The telephone rang in the living room in Harry’s house. Harry ran to answer the call. Harry Potter is now an adult. He has 3 children. He is the greatest hero in the wizarding world.

            “Hello, who’s calling?” Harry said.

            “Oh! Umm, hi, Harry! This is Hermione!” said Hermione.

            “Hi, Hermione! How’s it going?”

            “Great! Umm, do you know about Mount Everest?”

            “Yes, of course! What about it?”

            “You know, since our children are all in Hogwarts, Ron and I were very bored at home. We decided to climb Mount Everest. Do you want to come?” said Hermione.

            “Oh, of course, I think it’ll be very fun! But we have work……” said Harry.

            “Oh, don’t worry! I can give us a little holiday since I am the Minister of Magic! Let’s meet in Diagon Ally next Monday!” said Hermione excitedly.

            “Ok, see you next Monday!” said Harry. He hung up the telephone and went to pack his stuff.

            “Where are you going?” Ginny asked as she watched Harry stuff things into a backpack.

            “Mount Everest! Hermione and Ron are going to climb it, and I’m going with them! Are you going to come, Ginny?” asked Harry.

            “No, I have work to do. Have a good time with Ron and Hermione,” said Ginny, “and good luck!”

            “Thanks, Ginny!” said Harry, and kissed Ginny on her forehead, “I will come home soon!”


Five days later, Harry went to Diagon Ally to meet with Hermione and Ron. Once Harry stepped into Diagon Ally from the Leaky Cauldron, he saw Ron and Hermione standing outside the broomstick shop, Ron was observing the newest broomstick---Nimbus 2021.

            Harry walked up to them and said, “Hi, Hermione! Hey, Ron!” then went to observe the newest broomstick with Ron.

            “Hi, Harry!” said Hermione.

            “Ron, do you want to buy it?” asked Harry.

            “Umm……No. I don’t have much money, you know. Hermione is the one who keeps our money. And I’m not allowed to buy one,” said Ron miserably.


            “Umm, because…… Hermione said that broomsticks are expensive, and they are useless to our life,” he paused a little, turned to check if Hermione was listening, but saw Hermione staring at him, then he whispered to Harry, “but I think, she’s just being jealous that you and I can fly well but she can’t, so she doesn’t want me to buy it.”

            “Ahhh! You two!” said Hermione angrily, “Don’t waste time on useless things, okay? And when are we leaving?”

            “Five more minutes……” said Harry, who was still observing the broomstick.

            “Ten more minutes……” said Ron, he looked like he was imagining himself flying on the broomstick.

            “Oh! Come on!” Hermione dragged Harry and Ron away from the broomstick shop, “We need to leave!”

            “Ahhh! Hermione!” shouted Harry.

            “Ah, no……” Ron stood up straight and said to Hermione, “Ok then! I will leave now and you must let me buy that broomstick when we come ba---” Ron hadn’t finished his sentence and he felt Hermione grab his hand and------swoosh------they apperated to the foot of Mount Everest.

            “Oh no!” Ron looked around, he saw nothing but snow and a few rocks which were exposed outside the snow, “Hermione, why don’t we just apparate  to the summit? That will be much easier than climbing by ourselves. And it is freezing here!” Ron complained.

            “Oh! Yes, I noticed that! Wait a second!” said Hermione. She lifted her arms and a little bag came into sight; the same bag she used when they were finding the Horcruxes . Horcruxes are inconspicuous objects that has Voldemort’s spirit in them. She stuffed her whole arm into the bag and pulled out three big coats.

            “I already did a little charm on them. They will keep us warm all the time on Mount Everest!” said Hermione excitedly as she gave the coat to Harry and Ron.

            “Thanks Hermione! But I agree with Ron. Why don’t we just apparate to the summit?” asked Harry as he put on the big warm coat.

            “Oh! You are too lazy! Everything has a start, a process and an outcome. You can’t just skip the process and go straight to the outcome! And I enjoy the process! Okay, this way!” There was almost no chance for Harry and Ron to argue, so they started to climb behind Hermione, who was so excited that she climbed so fast.

            Climbing was boring to Harry and Ron, but the nighttime came very fast. They set up the tent, which Hermione had in her little bag, they sat in it and chatting happily all night. They were recalling their memories of Hogwarts. The time in school was always fun!

            “Do you remember this? ‘It’s Win-gar-dium Levi-o-sar, make the ‘gar’ nice and long.’” Ron was copying what Hermione had said in their first year at school. Hermione laughed at Ron for his poor performance.

            “Yeah, and you saved me from the Troll’s attack using that spell.” Said Hermione, “I appreciate the rescue, but you should thank me that I told you the correct pronunciation! If you didn’t know it, you will probably mess up everything, and you might not have me as your friend! And now, your wife!”

            “Yeah! After that we became best friends! We were so funny and silly at that time!” said Harry.

            “We were also innocent at that time! I wish we could stay at that moment forever!” added Hermione.


The next day, they went up about 5,100 meters above sea level. They used a little charm that gave them oxygen all the time.

            Suddenly, a massive piece of snow collapsed under Hermione’s feet. There was a cave under the hole. Hermione fell into the cave.

            “Ahhhhhh!!!!!!” screamed Hermione. But then she calmed herself down and used Arresto Momentum to slow herself down.

            When she landed safely on the cave floor, she looked up at the little hole where Harry and Ron were. The snow that collapsed had disappeared---there was no trace of snow anywhere on the floor.

            “Are you okay, Hermione?” shouted Harry and Ron from the little hole above Hermione’s head.

            “Yeah, I’m fine,” shouted Hermione. She looked around her, but it was all dark.

            “Lumos Maxima.” Hermione sent several small light balls in every direction so that she could see in the cave, but it was still too dark to see the whole cave.

            “Wow! This cave is so big!” exclaimed Hermione in the cave, “I can hear the echoes of my voice!”

            Harry and Ron were trying to get down to the cave. When they landed safely behind Hermione, the little hole closed secretly without Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s noticing.

            “What is this place?” asked Hermione, “are we inside Mount Everest?”

            “I don’t know…… It’s quite massive in here!” said Harry, looking for clues about this cave.

            “Hey! Harry, Hermione! Come here!” Ron yelled from the distance. Harry and Hermione hurried to Ron.

            “Look! Jade, lots of jade! If we carry these back, we can be very rich! Even in muggles’ world!” said Ron excitedly as he put his wand down on the ground and observed the jade carefully. Harry and Hermione turned to explore other parts of the cave. Suddenly, the jade in Ron’s hand opened their mouths, which appeared on the jade magically. The jade with mouths jumped so high that they looked like they wanted to bite Ron. Ron was scared. He dropped the jade and picked up his wand and pointed at the jade. The jade seemed like they felt Ron was holding his wand, so they stopped suddenly and the mouths disappeared.

            “Why haven’t other people found this place and only we have?” asked Hermione.

            “I know why. The reason is easy. Because we belong to the wizarding world!” answered Ron.

            “How does this cave relate to the wizarding world?” asked Hermione again.

            “Well, you’ll see. Just now, I dropped my wand and observed the jade without touching my wand. Then mouths appeared on the jade and the jade tried to bit me. But when I touched my wand, they just stopped right away!” Ron explained to Hermione.

            “But what is this place?” asked Hermione.

            “I think there’s a palace in this cave,” said Harry, who just walked into sight from the dark, right behind Ron.

            “Blimey! Don’t scare me in this cave again Harry!” Ron turned to Harry and warned Harry.

            “Umm, sorry…… I was walking alone just now, and suddenly, I walked into a massive wall that feels like it’s made of jade. After a while, I found out that it was a gate of a palace,” said Harry, who seemed like he was interested in this place a lot. They were in silence again.

            “Clever, you three!” A sound broke the silence.

            “Blimey!” screamed Ron, “Harry!!”

            “Not me!” said Harry.

            “Her---” said Ron.

            “Not me, either!” said Hermione.

            “Then who’s talking?!” asked Ron nervously.

            “It’s us!” The voice rose again as the palace became shiny.

            “What?” whispered Ron.

            “Sorry, who are you?” asked Hermione.

            “Us? We are jade! Ha ha!” said the sound, “the Jade Queen is waiting for you,. Come on in!”

            The jade gates swung open. There was a beautiful woman made of jade standing inside the palace.

            “Welcome! To the Jade Palace!” said the woman as Harry, Ron, and Hermione stepped into the palace.

            “I’m Doris, the queen of this Palace. You can call me Doris if you want! Now, let me show you around the palace. This way!” said Doris. The palace was very warm instead of freezing. The palace was big, and it had lots of rooms in it, such as a library, dormitories, several big common rooms, a Great Hall, and a big forest. It was like Hogwarts, but it had more freedom here, and the people here didn’t have classes; they were all having fun in this amazing Jade Palace! When the four of them got near to the Great Hall, they heard a loud noise from inside. Doris tapped the door with her jade wand, and the door opened slowly. Once the door was open, Harry, Ron, and Hermione saw that the Great Hall could probably fit about a billion people, and all of them were chatting, playing, and eating inside. Doris clapped three times, and the Great Hall fell into silence. Then Doris said to all the people in the Great Hall, “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, we have a few guests here today! They are Harry Potter, Hermione Wesley, and Ron Wesley!”

            “Yeah! We’ve got three guests here today! Who-ho!” Some jade wizard shouted.

            “Harry? Harry?” Harry heard a familiar sound.

            “Mum?” thought Harry.

            Suddenly, a woman came into sight. It was Harry’s mother.

            “James! James! Come here quickly! It’s our son!” shouted Harry’s mother, Lily.

            A second later, Harry’s father came into sight, too!

            “Harry, my son!” cried James.

            Harry hugged his parents. He could touch them at last! It was his dream to see and spend time with his parents since he had memory. Meanwhile, Fred Wesley came to the door and met Ron. They hugged and cried, too. More and more wizards Harry knew came to meet them: Professor Dumbledore, Professor Snape, professor Lupine, Sirius Black……

            “But Doris, I thought you are just people who are made of jade, so why are my parents here?” asked Harry.

            “Haha, well, can you find some same traits of these people in this Great Hall? Except for me, of course!” Doris smiled as she said this. She seemed to be delighted that Harry has asked that question.

            “They are all……dead.” Said Hermione.

            “Correct!” said Doris, “: the good wizards and witches who died will all come here.”

            Harry, Ron, and Hermione nodded to show that they understood.

            After some small conversations, Doris invite them to have a feast with them. They stayed and enjoyed the feasts with their friends and Doris. The feast was the same as what happens at Hogwarts---the plates will refill themselves all the time. But there was a little different between Harry, Hermione, and Ron’s food and the other jade people’s food. The people who lived there eat jade. Harry tried the Jade food, and it turned out to be some kind of pudding-like food which were very delicious. But when the jade people eat their meal, their food will make some terrible crack sound. When they are all full, Doris led Hermione and Ron into a guests’ room, and Harry to a room next to his parents’. All three of them had a good night in the Jade Palace.


The next day, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stayed in the Jade Palace for a morning. After lunch, they set off again. They had about 3,000 meters more to climb. It was harder to climb when they got higher. They used all kinds of tools, sticks, ice axes, and other equipment.

            Finally, they got up to the summit. They looked down to see how high they had climbed. And the sky was so blue! They wanted to bury something that could show that they climbed Mount Everest. Harry and Ron made a little hole in the snow. Hermione made a small piece of paper that had a charm to protect it from damage. Hermione wrote some little words on it: Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s first adventure after the Second Wizarding War.

            When they were going to cover the paper with snow, they saw something the color of gold in the snow. They made the hole deeper, and they saw 100 pieces of gold exposed in the air. They thought about how to deal with them and finally they decided to carry them back and give them to the poor or people who need them.

            On the way down they visited the Jade Palace again, to say goodbye with Harry’s parents, Fred, and their professors. Then, they apparated back to Diagon Ally from the Jade Palace.

            “See? You can’t skip the process and go straight to the outcome! If you didn’t climb it by yourself, you would never have found the Jade Palace and spent time with your families and friends. Am I correct?” asked Hermione proudly.

            “You are absolutely correct, Hermione!” said Harry. “If you were wrong, how could you be the top student in our grade?”

            The three of them laughed happily in Diagon Ally.

The End!


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