^How’d you find this place?^ you asked as Sirius ushered you inside. ^That, my lovely wife, is a secret,^ he answered. At that moment, several house elves rushed up to you. ^Mister Black, sir! Violet is so happy to see you!^ The tallest house elf spoke. ^It has been a long time since Mister Black has come to visit us!^ ^I know, I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.^ ^What can Violet get for Mister Black and his girlfriend?^ Violet inquired. ^Oh, I’m not his girlfriend,^ you corrected quickly. ^I’m Kat.^ ^Violet is so sorry, Miss Kat. Mister Black is always bringing his girlfriends to visit us.^ You raised your eyebrows and Sirius shrugged sheepishly. ^What can Violet get for Mister Black and Miss Kat?^ ^Well, we missed lunch, so I think we’ll take…^ Sirius whispered the order into Violet’s large ear. She nodded happily and went away to go make whatever Sirius had requested. ^So what’s for munch?^ you asked. ^You’ll see.^ The other house elves had been bustling about, getting a table ready for you. Now Sirius led you over to it, pulling out a chair for you. ^Thank you.^ ^Of course.^ ^So what’s for lunch?^ you tried again. ^You’ll see,^ he repeated. ^Fine, you said grudgingly. At that moment, however, the house elves brought two plates to the table. You smiled as one was set in front of you. ^Steak and strawberries?^ ^I didn’t ask so I could forget.^ You smiled and ate a strawberry. Violet came over to you after a few minutes of quiet eating. ^Do Mister Black and Miss Kat like their food?^ ^It’s very good, Violet, thank you,^ you complimented between bites. ^I like it too. Thanks,^ Sirius added. ^Violet is so glad!^ the ecstatic house elf hurried away. ^So you’re here a lot?^ you asked. ^Can you tell?^ You laughed. ^Yeah, I could tell. So this is how you guys get the food for parties.^ ^You know our secret!^ ^Don’t worry, I won’t tell.^ ^Good, because then I’d have to kill you.^ ^And killing your wife is generally frowned upon.^ You heard a tiny gasp behind you. ^Miss Kat is Mister Black’s wife!^ Violet yelled. ^Violet did not know this! Miss Kat is very lucky!^ You laughed as Sirius turned pink. ^May Violet get anything for Misses Black?^ ^No, I’m fine, thanks Violet.^ ^Ok Misses Black. If she needs anything she will call Violet?^ ^Yes, she- I will. Thanks.^ Two house elves cleared your table as you got up to leave. They praised your kindness when you thanked them, and reiterated Violet’s opinions of your luck. They seemed to have a very high opinion of Sirius. ^They sure like you,^ you said as you meandered back to the common room. ^Yeah. They liked you too though.^ ^I’ll bet they treat every girl you’ve brought down there that way.^ ^No. not that I’ve brought that many to the kitchens anyway.^ ^Oh. Well then they liked me.^ ^It’s hard not to.^ ^Thanks,^ you blushed, which was getting annoying. ^I can see why they like you, too.^ ^Thanks,^ he replied. More silence. The only word spoken for the remainder of the walk was the password. ^Hey Sirius?^ you caught his attention as you moved to your respective dorms. ^Thanks for lunch.^ ^Anytime.^ Mya and Lily were playing Wizard’s Chess when you walked in. ^Hey guys.^ ^How much homework did you have?^ ^You’ve been gone forever!^ ^Oh, well I’ve actually been finished for about an hour,^ you admitted guiltily. ^And then?^ ^You were with Sirius, weren’t you?^ ^Yeah, I was.^ ^You like him!^ Lily accused. You tried to deny it. ^Do not! Guys, he’s just my friend.^ ^And husband,^ Mya pointed out. ^And crush,^ Lily stated firmly. ^Okay, so I like him! So what?^ ^So what? Come on, Kat! What are you going to do about it?^ Mya asked. ^Nothing?^ You hoped to end the conversation. ^You have to tell him!^ Lily ordered. ^No.^ ^Why not? He’s sexy, funny, handsome, really sexy, and you’re already married!^ Mya ticked off his good qualities. ^Guys, he doesn’t like me that way. So let’s just drop it.^ ^He does to like you!^ Lily shouted. ^You should see the way he looks at you! And he goes out of his way to spend every spare second with you!^ ^How can you not see this?^ ^You guys really think he likes me?^ ^YES!^ they shouted together. You considered it. Maybe he did like you?

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