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Do they Love? Chapter 9 Voldemort “Ok now that you can all apparate I have made a new decision!” I told my followers. “Yes master?” Answered Malfoy, Crab, and Goyle. “You are going to get the blonde girl too.” I told them. “How are we going to do that?” Crab asked. “Well I saw through my computer screen that when Potter and mud-blood were surfing this morning Potty said the Mud-blood was as light as a feather, and since you are all pretty strong one of you can grab the mud-blood and someone else together.” “Ah I see!” They all said in unison. “Well you will complete this mission for me, tomorrow ok…” I told them. “Yes master!” Hermione “Herm, we better get back to the tent, it’s almost 10:00 PM.” Harry told me when we were done eating dinner. “Really, Mon’s right, time does fly when your having fun!” I replied. “Lets go, I’m getting tired, it’s been a long day, tomorrow we can surf some more and we can tan and build a sand castle even bigger then Ron and Mon’s” He told me as he helped me up. He took my hand and walked me back to the tent. “Harry?” I asked when we got back to our room. “What is it?” “Why did you choose me?” I asked, “I mean you could have any girl in the whole wizarding world, why do you choose to have me?” “Herm, I don’t like every girl in the wizarding world, the one I care the most about is you.” He said. “But why Harry?” “Because, you’re wonderful, your caring, you sweet, your pretty, your smart, your kind, and your you!” “Harry that is probably one of the nicest things I have ever heard you say!” I said surprised at how poetic he could be “Why thank you Herm, now lets try and get some sleep tomorrow will be very busy, like today, I mean we are only here six more days!” He said. We took turns using the bathroom with everyone else and then crawled into bead. It was really cold, so I shivered. “You are probably the only person I know who is cold almost all of the time!” Harry remarked. “What, it is always cold!” I replied! “Come here!” He said and wrapped his one arm under me and pulled me really close to him then put his other arm on top of me so we were in a sort of sideways hug. “There are you warm now?” he asked. “Very much, thank you!” I told him. “Good!” He leaned over and gave me a kiss, “Goodnight!” “Goodnight, Love you!” “Love you too!” Harry It was Herm, Ron, Mon, and I alone on the island. We were running around playing a game and having fun when suddenly Herm and I were being taken away by some person. I looked over at Ron and Monique for help but they were being taken away too, only separately. “Herm, Hold on!” I told her. She quickly wrapped her arms around me and held on tight, I held on to her too! We both screamed for help “Harry, Harry, Harry, wake up your having a nightmare.” I opened my eyes to see Hermione’s concerned eyes looking down at me. “What was it Harry?” “Along the same lines as the dream Ron said he had, only Mon was being taken away too, I think it’s a warning, dangers coming.” I told her. “Oh no Harry, what are we going to do?” She asked. “I don’t know, be very careful I guess.” “I’m scared.” “Don’t be, I’ll protect you.” I told her, she laid her head on my chest and started crying. “Don’t cry Herm, its ok, we’ll be ok, I promise.” I rubbed her back to try and quiet her down. “Ok, If you say so.” Voldemort “Oh great, just great!” I told Malfoy. “What is it?” “They are going to be really hard to catch today, Malfoy!” I told him. “Why?” “Because Harry had another stupid Déjà vu!” I yelled. “Oh I see, but why wont we be able to get him?” “He will stay by his stupid godfather all day again!” “Oh I get it!” These stupid idiot’s I have for servants, I shook my head Harry When everybody else was awake, Sirius came and said he needed to talk to me alone, I said yes so I followed him outside. “Harry, I want to talk to you about your scar burning, I have not been able to talk to you about that.” “Oh yea I forgot about that.” I said remembering back to when I was at Herm’s house and my scar burnt really badly, I had written to Sirius right away. “I want you to stay within seeing distance of me at all times ok Harry?” “I’ll be sure of it, Oh yea, and I had a dream last night, It was a lot like Ron’s” I told him. “Well tell me about it!” He said. I told him every detail of the dream. “You kid’s stick by us for today ok?” “Yes, I’ll be sure to tell the others.” I said as I saw everybody else coming out of the tent ready for another fun day at the beach. I put my worries aside and went to join Herm, running to the water for another surfing lesson.

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