Chapter One - One Little Deal

*Beautiful CI by Caren @ tda*

Being the Captain of one of the Hogwarts Quidditch team was never going to be an easy feat, especially when it was the Hufflepuff Quidditch team. The team was the complete laughing stock of the whole castle and had not won the Quidditch Cup in over a century. Every year we would come bottom last after having our rears handed to us on a plate by the other three teams. I did not want the job of Captain, but seeing as I was the most experienced player on the team the Professor had to give the position to me.

Of course my promising career as a Quidditch Captain had to start with a meeting with our Quidditch Professor, Mr. Walker. He was a tall and broad shouldered man who was a former chaser for the Chudley Canons meaning he treated everyone like men. It also seemed that every year he would change his hairsyle as if to surprise us as if we didn't know it was coming. This year he decided to go with a blue spiky thing which made him look a bit stupid.

Standing in his office I allowed my eyes to wander round at the other three Captains.

The Gryffindor team was not surprisingly Captained by James Potter, a boy in the year above me (I don't like him.) James is a stuck up and arrogant prat who likes to use far too much hair product to try and make his hair look like he had been dragged backwards through a hedge.

Slytherin was Captained by a boy in my year by the name of Scorpius Malfoy (I don't like him either.) Not only does he have a ridiculous name, he has an equally ridiculous hairstyle which resembles a dead blond ferret in some ways.

Finally Ravenclaw was led by a seventh year boy by the name of Lysander Scamander (He is tolerable, but I still don't like him that much.) His twin brother, Lorcan likes to switch places with him sometimes and I had seen them at it and the Professors are none the wiser. Being identical with their silver blond hair and blue eyes did make them eye candy for every girl. Their team wasn't that great either, but compared to the people I call teammates they look like world class players. A first year could look like a world class player when they had a match against Hufflepuff.

Professor Walker sat behind his cluttered desk as his eyes surveyed the four students in front of him. I could feel one of his man speeches coming on and it seemed everyone else had too as they were finding ways to occupy themselves. I tried to do the same, but before I could find anything Professor Walker stood up before clapping his large hands together.

"You boys stand before me today ready to becom men!" I was going to state that I was a girl, but my efforts would be fruitless so I just stayed quiet. "All of you have been given the oppertunity to represent you respective houses with a great honour of being Quidditch Captain. I have one peice of advice for you which you should take and sew it to your forehead to never forget. Do not screw it up. I know how you all tick, young and reckless thinking you can rule the skies with no effort, but you are WRONG! You have to train to be the best, it does not come naturally to you."

As the Professor stared at us with a narrowed gazed I tried to make myself look interested in his speech, but I was still dropping off on the spot. However he seemed satisfied with my interest so he turned to Potter first. "Potter!" He barked making the idiot look up from the ground. "You may think you have nothing to learn from me, boy, but listen well and listen good. I own you and when you are on my pitch Merlin himself can't save you. You will tremble when you see me coming and know that you have to show your worth. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir," James grumbled as he looked up at the Quidditch Professor.

The Professor's eyes lingered on the Gryffindor for a moment before they moved back to me. I was still trying to keep my eyes open and he could tell as he stuck a finger at me with a slight snarl. "You there, girly, what's your name?"

Composing myself slightly before straightening up, I smiled and tried to keep the boredom from my voice. "Annabeth Smyth."

"Well Annabeth Smyth, just because your a girl this doesn't mean I'm going to go easy on you." Then he paused and rubbed his chin with one hand. "Smyth...Smyth..." Then it clicked and he spilt a wide grin which was quite a frightening thing to see on his features. "Ah Joshy's sister, right? Just because he was previous Captain it still doesn't mean I'm going to go easy. You will have to go through the same as the rest of this lot."

I smiled sweetly before nodding my head. "I would expect nothing less, Professor."

Already I could feel the other three students in the room sending my mocking looks as the Professor addressed me. I wanted nothing less than finding a good desk to hide under and never come out and to live off chocolate and sandwiches for the rest of the year.

Finally the Professors cold and judging eyes moved away from me and I allowed myself to relax as one hand played with a strand of my brunette hair. I hardly paid any attention as Professor Walker went on a rant about cheating and hanging him from the dungeons by his toes to Scorpius Malfoy who didn't even seem to be paying any attention. I didn't even look over as Lysander got a talking too about trying to switch places with his brother as apparently the Professor had eyes like a hawk and could spot the difference between them a mile off.

After what felt like hours and many talks about try-outs and matches later we were finally allowed to leave. Uttering a quick goodbye I grabbed my satchel before rushing from the office. I just wanted to get away before the other three Captains had a chance to say anything, but they easily caught up with me and Malfoy grabbed me by the shoulder before spinning me around. "Oh look a little kiss up and Captain of the crap team of Hogwarts," he jeered as James chuckled from behind him. "What, did you have to clean the Professors boots for him to get picked?" Thankfully I only had to deal with an arrogant Gryffindor and a thick Slytherin.

I could feel the anger bubbling up inside me, but I stayed calm as a picked Malfoy's hand from my shoulder with two fingers. "No I got picked because of pure talent. At least we don't cheat because you are obviously too rubbish otherwise," I retorted with a dark scowl. "We could beat you anyday."

"Is that a challenge I hear?" Potter questioned with a grin. "Is the wickle Smythy trying to please her brother?"

Curling my hands into fists I narrowed my eyes and glared at the two boys. "100 galleons say Hufflepuff win the Quidditch cup this year," I announced suddenly, thrusting my hand out for them to shake. When neither boy took my hand my smirk grew wider. "Is the famous Potter scared that he's going to lose to the Hufflepuffs?" I jeered as I wiggled my fingers teasingly. "Are you too tough to accept defeat?"

"No," Potter responded instantly and went for my hand, but then he paused. "However we need something to spice this deal up. If you lose you still have to pay, but we get to publicly humiliate you and your team."

"Deal," I spat, roughly shaking the hand once.

Potter was now grinning from ear to ear as he shook my hand back before he clapped the Slytherin Captain on the back. "See you on the pitch then, loser," he stated and with that the two boys turned and walked off down the corridor laughing the whole way.

I stood in stunned silence for a moment, my eyes staring blankly at my hand I had just shaken with. What was I even thinking? I had just put 200 galleons on the line as well as the fate of the whole Hufflepuff Quidditch team. I was going to be the first Quidditch Captain to ever place their team on the firing line of the Slytherin and Gryffindor teams alike.

"Damn," was the only word I could utter as I finally looked away from my hand. There was no turning back now, I was going to have to face up to the challenge and turn the worst Quidditch team in the history of the planet into the best Hogwarts had ever seen

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