*Chapter one* On one stormy afternoon while Harry Potter\'s daughter, Hallie, was watching T.V. a large Hogwarts Barn owl swooped into their large family room. In its beak it was caring a letter bearing the Hogwarts seal. \"Ginny its here!\" \"Really Harry!\" \"Well open it we don\'t want to keep our daughter waiting\" said Ginny Potter wiping her hands on a dish towel. \" Open what?\" said Hallie finally coming out of her trance of watching T.V. \"Nothing important, sweetie, now go back to watching T.V.\" Harry said teasingly \" What is it? Is it the letter from Hogwarts?\" asked Hallie her eyes bright \"Of course sweetheart and tommrow we will be going to Diagon Alley to buy your school supplies!\" said Ginny By this point Hallie was jumping up and down with excitement and screaming \"I AM GOING TO HOGWARTS!!\" ******************************************************************************** Miles away from the Potter Residence... Lucus Malfoy was practing his flying Quttich pitch behind his manor, when he noticed one of the many Hogwarts school owls swooping into the Malfoy Manor. Within minutes he was down on the ground and running towards the house. \"Mother! Father! Did it arrive? Did it? Did it?\" \"Yes yes son it did and we are going to go tommrow to Diagon Alley to shop for your robes and supplies and wand and....\" his mother exclaimed drowning on and on about his supplies, the clothes he should take, his dress robes, and other things he really wasn\'t intressed in Lucus didn\'t hear much of what his mother was saying and was just thinking about the horrible day he was going to have tommrow. It was most likley going to be the worst day of his life. He hated shopping with his mother with a passion. She liked to shop in Diagon Alley as much as he hated it. \"Yeap, just be prepared for the worst tommrow.\" Lucus thought to himself glumly. He grabbed his broom and setted off for the Qutttich pitch leaving his mother going on and on about tommrow behind.

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