A/n- I own Kiara. Nobody else. But ummmmmm.....this site is new to me, so plz be nice and review!! Chapter One: Quidditch Practice Harry laughed loudly. He did that only when he was with Ron, and Hermione at Hogwarts. And guess what? He was! Him, Ron, and Hermione all were walking along. They were fifth years now, feeling quite proud of themselves. After all, not all fifth years have saved the school dozen of times in a row. They were walking to their eating table. They sat and began to share their summer stories of fun, boredom, or more. It was their first week back (about the fourth day) after the long summer break, of course, not long enough for Ron. Hermione was so happy to be back in school. \"Hopefully Malfoy was booted off the Quidditch team.\" Hermione said, glaring in his direction. \"Oh, calm yourself! Just ignore him all together, its too stressful, especially in the first week!\" Ron said, smiling. His lil\' sister, Ginny, was sitting with her friends, a little further down the table. A years before she had been a victim of you-know-who. Ron was so happy she recovered quickly. \"Ron is right, Hermione. Dont worry, he will get what he deserves.\" Harry said, sighing. \"\'Ello Potter. Ron. Granger.\" Angelina, the new Quidditch captain said, walking past. \"Hello Angelina.\" They said in unison. \"Did\'ya hear \'bout the new chaser?\" Angelina asked Harry. \"Actually, not yet.\" Harry said. \"She is a third year. Kiara Draten. Pretty tough. We are starting early again this year, practice starts today.\" Angelina said. \"Okay, thank you. I will see you then. Good day!\" Harry said, as Angelina walked off. \"Wow. A third year chaser. She might end up being as popular as you are, Harry.\" Ron said, grinning. \"Oh yes, how popular Potter is. Just because he saved this stupid school\'s safe reputation, he has to be the world\'s greatest.\" Malfoy said, standing behind them. \"Shutup Malfoy.\" Ron said, glaring. \"And just what are you going to do, Weasly? Break your wand and mess up a spell again?\" Malfoy asked, laughing meanly. Crabbe and Goyle also laughed. \"For your information, Malfoy, his father won Galleons a few summers ago, and now he has a brand new wand, much better than before.\" Hermione said. \"I dont think I was talking to you, Mudblood.\" Malfoy said, glaring. \"Stop while your ahead, Malfoy.\" Harry said. Malfoy was just about to say something else snotty back, when a girl, about 13, with shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and a huge smile ran over, and pushed him over. \"Oh my goodness! Your Harry Potter!!!!\" She exclaimed, looking at Harry. Malfoy stood up, brushed his robes off and shoved the girl over. \"Excuse me, but I do believe I was here.\" He said, glaring, full of so much anger, his face was red. \"And excuse me, but I do believe I pushed you over, so now I seem to be here!\" The girl said, glaring. \"Um, yes, though, I am Harry Potter.\" Harry said to the girl, before Malfoy could say anything else. \"I knew it. I am on the Quidditch team with you. I am a third year, and my name is Kiara Draten!\" Kiara said, shaking Harry\'s hand. \"Oh, yes, Angelina told me you are the new chaser. Congratulations, not many people make the team.\" Harry said, smiling. \"You did.\" She said. \"What?! A third year?! And you are talking down to ME?!\" Malfoy said, nearly yelling. \"It seemed so.\" Kiara said, rolling her eyes. Malfoy grabbed her by the collar. Not hard, just enough to make her look at him. \"You listen here, you little, third-year, snotty-nosed, Potter-praising moron! If you ever, and I mean, EVER, talk down to me again, you will pay the consequences!\" Malfoy yelled at her. He stormed off, with Crabbe and Goyle following. \"Say it dont spray it!\" She yelled after him. She took a seat next to Harry. \"You werent scared or intimidated by him at all?\" Ron asked, in awe. \"Not really. The true reason why others insult each other, is because they really dont like themselves, so they feel they should blame it on others.\" Kiara said. \"So...you think Malfoy doenst like himself?\" Hermione asked, confused. \"No, I think he is full of himself, and just is a flat-out jerk.\" Kiara said, smiling. \"But you just said that whole thing on why others insult each other....\" Harry mumbled. \"Malfoy is an exception.\" Kiara said. They started laughing. \"So, do you want to join the posse?\" Ron asked. \"Sure! This will be the best year of my life!\" Kiara said, grinning. ** Malfoy stormed through the halls, and up the changing stairs to the Slytherin house, with Crabbe and Goyle attempting to catch up with him. He slumped down with an angry sigh on the couch. Crabbe and Goyle sat across from him. \"I mean, who does she think she is, talking to a Malfoy like that?!\" Malfoy asked them. They shrugged. \"Oh, much support you guys are!\" He yelled. \"Dont get too worked up about it, Draco.\" Crabbe suggested. \"I know, I shouldnt, but honestly. That girl, there is something different about her. And I am going to proove it. I will then proove to the school, that Harry Potter doesnt need anymore fame, and they will all see that Draco Malfoy is the true star of Hogwarts!\" Malfoy said. Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other and shrugged. ** \"Welcome to the History of Magic.\" Mrs. Quinland said to the class. Harry and Ron sat next to each other, then so did Hermione and Kiara. The neat thing about this class, was all years could take it at once, if they wanted. And, unfortuneatly, Malfoy and Crabbe sat at the table across from Hermione and Kiara. \"Does anyone know the story of the Slytherin growth?\" Mrs Quinland asked. Hermione\'s hand shot up. \"Yes?\" Mrs. Quinland asked. \"It is nearly illeagal, for any evil wizards, and all those associated within Slytherin, to have feelings, a growth of the heart, as they call it.\" Hermione said. \"Great. 20 points to Gryffindor.\" She said. Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Kiara smiled. Also some other Gryffindors, Colin and Neville, behind them, and Ginny and Lavander next to Harry and Ron. \"Its true what Hermione said. It is said, that all who disobey this law, and grow a heart, shall face many dangers, and complications, for the dark lord will punish them. The one who helped this growth happen, also would be. But that is only legend, so all you Slytherins, I doubt you could show a feeling other than anger, this will never happen to you.\" She said. Malfoy smirked. The owl hooted, signifying the end of the day. Everyone got up and grabbed their books. Malfoy walked over to Kiara and whispered to her, \"Aww, too bad I wont change. Looks like I still will be full of myself, and that flat-out jerk that I am.\" He said, walking off. \"What did he say?\" Hermione asked. \"Oh, no worries, he just found out what I said about him at the table. Oh well. Who cares. See you later!\" Kiara said, running outside to catch up with Harry for Quidditch practice. ** Kiara looked around. She didnt realize they would be practicing a game. It was against Slytherin. She stuck close by Harry, since she was new to this. She saw Malfoy on the other team, trying to look smug. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were sitting on a bench, watching. Kiara knew her duties in Quidditch. Catch the ball, and pass it to someone to throw it through the rings. She didnt use the buldger, luckily. Everyone got ready and floated up. Kiara was already steady on her broom. The buldger was thrown up, and Angelina yelled, \"Remember! Only practice! No fighting!\" Kiara watched as Harry and Malfoy waited for the snitch to come into view. She flew out, and was getting into position to catch the ball. She missed the ball. Oh well. It WAS practice. But it didnt go unnoticed to all.... \"HAHAHAH! Kiara Draten, the third year, missed the ball! What a sad excuse for a chaser, more rather a wizard!!\" Malfoy screamed. EVERYONE heard. All the Slytherins burst out laughing, the Gryffindors tried to calm her. She went shooting foward on her broom, and ran into Malfoy on purpose. Their brooms sunk to the ground, and they started spell-fighting. \"STOP!\" Angelina screamed dozen of times. Harry shot down, and tried to stop them, as did everyone else. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny ran from the benches too. Malfoy had just gotten done casting a water spell on Kiara, and she was about to do a fire one on him, when a hand grabbed her wand. She turned around to see Snape, a teacher, head of the Slytherin house, and a favorer of Slytherin. She gulped. \"Detention. BOTH of you.\" Snape said sternly. Malfoy glared at her and followed. Kiara looked at her friends and her team. \"Sorry, I kinda lost it, but I hate it when people say Im not good at doing something, when I very well know I am.\" She said. \"Its okay. Malfoy is very.....conceited. He deserved it. Just dont do that at a game.\" Angelina said. \"After practice, I will wait outside the detention office for you.\" Harry said, smiling, and waving. \"Yeah, we will be there too.\" Hermione said, and Ron nodded. Kiara nodded as well, and then ran up to Snape and Malfoy. ** \"Take a seat. Stay here for an hour, I will be back in 10 minutes.\" Snape said, leaving. Kiara sat, but Malfoy remained standing. \"He said take a seat.\" Kiara said, glaring at him. \"I know. But he isnt here, so I am staying just like this.\" He said, smirking. \"Thanks to you, I have a detention. Im overall a great student!\" She said, frowning. \"My bad. Anyways, third years do NOT know that many spells. How come you knew so many during our fight?\" Malfoy asked. \"I study.\" She said. \"I know your secret. I will proove to the school there is something odd with you, and then eveyrone will praise me, Draco Malfoy, instead of Potter.\" Malfoy said, sighing. \"I dont have a secret, at least I dont know of one, anyways, Harry deserves the praise. I dont think anyone would waste it on you.\" She said. Malfoy glared, and slumped into the seat with an angry sigh. \"I dont know why Snape is punishing me. Usually he deducts points from the other houses, and doesnt do anything to Slytherins. Honestly.\" Malfoy said. \"Um, could you not talk to me? I dont feel like listening to your complaints.\" Kiara said, rolling her eyes. \"I thought I told you not to talk down to me!!\" Malfoy yelled, glaring at her. Snape walked in at that very moment. He glanced at Malfoy, after his outburst. For a moment Kiara thought Snape would punish Malfoy. How wrong she was. \"Thats right. 50 points from Gryffindor. And Kiara, he is right, never talk down to a Slytherin, you do not know what they can do. Malfoy, your detention is over. Kiara, I would like you to go and scrub the 2nd floor girl\'s bathroom clean.\" Snape said, walking off. Malfoy sneered at Kiara. Kiara stood up, and smacked him across the face. Then she sneered at him, and walked up to the bathroom. ** Harry, Ron and Hermione followed Kiara. \"Did you just smack Malfoy?\" Ron asked. \"Yes. He is so annoying.\" Kiara said, glaring as she trotted up the marble stairs. \"Yeah. Hermione let him have it a few years ago. She smacked him with all her might.\" Ron said, chuckling, obviously remembering the sight. Kiara pushed open the doors of the bathroom, and sat in the middle of the floor, beginnning to scrub it. \"You do know, that Snape wouldnt come in here and check it, dont you?\" Ron asked. \"Why not? He needs to make sure I do what I am told.\" Kiara said. \"She is right Ron. Even if he is a guy, he can still come in here, after all, you two do.\" Hermione said. \"Sorry Kiara, but we have a huge essay from Snape due tomarrow, so we have to study. I dont think you need to do it since you were in detention....\" Harry mumbled. They left. Kiara sighed, then heard a sneeze. She glanced to the right, where a ghost girl floated out of a stall. Who are you?\" The ghost asked, floating over to Kiara. \"Im Kiara Draten.\" Kiara said. \"DRATEN?!\" Myrtle yelled, recoiling in fear. \"Um....yeah....\"Kiara mumbled, \"Whats wrong? Im a Gryffindor, if that makes you feel a little safer...\" \"Im sorry, Kiara, Im Moaning Myrtle.\" Myrtle said. \"Um, whats wrong though about my last name?\" Kiara asked, dropping the sponge in the bucket, and standing up. \"Well, I did die about 52 years ago, but I still visit the library, and read. And I read a book in the Restricted Section about....nevermind, it will scare you.\" Myrtle said. \"No, please, its okay, tell me.\" Kiara said. \"Well, I read about the Slytherin Growth....\" Myrtle began. \"We learned about that today in History of Magic.\" Kiara mumbled. \"Oh, so you know a little about it then. Well, anyways, I finished reading that section, and came to a section on something called the Stealing of the Soul. And well.....well it said, \'The Draten Demon shall steal the soul of the longest chain of evil, and shall make it pure, but become more evil, since she had sucked it up.\'\" Myrtle said, shaking. \"Well, I dont think the Draten Demon is me,...I mean....it couldnt be me, because I dont know how to steal a soul...\" Kiara mumbled, not entirely sure about that. \"Theres more though. It said after the Draten Demon becomes more evil, the Dark Lord shall come and slay the one she made pure, and slay her, the most powerful, and most destructive way of killing he knows.\" Myrtle said. \"I dont think thats true though, there must be another Draten around the World somewhere...\"Kiara mumbled. \"You should read the book. Like I said, its in the Restricted Section, and its called, \"The Demonic Ways of the Unknown Victims\".\"Myrtle said. Kiara thanked Myrtle, and ran as fast as she could to the Gryffindor common room. She needed to tell Harry, Ron, and Hermione about this. 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