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 “Molly!! Come downstairs!! It’s snowing!!” Audrey yells excitedly upstairs while Lucy stares fascinated out the window at the glistening sprinkles of snow that is slowly turning the garden into a winter wonderland. Her tiny face is pressed up against the glass, alight with excitement, and she grins, mesmerised by the snowflakes that twinkle outside.

Molly runs downstairs and rushes to the kitchen window overlooking the backyard and squeals with excitement when she sees the snow. Audrey rushes to get the girls into some warm clothes, handing them their mittens that Mum knitted for them a few weeks ago. Lucy can’t contain her excitement, and jumps around, impatiently waiting to rush outside and play in the snow, and I smirk at her.

“Can we go now mummy? It’s so pretty!!” Little Lucy gushes as she continues to stare at the falling snowflakes. Audrey laughs, a warm musical laugh, that seems to warm the entire room. Once she finishes putting on her own mittens, scarf and beanie, she ushers Molly and Lucy outside, and they run into the snow, Audrey following behind.

Her cheeks are pink from the cold, and they contrast against the creaminess of her skin. And in the light, with all the falling sparkles of snow around her, she looks so young and beautiful, and it reminds me of when I fell in love with her. Her blonde hair shines from the late afternoon light through the trees, and when it hits her face, she looks like an angel sent from heaven, the epitome of beauty. It cascades down her chest in loose curls, and her bright brown eyes fill with excitement and happiness, and love.

It was those same loving and kind brown eyes that I fell in love with, those same brown eyes that I looked into, and explored. It seems like only yesterday that I had taken her to a quiet cottage, and looked into them and told her I loved her.

'She giggles as I try to tickle her while she tires to eat her soup as she sits between my legs against the couch. The sound fills the entire house, and I know that right now, is the right moment. I rest my head on her shoulder, and she twines her hands with mine, and we sit there, in silence, until I have the courage to stand her up and shakily bend to one knee, and look into her eyes.

Her face turns into one of shock as she processes what I’m about to ask. Her cheeks turn a bright, pretty pink, and her eyes alight with love. My heart beats erratically, and I nervously reach into my pocket and fish out the small little white box, that I then open and hold in front of her.

Come on Perce. You can do this. She’s the one. She’s the one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Yeah. I can do this. I can. Because I love her with every fibre in my body. I love her. And that’s all there is to it.

I take a shaky deep breath, and once again gaze into her eyes.

“ Audrey Erika Pearsall, I love you more than I thought I could love anyone. You make me so happy, happier that I’ve ever been before and you are the most beautiful and kindest woman I’ve ever met.” I take another rushed breath. “I want to cherish, protect and love you forever. Will you do me the honour of marrying me?”

Her beautiful eyes pool with unshed tears, and she shyly smiles, and after a heartbeat, she nods, and I fill my lungs with desperate air, as I take a shuddering breath. I break out into a massive grin, and pull her close to me and kiss her sweetly. Her lips move with mine, and I can sense her smile. I gaze into her eyes, and run my nose down hers, and we just smile at each other for a while, before I mouth ‘I love you’ to her, and she mouths it back, all the while never breaking my gaze.

I place the small yet, elegant diamond ring on her left ring finger, where I know that it will sit for the rest of eternity, and I run my thumb over her cheek and her lips, and we just stand there, captivated by each other, by the love we have for each other. And I smile inside, cause I know that she’s mine, and I’m hers, forever.'

Her cheeks are bright pink, and she is glowing with happiness, like she did that night. A small snowflake lands on her nose, and she stares at it in wonder before calling over to Lucy and Molly, and showing it to them. Their eyes light up, and before their eyes it disappears, leaving Molly and Lucy standing still trying to catch one themselves. Audrey giggles at them, and shakes her head smiling. After a few moments Molly gets tired of waiting, and sneakily gathers a snowball while Lucy isn’t watching, and throws it at her head, aiming perfectly.

It hits Lucy’s head and she stands in shock for a moment, her little mouth in a perfect O, and then she smiles, a cheeky evil smile, and gracefully picks up a ball of snow and pegs it at her older sister. Molly, not expecting Lucy’s agile move smirks at her before her face turns into one of surprise, and then a full blown snowball fight starts between the two girls. I rush over to the drawer, take out the camera, and quickly snap a photo, knowing that it will become a memory that we will remember forever. Molly and Lucy happily playing with each other in the snow, enjoying themselves, careless to their teenage troubles ahead, and a smiling Audrey looking on with love and pride.

I lean on the kitchen table and sip my tea, just cherishing them. Cherishing that I have not only the most beautiful, kind and perfect wife in the world, but also two beautiful and intelligent daughters who never fail to make me smile. And in that moment I realise that I honestly can’t be happier. Through all the struggles of my life, and Audrey’s, we’ve come out the other end, happy. And really that’s all that matters. Family is really the most important thing in the entire world. Not money, not power and certainly not fame. Family, and love. And when things are looking pear-shaped, and you feel like everything is just slipping through your fingers, take a step back and just look at what you have rather than what you don’t. Because in most cases, what you have largely outweighs what you don’t.

Audrey catches my eyes, and waves me to join her outside, so I shrug on my jacket and join her. I start to walk towards her when I see her aim a snowball at me, but it’s too late. It lands straight on the front of my face, and I splutter for a moment, wiping off the snow, and then chase after her. She sprints away from me, and when I finally grab her from behind she squeals and tries to pry me off, laughing. I laugh at her childish behaviour, and hug her securely to my chest, not letting her go. She eventually surrenders, and turns to me, and it’s in that moment I realise how close we are. Our noses touching, we are merely centimetres apart, and vaguely in the background I register that I can hear Lucy squealing as Molly chases after her, snowball in hand.

And this close I can count all the freckles on her cheeks, see the flecks of green in her eyes, and hear her shallow breathing. And my heart swells with the amount of love I have for her, and I softly kiss her, my lips slowly pouring all my love into her, and we break apart, and I close my eyes, our noses resting against each other.

“ I love you.” I whisper, opening my eyes to find her gazing straight at me.
“I love you too.” She whispers back, and she shyly smiles, and her cheeks turn bright pink once again.


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