"Jeremy! Over here!"

 I turned around slowly, trying desperately to save the sound of her voice in my mind. It took me half a second to spot her in the crowded pub. Her beautiful brown hair was tied up with a piece of blue cloth, and her eyes seemed to stare straight through my skull.

 I had missed Julia Morris.

I crossed the floor in three quick strides, and wrapped my arms around Julia's tiny frame. My body completely relaxed, all thoughts left my mind.

"Er, Jere? People are starting to stare" Julia whispered.

I let my arms fall to my side, "Sorry, I just haven't seen you in so long. I missed you."

She smiled, "I missed you too, Jeremy."

They both sat down, and sipped at the Butterbeers Julia had already ordered.

Jeremy ran his fingertips along the stitching of a pair of dragon-hide gloves that sat on the table.

"Did you just get back from Romania?" Jeremy asked, glancing up at Julia.

She nodded eagerly, resting her chin in her hands, her face took on a dreamy look.

  "Yes! Mr Chase and I had a wonderful time studying the Dragons. I saw some of the guys from school, Armando Dippet was there. He got a nasty burn all the way up his arm, he should be better in a couple days though."

 Julia stopped, biting her top lip, and drew lazy circles in the condensation on her Butterbeer glass.

  "I got it, Jeremy" she whispered. Julia turned around and dug through the bag that hung from the back of her chair. She swivelled back to face Jeremy, cradled in her palm was a small package. He could see spaces of plastic were the tissue did not  cover.

  Julia handed Jeremy the package, "One of the dragons was close to death, when we arrived. He was almost two hundred years old, pretty young for a dragon. Some can live up to six hundred," Julia sighed, "but he caught some sort of disease. He died on the fourth day of the trip. When the dragons die, the University always dissects them. Take the blood, the teeth and claws. They keep several vials of blood for use at the school, and several of the teeth and claws, everything else is sold to dragon hunters" she wrinkled her nose, "So I asked if I could have the heart strings for you."

  "I thought dragon hunting was against the law?" Jeremy placed the package on the table, next to the gloves.

  Julia nodded, "If they're on a reserve, like these ones were. If you see 'em anywhere else they're fair game," she sniffed and rolled her eyes, "Sick, dragon hunting" she murmured.

  Jeremy nodded, "Very" he agreed.

  Julia brightened suddenly, "I'm going to China!" she said excitedly.

  "Really? how come?' Jeremy smiled slightly as Julia rattled on about her upcoming trip.

  Just as she had finished listing off the creatures  when her face grew serious, "Jeremy, you could come, too."

  Jeremy quirked an eyebrow at her, "Oh?"

  She nodded smiling slightly, "They have Phoenix there! It's one of the creatures we'll be studying. My professor won't allow me to take any of their tail feathers, though. But I'm sure if you come with me, the owner of the Phoenix will let you take a few."

  Jeremy nodded, "I'd love to come to China. But I'm going to need more than a few tail feathers..maybe if one passes.." Jeremy trailed off, noting the furious look on Julie's face.

  "Jeremy, don't say that." she hissed.

  "Jeremy bowed his head, "Sorry" he murmured, his mind elsewhere counting how many Phoenix feathers he might need.

  Julie's furious look melted as she clapped a hand to her forehead, "Oh! I forgot! The owners of the reserve in Romania, agreed to send the heartstrings of any dragons that die, or if they find any un-registered hunters" again her nose wrinkled.

  Jeremy brightened, "Maybe the owner of the Phoenix will agree to do the same!" he beamed at his friend, "Thank you Julia" he took four galleons out of his pocket and pressed them into her hand. "For the butterbeers" he said.

  Julia shook her head and tried to hand the money back, but Jeremy closed her palm over the gold.

She smiled, her face going red, and pocketed the money "Thanks", she mumbled.

They sat for a few more minutes before they went their separate ways.


"Mr Brown? I'm here for work!" Jeremy called into the still shop.

 "Back here, Jeremy!" came his muffled reply.

  Jeremy found Colin in the back room, balancing several wand boxes in his hands.

Jeremy removed took some of them, and began shelving them.

"All the same..All the same" Jeremy murmured under his breath.

Colin watched him from the corner of his eye, amused at the strange boy.

"Something on your mind, Jeremy?" he asked.

Jeremy placed his last box on the shelf and turned to face his employer, "Actually, there is something on my mind."

Jeremy went on to explain his plan about creating wands.

Mr Brown broke into a smile, "Alright. Well if you're to be a wand crafter, you'll need a few books, and a set of tools.." he mumbled to himself, as he climbed the stairs up to his apartment, Jeremy close at his heels.

Mr Brown opened the door to his house, and went straight for the book shelf.

Jeremy stared around. A small kitchen stood in one corner of the room, a small sofa and table sat in front of a fire place. There was a door on either wall.

Colin pulled two books from the shelf, and started digging around in one of the kitchen drawers. He pulled a few tools from the back, and dropped them into a tin. He handed the books and tools to Jeremy.

"This book is about how to make wands, and this one is about wand lore in general, how to care for your wand, how it works etcetera, etcetera," He dropped the books into Jeremy's hands, and showed him the tools, "To put wands together, you have to do it the Muggle way. By hand" he dropped the tin of tools on top of the books.

Jeremy flipped through the books "Thank you, Mr Brown."

Colin smiled, "Take the rest of the day off, not much to do during the summer."

Jeremy nodded, "See you."

Two Months Later.


"Fawkes has agreed to give a tail feather, Mr Ollivander" Dumbledore smiled.

"Thank you, Dumbledore, Fawkes" Jeremy nodded to both Dumbledore and the phoenix.

He stepped forward and held his hand in front of Fawkes, who dropped two tail feathers into his palm.

Jeremy smiled, "They are beautiful, thank you again, Fawkes" the song bird cooed and nuzzled Jeremy's arm.


As Jeremy Ollivander disaparated from the three broomsticks in Hogsmede, the weight of the tail feathers in his hands seemed to greaten.




Hey guys! I've been terrible! I'm sorry!! I haven't been posting in a long time. But here I am! Back again!!

Okay, so this is how Mr Ollivander comes to own the wand shop. There will be one more chapter, (not a flash back!) explaining about the tree years difference. Okay, thanks for reading!

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