Harry Potter and the Army of Decendants
Chapter 32 - Trouble on the Train
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It was the first time Harry had ever caught the Hogwarts express back for the Christmas Holidays. It felt strange not to be staying at school; he had even been given a letter from the Dursleys saying he wasn’t welcome over Christmas, which he frowned upon. Of course he wasn’t welcome. He was never going back to that hell hole again. The Order would never let him. For once Harry was happy. He had found a family, broken at that, but still good, to look after him until he was older enough to live by himself. Harry and Ron chatted away that morning, while they packed for the holidays. Harry had discovered that the Weasleys were taking a much earned holiday to Romania to be with Charlie. Harry had a suspicion that they were using the money that he had left them, and of course he was happy for them. Another good thing was that Malfoy was not allowed to go home. Dumbledore had written to his mother, who seemed to be in a state of depression over Malfoy’s father, and told her that what Malfoy had done. Harry remembered hearing the angry Malfoy talk to his goons just before the holidays. He was infuriated and was demanding that Crabbe and Goyle stay as well, and of course they said yes. The trio boarded the train and sat in one of the back compartments. There were no prefect meetings or whatnot, so Harry was happy to just have his two best friends with him. It was around lunchtime when there was a knock at their carriage door. “Come in...” Harry said looking up from his competitive game of wizard’s chess with Ron. The door opened and Remus and Tonks stood in the doorway. “Thank goodness.” Tonks exclaimed as she threw herself into the chair opposite the boys, next to Hermione. “Tonks! Remus!” Hermione exclaimed as she looked up from her book. “We have been looking everywhere for you. It seems that all the carriages are full yet again. It seems everyone is anxious to go home. I can’t blame them with all the attacks that are going on...” Tonks blabbered on looking around at everyone. “Were there more attacks?” Harry asked suddenly, causing Tonks to stop. She bit her lip and let Remus answer for her. “There was another attack yesterday on a muggle town in Britain.” Remus said as he sat down next to Tonks. “Oh okay.” Harry said as he moved his piece on the chess board. Remus and Tonks didn’t look like they wanted to talk about it and it was fine by Harry. “Checkmate!” Ron exclaimed as he moved his last piece. Harry frowned and moved away from the board. He sighed and brought his knees up onto the chair and brought them to his chest. His head lolled against them as he starred out the dark window. “What’s wrong Harry, is it the...” But Tonks cut herself off. Harry was throwing a dangerous look at her, causing his eyes to faintly glow green. Remus frowned but shook himself out of his trance. “Oops, sorry, I forgot. I forgot you haven't told them yet... Ooops!” Tonks slipped out. Tonks was a wonderful person a lot of the time, but at other times she was just stupid and clumsy. Harry could have laughed but the situation they were in told him not to. “Haven’t told us what?” Hermione asked as she lifted her head up from her book. “Nothing...” Harry said quickly, too quickly. Remus frowned and knew where this was going. “Is there something you aren’t telling us?” Ron asked suddenly. He glared at Harry as if his best friend had betrayed him. They weren’t meant to keep secrets from each other. “NO!” Harry shouted, causing them all to jump. Remus sighed and looked away. “Harry there is something!! You haven't been the same ever since last year and I know it isn’t because of Sirius!” Hermione shrieked at him. “OKAY! FINE!” Why had he given up so quickly? He didn’t know, but his insides told him that they needed to know. They were his best friends for goodness sake. He shifted his head off his knees and rested it on the cold window next to him. The others were about to ask what was wrong when he spoke again. “You know about the prophecy last year don't you?” He said quietly. “Yes, but Harry, it was smashed, you saw it!” Ron said. Harry wished that was so. “Yes, but the prophecy is more than a glass globe.” He said quietly, hiding his smile. “Of course, a prophecy is something told by a true seer, a prophet.” Hermione mumbled to herself. “You mean Harry that you know what it said?” Ron asked, excitedly. “Its not all good news Ron.” he told them as he turned his head to look at them. “So you know?” Harry nodded his head. “What does it say?” he asked. Harry looked at the others Hermione’s eyes were set on him, so were Tonks’s and Remus’s. Harry looked carefully at Remus and saw a sad smile creeping across his face. Did Remus know? Tonks must had told him. Harry would have cared before, but right now it felt better only having to explain it to two people. “I think I memorised it, I am not sure... Well here goes - ‘The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hands of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...’” Harry breathed deeply; glad to have got it out. Tonks and Remus had not heard it like that before. It was saying that maybe Harry had a chance. But then it didn’t even say Harry’s name in it... But then again, Voldemort had chosen him and Dumbledore must have known that it was him, otherwise he would be casing up some other boy. Hermione was looking at Harry with a horrified look on her face, while Ron was still trying to work out what it said. “Don’t worry Hermione, it will be alright.” He told her as Ron finally realised. “Harry... Does this mean... Oh Merlin...” Ron buried his head into his hands which were set on his knees. Harry watched Hermione weep on the teary Tonks’s shoulder as he shifted around on the chair, wanting to get away. “Harry why don’t we go for a walk?” Remus said as he got up from his seat, letting go on Tonks’s small hand and reaching for the door. Harry almost sighed in relief. He thought it best to leave his friends in peace. Harry got up and shot the others a comforting look. He followed Remus out of the door and down the train carriage. They walked for a while before either of them talked. “Harry, Tonks and I talked the other night. She told me what she saw when you were in Occlumency lessons.” Remus started. Harry nodded and let him continue. “When I came to your house this summer, I thought that what had happened was a one off... But she told me everything they had done to you.” He turned and looked away from Harry as they reached the end of the train. He rested his arms on the window ledge and watched the dark dreary landscape shoot past them. “I am truly sorry Harry. I should have taken you in all those years ago when your parents died. I was just afraid... Afraid that I might hurt you in some way.” “Don’t be sorry Remus... It’s not your fault.” Harry reassured. “Yes... I know. I just wanted to tell you that you are welcome anytime in my life. You have saved me more than once and letting you stay with us is less than enough of what you deserve, Harry. I am truly thankful and owe you my life.” “Remus I don’t deserve anything. This is just me, Harry Potter, the famous Boy-Who-Lived.” Harry sighed as he turned back to walk down the carriage again. “Don’t say that Harry! You are a wonderful boy and I bet you even if you weren't Harry Potter, you would still be who you are, a great friend and godson.” Remus said as he caught up with Harry and they both smiled at the last part. “Thank you Remus. For everything.” Harry said and shocked Remus with a warm hug. The train started to screech and Remus could see a platform coming into view out the window “It seems like the train is coming into the station. You’d better get your stuff. Tonks and I will meet you outside.” And with that they walked back to the others.

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