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Ron didn't know what to do anymore, he knew the truth about Hermione and Krum, and the truth about Ginny siding with Voldemort. He also knew that Harry just wanted to feel loved for once in his life. Ron paced his dormitory, he was having a moral battle with his conscious. He knew that his best friends were meant to be together, he had overheard Dumbledore and his mother talking about it. But as the only one who knew all of this information, he didn't know where he stood. He tried putting himself into everyone's shoes.

Ginny: His little sister. He always suspected that she had a small crush on Harry, maybe as she's matured her crush had too. However, Ron had just found out that Ginny was no longer supporting Harry in his battle.

Harry: He knows how Harry feels about Hermione, he heard him confess his love to an 'unconscious' Hermione. There wasn't anything else to it, Harry has never felt wanted or loved, he always had the unfair competition with Dudley. He's never known what it's like to truly be loved. He would get that with Hermione once Ron sorted out how to reverse the mucked up love potion.

Hermione: Trapped in a vicious cycle. Being forced into a love which she didn't feel. Continuously falling in and out of love by the sight of one person, Krum.

Krum was the answer. If he spoke to Krum and convinced him to move back to Bulgaria, Hermione would be sane enough to find a cure. Ron was very pleased with himself for finding a plan which may work. He didn't think of how hard it would be to talk Krum into leaving.

"Vhat are you talking about? Vhy vould I leave Herm-own-ninny now? She is unvell." Krum sounded astonished that someone would ask him to do such a thing. "This is a setup. Vhat are you planning?"

"Nothing, I just don't think it's good for Hermione's schoolwork for you to be around. Nothing else." Ron said hoping to sound innocent. "Unless you want her to fail."

"Vhat? Maybe you're right. Thank you, Reg." Krum replied.


"Vhat?" Krum asked confusingly.

"My name is Ron." Ron corrected, staring at Krum. Ron couldn't stand Krum anymore. He left him to his thoughts, praying it would work. Now he had to speak to Ginny.

"Harry, I can't wait to tell everyone about us." Ginny grinned.

"Hmm..." Harry said he wanted nothing more but to go back in time, but he looked at Ginny and all that changed. "Yeah, me too."

"I think it's only fair we talk to Hermione and Ron first," Ginny suggested.

"What? No. Ron already knows and Hermione is too happy to care about us." Harry stated. "I think we should just let the rumours to their thing."

"Ginny? I need to talk to you." Ron ordered. "Brother to sister." He said hoping to get Harry to move.

"Right. Sorry, I'll just go upstairs." Harry said whilst standing up and walking to his dormitory.

"So, what is it that you wanted, Ron? Only I'm rather busy at the moment." Ginny whined.

"Busy with what? Betraying your family? Forcing Hermione to love Krum? Or off to see Malfoy?" Ron couldn't hold it in. It had to come out.

"What in the name of Merlin are you talking about? I'm not betraying anyone, Hermione and Krum have nothing to do with me and as for Malfoy, well, you've really lost the plot." Ginny said rather convincingly.

"Hermione told me. You can drop the act. I know."

"You're taking the words from someone who has recently come out of unconsciousness over your own sister? Great, thanks Ron for the support. Means a lot." and with that, Ginny had gone.

"Well, well, well... Ronald seems to have lost it."

"Fred, George, leave me alone." Ron moaned. "I don't need you spurting off at me too."

"You're serious?!" George gasped. "When we heard...we couldn't believe it, wouldn't believe it. Ginny's betrayed us?"

"I guess. What should we do?" Ron wondered. He was glad that he wasn't the only one who knew anymore, it was hard work being the brains of the operation.

"When mum ordered us to retake our last year, I didn't realise there was a reason behind it. Didn't dad mention Ginny had been acting weird? Come to think of it, Dumbledore must know too. He accepted us back." George worked out. "If Dumbledore knows, You-Know-Who mustn't be keeping this card close to his chest, either that, of Dumbledore has a cunning plan worked up."

"Probably the latter, you know Dumbledore." Fred laughed.

"My Lord, we have a problem with the plan. Ron now knows." Ginny whimpered, she was scared what Voldemort might do to her.

"Then we must, how should I say it? Remove him." Voldemort said menacingly.

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