Hermione, Lupin, Sirius, Draco
Drama, Romance, Angst
Strong Language, Scenes of a Sexual Nature, Substance Use or Abuse, Sensitive Topic/Issue/Theme
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First Published
2005-11-05 02:31:05
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2007-09-07 23:32:02
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2007-09-08 10:10:23
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Ch. # Chapter Title Word Count Reviews
1 The Future

When your past collides with your future, living for the moment is the only choice you have left. A simple wish by one very magical little girl brings Hermione’s two conflicting worlds face to face. Draco/Hermione/Sirius

1465 112
2 The Past

Juliette makes a desperate wish.

2143 78
3 The Collision of Time

Juliette's wish is granted

1592 71
4 Ten Years' Time

Sirius learns of the world he has come back to

2127 69
5 Existing

Draco and Sirius have their first face off and Hermione tries to help Draco conquer his past demons.

1196 61
6 Remus' Request

Remus has a favor to ask of Hermione that influences Draco's future.

1738 56
7 The Deal

Sirius and Hermione make a deal that could change everything

1328 59
8 To Win a Bet

Sirius and Remus have what should be an emotional talk at the request of the women in their lives...but the Marauder in each of them comes out instead.

1201 57
9 Tortured Thoughts

Memories haunt Hermione and Sirius, drawing them closer together.

2033 64
10 Manipulation

Juliette confides in Sirius and he retaliates...how will Hermione react?

1706 58
11 Crappy Honesty Talks

Sirius forces Hermione to be honest but there may be a price of his own to pay.

1900 67
12 Taking You Sober

Sirius and Hermione finally find some time alone and the fireworks fly! Includes mature content, please review the ratings prior to reading.

1341 65
13 Indications of Truth

Chapter Thirteen now added!

2197 51
14 Singing Frogs and Peppermint

Hermione deals with Draco's departure...with some help from Juliette and Sirius

1768 44
15 Stand Ins Need Not Apply

A midnight talk with Sirius forces Hermione to evaluate her relationship with Draco.

1185 44
16 The Mundane

Sirius has to come to terms with some of the events that occurred in his absence

2234 48
17 A Visit from Dobby

Dobby pays a visit to Grimmauld with some rather unexpected news.

1288 46
18 Traitorous Sons

Sirius meets Santa and Remus has some confessions to make about Draco

2480 39
19 That Time of the Month

Hermione learns some interesting tidbits about Animagi.

1302 42
20 Dogs in Heat

Sirius and Hermione react to the undeniable attraction that is consuming them both in a rather comical way.

2222 36
21 The Locket

During a late night embrace, Hermione finds the strength to question Sirius about the locket and, to Sirius' dismay, he's forced to run to Draco's aid.

1659 38
22 Protecting Draco

Sirius saves Draco at a price to himself but Hermione's admissions may turn out to be even more dangerous

1331 40
23 Old Home Week

Sirius has a night out with the boys

1301 48
24 Forgotten Comfort

Past memories catch up with Hermione and she and Draco embark on a night that will change everything.

1134 43
25 A Knife to His Throat

Hermione asks something of Sirius that cuts into his soul and Remus is left to pick up the pieces.

2135 38
26 Unwelcome Publicity

Sirius confronts Draco with his options and deals with the aftermath of his boys night out.

1150 24
27 The Dark Mark

The holidays bring unwelcome surprises to Grimmauld as Draco is forced to reveal a secret he and Remus have been sharing for quite some time.

2221 38
28 Amongst Friends

Couples pair off on Christmas Eve

1132 33
29 A Library of Sorts

Sirius gives Hermione a gift like none other.

1510 56
30 Understanding Sirius

Hermione sifts through Sirius' memories as she copes with losing two men at the same time.

1195 74
31 An Old Mentor

Draco gets desperate while Sirius loses a battle with himself

2015 26
32 Relief of a Woman

Truths never intended to be said come out between Sirius and Hermione

2185 27
33 The Maiden's Tale

Sirius learns Remus' bedtime stories hold a truth Hermione can't escape

1393 35
34 When Memories Come Calling

Sirius and Remus have to face the past to deal with the future

3048 26
35 Chance for Goodbye

Remus gives Sirius and Hermione the perfect opening to end it all...but can they do it?

1746 20
36 Unconditional Love

Hermione tries to teach Sirius a lesson about love it may backfire on her.

2019 36
37 Just when things were going well...

Draco has a change of heart that comes just as Hermione faces losing Sirius and then something happens to change everything.

1584 32
38 Echoes of Fate

As time begins to run short for Sirius, Hermione and Draco, a decision from Sirius' past begins to haunt all their futures.

2919 31
39 The Collision of Time and Place

When Draco sets out to prove his love to Hermione once and for all, Sirius must face his hurt and betrayal in order to save her.

1396 27
40 The Worthless Black

Hermione's heartbreak turns to rage and Sirius soon becomes the object of her hatred

1704 32
41 Slytherin's Lair

Hermione finally breaks through Sirius' defenses and he tries to strengthen himself for the repurcussions of their actions.

2131 30
42 The Mission

Sirius and Remus prepare to battle Malfoy

1440 30
43 Face Off

Draco learns the truth and finally confronts Sirius, who finally allows his Black family traits to shine through.

1617 28
44 Bearing All

The truth is revealed

2225 54
45 The Present


1937 119


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