything else.

Minerva McGonagall was particularly shocked, appalled and sick at what had occurred at Norwood, especially as many of her students and their families were victims of this atrocious attack. But what had really affected her was the audacity of Voldemort to dare and attack her beloved home away from home.

She felt a great deal of anger at the thought of the place where she had held dear for over 35 years. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizarding was also subject to an intensive attack but much to everyone’s shock had remained stoically intact despite the large scale assault which Voldemort and the death eaters made upon the hallowed walls. Although this had all happened a good couple of weeks ago, Minerva was still furious at the thought of what had happened and only became more and more distraught as news of more attacks came through.

For despite the increasing efforts of the order and the now full cooperation of the Ministry Voldemort was still able with relative ease target and murder family after family, slowly wiping out the muggle population as well as the muggle borns and squibs. It was primarily for these reasons that she had called this meeting as she knew it was time to get their hero back from the wilderness.

“Attention everyone, I now call this meeting to order” she bellowed over the murmuring voices of the remaining members of the Order who were all sitting around the extended kitchen table of the former Black residence.
“I have called this meeting here today as I feel we are making no head way in our fight against the dark side. The attacks which, He Who Should Not Be Named and his followers are carrying out need to be stopped immediately! I am afraid that I do not feel as though mine and Kingsley’s leadership is really helping our cause. Therefore I would like to carry forward a motion amongst us to petition Harry Potter, Remus, Tonks, and the others to come back and head the order”

“But he is still only a boy Minerva. Surely you cannot suggest he would do a better job than the Headmistress of Hogwarts and the Head Auror?” asked Amelia Bones who was a new convert to the order and a major reason for the new cooperation between the ministry and the order.

“Yes we believe that he will. Mr Potter is a fine young man, a born leader, he inspires respect, loyalty and we all know that he will never knowingly let us down. He as already got a very good inner circle with him, having Tonks, Remus and of course his friends who I must say are probably the bravest and toughest 17 year olds I have ever seen” interjected Kingsley Shacklebolt before continuing.
“I have wholeheartedly agreed with Minerva about handing over the leadership to Mr Potter if he will accept it. I expect all of us to fully support him if he does accept.”

After some quick little chats between the various members it was decided unanimously that they would accept Harry Potter as their leader and that they should do whatever they could to bring him back into the fold as soon as possible. After the meeting was adjourned, Minerva and Kingsley stayed behind and beckoned all the Weasley’s to stay with them for a private chat.

Kingsley was the first to speak breaking the very uncomfortable silence that had taken over in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place.

“Right well we though it was best to consult you over the best way of reaching out to Harry and his friends as you are without question the closest to them” stated Kingsley in a very matter of fact tone.

“Well we are glad that you have come to this decision” answered Bill first.

“Yes as for contacting them, I feel maybe a private letter to Harry appealing to his loyalty and bravery would to the trick, maybe remind him that Dumbledore would have wanted him to be part of the order.”

“Are you sure I don’t think bullying him will help somehow.”

“Now listen, what Harry craved the most was being told what was going on and most importantly he wants honesty. So what I suggest is that Minerva you write a letter to him explaining to him what has happened and ask for his help. I am sure he will come” replied Charlie.

“How do you know that son?” Arthur asked his second eldest son.

“Well when Ginny came home this summer we had some chats about stuff and Harry came up, a lot. She gave me a real insight into what goes on inside his head. Therefore you have to trust me” answered Charlie truthfully.

“Ok then that is what we will do” replied Minerva as she sat down and started writing the letter.

In Voldemort’s lair in the dark recesses of Britain, Lord Voldemort sat on his throne before his loyal servants, the death eaters. As he sat there he thought back to the number of successes he and his followers were able to achieve. Yes they were only small and relatively insignificant murders here and there but it was obvious from the reaction from the media, the frenzy occurring at the ministry and the utter disorganisation of the Order of Phoenix that he was gradually wearing down the hopes and prayers of the world. He let himself smile as a genuine feeling of happiness washed over him at the thought that it had now been many months since the last sighting of the boy who lived, the so called chosen one, Harry Potter. As Voldemort continued to dwell on his so called disappearance, slowly an uneasy feeling started to creep into his consciousness. The same question rolled around his brain. What the hell is Harry Potter up to?

He quickly composed himself as he slowly stood up in front of his servants, who without a doubt would not have picked up on his sudden discomfort he experienced except for one. Serverus Snape.

As Serverus Snape was standing with his fellow death eaters, in front of their all powerful Lord and Master he felt as if he was truly part of a group. He was very handsomely rewarded for his fine potions that have helped wreak havoc on both the wizarding and muggle world. He was now completely trusted and really felt as though he had become the number two in the side of darkness and he revelled in it.

As he was looking straight ahead he felt the sudden uneasiness wash over his Lord and Master, and cautiously looked at the Dark Lord with a bit of apprehension as if he was worried then it must be something bad. He caught his eyes and as soon as the uneasiness appeared it also faded away, not without the silent message, “Stay behind” coming from Voldemort, which was silently acknowledged with a slight nod. As Voldemort stood, all thoughts and feelings were locked away, as he put his entire focus on the words which were about to come.

“My faithful followers, I am pleased. The work each and every one of you has carried out over the last few months has been outstanding. I cannot fault anyone of you. Our plans to slowly but surely destroy the hopes of the world are progressing very well. The constant stream of murders is eating away at the public, and the ministry and Order are at a loss. So will shall continue on, but remember I DO NOT TOLERATE FAILURE! So be warned!! You may now all leave.”

After everyone had left Snape slowly made his way towards the throne and bowed before his Master.

“Rise my friend”

“What is thy bidding my master?” replied Snape in the most subservient voice he could muster.

“I have been greatly disturbed”

“About what my lord?”

“I am worried about Potter. I do not like the fact that he has just disappeared with his little group. He is up to something and I want to know what. Since finding out the prophecy, it is vital that I know what he is doing.”

“Well surely he is hunting down the Horcruxes?

“No he has destroyed them now, only Nagini exists. The end is coming; our victory will soon be here.”

“But what of the power he knows not master? Doesn’t that concern you?”

“Indeed it does, but fear not for I will prevail.”

And with that Voldemort apparated away from his throne with a large crack, leaving Snape alone to his thoughts. Doubts suddenly started to appear in his mind about whether he had chosen the right side or not. With that he stormed out of the room, pondering his thoughts.

Back at Godric’s Hollow, the Marauders were all of doing separate things in various parts of the house. Remus and Tonks were having some time together in their room talking about their future and something else.

Neville, Luna and Hermione were sitting in the garden, reminiscing about the many funny exploits they all got up too at Hogwarts, whilst the two golden couples, James and Lily and Harry and Ginny were upstairs in the private Potter family area talking together.

“Well at last we have some time to ourselves” said James.

“James, their ours and Harry’s friends you shouldn’t talk about them like that” responded Lily.

“No don’t get me wrong, I love the fact their here but I want to spend time with MY wife and MY son and HIS love. We have been away a long time.”

“Argh dad I never knew you cared” interrupted Harry.

“Don’t say that, you know I love you with my entire heart son.”

“I know dad, just wanted to hear it again” replied Harry with a grin on his face.

“Look son if you want to hear it just say it ok. I will tell you that all day long for the rest of your life if you want.”

“Thanks dad”

“So Ginny, Harry has told me you make a decent chaser?”

“Yeah I do, obviously not as good as you were”

“Stop Gin, this old man already has a big enough ego thank you very much” interjected Lily.

“Gee can’t even get a compliment these days” huffed James.

“I’ll give you one dad, you were a great quidditch player………only not as good as me!!” voiced Harry with a mischievous smile on his face.

“Why you, arrogant, stuck up, ungrateful, no good prat! You will pay for that” responded James as he jumped up and tackled Harry of his chair and onto the floor. They began to wrestle before they were both stunned by two very angry and stern looking red heads standing above them with wands drawn.

“Now how many times have we told you two no more of that” said Lily and Ginny released the spell off of James and Harry.

“Sorry” they both said in unison.

“Ok how about a grown up chat. Tell me Lily what was Harry like as a baby?” asked Ginny.

“Oh he was adorable!! The cutest little thing there ever was. Come with me I’ll show you the pictures maybe Tonks, Luna and Hermione will join us”

“Yay come on lets go, I just love baby photos” replied Ginny as Lily led her out of the large private Potter room into the master bedroom.

James and Harry remained behind and just sat there when the silence was interrupted by a knock on the door and Neville and Remus popped their heads into the door.

“Er hi, Lily said it would be ok to come up and join you?” asked Neville uncertainly.

“Of course come in, I suppose the girls have gone of to the Harry Potter humiliation party” answered Harry feeling very annoyed at his mum for getting those photos out.

With that both Remus and Neville entered the room and sat in the two vacant chairs.

“So what is going to be the next plan of action?” asked Neville.

“Well with all the Horcruxes destroyed except for the snake, the only thing really is preparing for the final battle” Harry answered soberly. “I was thinking of us going through some training for the next few months and getting up to scratch in terms of strength, stamina, and mental toughness and of course duelling. As well as really working on the team dimension between us as I think we nine together will be very formidable force."

“Wow son you really have thought about things haven’t you?” asked James.

“Of course I have it has basically been my problem the last couple of years. I really want to be completely prepared. I can’t bear to think about losing anyone else. I have what I wanted now I want a world without Voldemort.”

“Good on you Harry. I think your plan is excellent. Really well though out. How do you plan on doing it and where?” asked Remus.

“Well maybe I can answer that” interjected James. “As you all know Tonks is an Auror and both I and Lily were also Aurors before we went into hiding. Also with our esteemed DADA teacher I think we can put these kids through their paces and get them up to Auror standard in a few months. I mean most of the groundwork has been done, with Harry and the DA.”

“Wicked thank dad, although I don’t want you to hold back” replied Harry.

“We won’t, after all this is a matter of life and death. There really isn’t any middle ground!!”

“So where will we do it?”

“In the basement, it is larger enough to really accommodate us and I think we will find that it will have certain properties similar to a room at Hogwarts” answered James giving Harry a knowing grin.

Just at that moment Hedwig came swooping in through the opened window carrying a letter with what looked to be a phoenix seal on it. Hedwig landed of Harry and let him take the letter from his leg. Harry then sent Hedwig to the kitchen where he told her she would find some owl treats waiting. Harry quickly discarded the envelope and read the letter. After finishing it he laid back and thought silently before motioning Remus, Neville and his dad downstairs to the kitchen where the others were. Harry sat down a laid out the letter so that everyone could see and they read.

Dear Harry,

I hope everything is well with you and that you, Hermione, Neville, Luna, Ginny, Remus and Tonks are all safe and secure wherever you maybe. I feel as though I should get straight to the point of why I am writing this letter to you. Firstly I know you have probably left for a good reason and I understand why you might have decided to leave us behind. I know the last six months have been very hard for you with the loss of Dumbledore and Ron.

Anyway I am getting of the point again. Basically we as in the Order of the Phoenix are writing to you to give you a proposition. It has been decided by all the members still present that you are our best option in terms of dealing with He Who Should Not Be Named. We are therefore offering you the leadership of the order and willingly place all our resources at your disposal.

You see these last few months haven’t been easy. The death eaters have been very active and have achieved a great deal since the night of Dumbledore’s murder. There have been many attacks taken place and many people have died muggles, muggle borns, and half bloods and so called blood traitors. Although there hasn’t been a large scale attack they are causing a great deal of panic, fear and above all else they are losing help and it really doesn’t help that Harry Potter the boy who lived is missing. I know you hate being labelled but you are the wizarding worlds only hope more so now Albus as departed on his next great adventure.

There has also been an attempted attack on Hogwarts. Although no real damage was caused He Who Should Not Be Named received a letter from Dumbledore explaining how Hogwarts remained standing. It appears even in death Albus Dumbledore was able to deal a blow to him. Unfortunately it appears that he now knows the full prophecy regarding you Harry and has leaked it out to the public through the Daily Prophet. This as you can imagine with your absence has left the wizarding world almost without hope.

I know we are probably putting a lot of pressure on you but we don’t know who else to turn to. I really hope you will come back.


Minerva McGonagall and Kingsley Shacklebolt
Acting Heads of the Order of the Phoenix

After reading the letter all nine marauders sat there in the kitchen stunned by what they had just read. Their minds were racing as their thoughts went out to all the people suffering as Voldemort attacked almost at will, whenever they pleased but what hit home was the attempted attack on Hogwarts and the fact that Voldemort now knew the prophecy.

Harry was in particularly shocked to his very core. It wasn’t so much that Voldemort now knew the prophecy as that had little bearing on what he had to do and of course he would still be in the dark about the importance of his mum, dad and Ginny. Harry fely guilt at all those murders, leaving the order whilst he had basically sat on his arse doing nothing, having a good time with his parents without really thinking about the outside world. He stood up suddenly and it was Hermione who asked the question that was on everyone’s lips.

“So…..What are you and us going to do?”

“Well at the moment you will stay here and train. I will however be making a short trip. It is time to go back to the real world.”

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