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You smiled, flipping yourself off the couch and grabbing your gloves. You left the open photo album on the couch, quickly pulling on your boots and wrapping a scarf about your neck. With a flick of your wand the fire was out, and you ran a brush though your unruly hair, your curls slowly detangling themselves from one another. Your smile grew as you caught sight of the name on your back in the mirror. Krum.

Glancing around the large house one last time, you nodded with satisfaction. In an instant, along with a resounding “POP,” you were gone. You found yourself leaning against the locker rooms for the Bulgarian team. Tucking your wand back into your pocket, you brushed a bit of your hair back and made yourself comfortable.

Even from outside the small building you could hear the team captain giving them a speech. You shook you head, it reminded you so much of your older brother. Yes, your older brother was the infamous Oliver Wood. Luckily enough, for you anyway, you’d yet to have your brother and your boyfriend have a game against one another.

You continued leaning against the wall as the team started filing out. Their robes were flying in all different directions, the wind was picking up. The snow crunched as they trudged their way out to the field. You looked upwards, towards the sky. The dark clouds that loomed over the Quidditch pitch gave you a distinct clue that it was going to snow. You closed your eyes as the wind picked up once again.

“Vaiting for someone, then?” You grinned, fully aware of the fact that he’d finally worked his way out of the locker room. You opened your eyes, picking yourself up from the wall.

“Tragically enough, it doesn’t look like they’ll be coming anytime soon,” you stated with mock disappointment, as you eagerly looked around.

“Funny,” he looked thoughtfully at you, “It appears as though ve are in the same boat, my dear.” You laughed, unable to contain yourself. Lightly smacking his shoulder you began walking towards the pitch.

“Really, now, Viktor,” you linked your arm with his as you came closer to your destination.

“Yes?” You laughed at him, as he pretended to be completely innocent. You’d improved his English rather well, if you could say so yourself, though he still had the habit of turning ‘w’s in ‘v’s. It was simply a minor thing, though of course, and you actually rather liked it.

“Don’t play dumb with me, Viktor Krum,” you remarked, “I could’ve easily taken offense to that statement.”

“So could I,” he replied, rather indignantly. You rolled your eyes.

“Well,” you murmured haughtily.

“Vot’s that supposed to mean?” He questioned, with a light grin. You loved it when he grinned, and he knew it. You shook your head.

“Just win this ruddy game,” you responded, “And then, maybe, we’ll talk.”

“Is that a promise?” He watched you as you disentangled yourself from him.

“I believe it is, Mr. Krum,” you replied, “Good luck.” You smirked, standing on your toes to kiss him.

“Krum!” You waved him off as the obsessive captain called him over. You climbed into the stands, spotting a familiar brown-headed man. You sat down next to him, though neither of you looked at the other, nor did you say anything.

“Come to watch Krum?” He questioned. You nodded.
“Never miss a game,” you confirmed yourself with words, the both of you still had yet to look at one another. The match started within a matter of moments, and he and you lost yourselves within the game. You grinned, shouting louder as a robed figure went into a dive after a tiny golden ball.

“BULGARIA WINS!” The announcer was loud and clear as you leaned over the edge of the stadium grinning. There stood your very own Viktor, lazily playing with the Snitch.

“Look, Snitch,” you couldn’t help but smile at his nickname for you, you’d had it since you were about three, “Just be careful.” You finally looked at the man beside you. He hadn’t changed too much; his hair had just grown longer, hanging into his eyes, which were shining with his affection for you.

“Ollie,” you replied, “How many times have we been through this?”

“Quidditch players are rough.”

“You’d know, wouldn’t you?”

“Are you suggesting something?”

“So what if I am?” You rose your eyebrows at him, he shook his head, “I’ve got to go, Ollie.”

“Well, fine, be that way, Snitch,” you rolled your eyes, giving him a hug.

“I’ll see you for Christmas, Mr. Wood,” you slowly made your way out of the stands, coming back to your rather familiar spot in front of the locker rooms. Snow was slowly littering everything it could touch, and you were finding yourself wishing for another coat.

“Cold?” You looked at the smirking face of Viktor.

“Unlike you,” you started, “I don’t live in Artic temperatures year round.”

“I vouldn’t call it Artic,” you pulled your wand out of your pocket.

“You coming?” You were gone. He shook his head, drawing out his own and following you. You flopped back down upon your couch, lazily levitating your photo album to the table across the room. You re-lit the fire and kicked of all your extra clothes. You smiled as you heard a “POP” and felt an arm around your waist.

“Vhy, hello,” he murmured in your ear.

“Took you long enough, didn’t it?” You replied, curling yourself up into him.

“Didn’t think it vas that long, exactly,” he muttered. You sat in comfortable silence, watching the flames of the fire dance, occasionally watching their movements in his eyes. You were just drifting off when you felt his vocal chords, as you’d buried your face into his neck.

“Viktor,” you muttered sleepily.

“Vot?” He questioned, “I need you to stay awake for another moment or two.” He stood up, causing you to fall onto the couch completely, which he laughed at. He disappeared down one of the many halls. You grew rather comfortable on the old couch, though your biggest source of heat had left. He came back seemingly empty handing, and crouched before you.

“Hm,” you watched him with one eye open, the other one against the soft fabric of the couch.

“You know,” he mused, “Ve’ve been together for vot, 3 years?” You nodded, not seeing what this had to do with anything; after all, you just wanted to sleep. He appeared to be contemplating something, and you lazily raised your head a bit, lightly noticing that all of your hair had fallen to the same side.

“What’re you getting at, love?” You rose your eyebrow, as he seemed to remember where he was going.

“Vell,” he paused for a moment, “I vas vodering if you’d like to make us permanent.”

“What are you talking about, Viktor?” You questioned, dropping your head back on the couch as though it were dead wait.

“Vell,” he started again, “Vould you ever consider marrying me?” You watched him out of your sleepy eyes as he pulled a ring from his pocket. He took your hand in his, ready to slip it on if your answer was yes. You couldn’t help but stare at him. This was so random, but you loved him enough, didn’t you?

“Yes,” you nodded, feeling the cold metal glide across your ring finger with his gentle hands. You smiled as he pulled himself back upon the couch, your hand still with his. You lifted your head momentarily, and laid it back upon his lap. You began drifting off again.

“I love you,” you distinctly heard Viktor murmur to you, bending down to kiss your head. You smiled, drifting into dream.

“I love you, too.”

Okay. This is probably the longest I’ve written so far, eh? :) I’m not sure why, but I grew rather keen on Viktor writing this. Sorry. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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-Riddle Wood Lupin

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