Finally the Hogwarts term started again, I was just entering seventh year. This was the last time I'd be starting a new year at Hogwarts, it's so sad... I stood on platform 9 3/4 waiting for my best - and only - friend Lily to arrive. I managed to spot her because her of bright red (more red than ginger) hair.


"LILY!!!" I ran over towards her and skidded gracefully to a stop. Well, almost gracefully.


"Willow! I'm so glad to see you! I had an awful summer." She told me, laughing slightly at my grace (or lack of it).


"Petunia?" I asked scowling. Petunia was Lily's sister and was horrible to her, she treated Lily like scum. When Lily discovered she was a witch Petunia was so jealous she hated Lily, started to avoid her and insult her by calling her a 'freak' and other names. Each summer Lily has to pretend she's a muggle and put up with Petunia.


"Yes, and Severus." I winced slightly, briefly forgetting what happened in the fifth year.


"I'm guessing Petunia did the usual." I rolled my eyes. "Was Snape asking for forgiveness again?"


Lily nodded, with a slight smile on her face at the Petunia comment. "Come on, let's start this year on a positive?" She boarded the train with me following in pursuit.


"You know, when you said you wanted a positive start of the year did you account for the marauders?" I questioned smirking as I saw a familiar boy open a compartment door and poke his head out.


"Hello, fancy joining us?" Remus asked us grinning. Remus was the only marauder who was actually our friend. Potter and (especially) Black were arrogant gits and Peter was… A bit weird…


"Hi Remus, I would but is Black part of the 'us'?" I asked back.


"Yes, but come on. It's our last year here, can't you try to be friends?" Remus replied. "Lily? Can you persuade her?"


"Nope, I hate Potter remember?" Lily answered grinning. "How was your summer anyway?"


"I'll tell you if you join us in this compartment." Remus said smirking.


"Fine." Lily grabbed my arm and dragged me into the compartment, I had no say in this matter.


"Hey!" I yelped in shock.


"Hi to you to Rosen." Black smirked, I glared at him in response.


"Shut up Black, why would I be polite to you?"




"Don't even start this!" Lily yelled before we start one of our extremely common arguments.


"Buzzkill." I muttered earning myself as glare from Lily and chuckles from everyone else.


"So Remus, how was your summer?"

I tuned out of the conversation and realised Potter hadn't said anything, something highly unusual. I cocked an eyebrow at Lily as in why-hasn't-Potter-asked-you-out-yet? as that is something he does straight away. Each year on the train we see the marauders and Potter asks Lily out. Lily's eyes widened before she glared at me meaning don't-you-dare-say-anything! I then smirked and tilted my head what's-it-worth? Yes, I'm evil but it's fun. I received another glare before I rolled my eyes at her and grinned before completely zoning out into a world of… I don't even know.


"Umm, hello?" A hand waved in front of my face making me blink repeatedly.


"What?" I asked frowning at Black whose hand was waving in front of my face. He looked worried, not in the concerned way but in the I-think-she's-insane way. "I'm not insane!"


"You're face went completely blank for about 5 minutes." Lily told me, unlike Black she was laughing silently.


"Oh, well…" I trailed off, unsure how to put it. "Did someone ask me a question?"


"No, we just noticed that you hadn't insulted Sirius for a good 5 minutes. So we were naturally worried." Potter grinned at me, I smacked him on the head.


"I don't insult him every 5 minutes!" I protested. "Do I?" I then asked after receiving disbelieving looks from everyone in the compartment.


"Yes." Everyone responded.


"Well, that's only because he started it!"


"I don't always…"


"Practically always."


I turned to Lily and cocked an eyebrow again, Potter still hadn't flirted; asked her out; embarrassed her; teased her; angered her in any way. I was close to going into shock.


"Willow? Outside?" Lily asked. She knew me too well and that I would end up asking Potter what was going on. Causing embarrassment for her is fun.


"Sure." I grinned and attempted to skip outside, which is hard in a crowded compartment.


As Lily stood up she glanced at her watch. "Oh shoot, I have the prefects meeting. I'll talk to you later. Remus you coming?"

"So am I." Potter stood up as well as Remus.


"What?" Lily just stared at Potter.


"I'm Head-Boy." Potter said nervously, as if expecting Lily to jinx him. How could he think that? It never happens… (Please please note the extreme sarcasm? Thanks.)


Lily just gaped at him "Damn, I wish I had a camera right now…" I muttered causing Remus and Black to snigger.


"But... You weren't even prefect?" Lily stammered causing Potter to go bright red, she is the only person who is able to do that.


"I know, I was just as surprised to be honest." He replied.


"Oh, well I guess we'd better be going then." Lily said and walking out, looking slightly confused. Potter and Remus began to follow suit but I then realised who was left in the compartment.


"LILY EVANS YOU CANNOT EVEN THINK OF LEAVING ME WITH BLACK!!!!" I practically screamed, Lily poked her head back into the compartment and laughed at me loudly. I was curled up in a small ball and pressed into the corner of the seat.


"Relax Willow, you'll be fine."


"NO WAY! I'M AM NOT STAYING IN THIS COMPARTMENT WITH ONLY BLACK FOR COMPANY!!!" I continued to yell. "Where's Peter anyway?" I asked in a normal voice. Yes, my emotions can change that easily.


Remus's voice entered the compartment. "We dunno, haven't seen him recently. He's done that quite a few times now, but never tells us where he's gone."


Both Lily and I frowned. "That's odd… Anyway, we'd better get going before we're late." Her, Remus and Potter's footsteps faded away and I stared at the door in horror.





"WILLOW! BLACK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Lily yelled at us. We were both glaring angrily at each other with our wands pointing at each others throat.


"That piece of scum insulted my parents." I spat.


"What?" Lily gasped, only she knows about them. But the marauders know it's a sensitive topic, a very sensitive topic.


"She asked for it." Black muttered.


"How? How and why would I ask for you to insult my parents?" I yelled at him.


"You insulted me!"


"So insult me back! I couldn't give a damn what you think of me but for Merlin's sake, leave my parents alone!" I then stormed out of the compartment, slamming to door so violently the glass shattered. Once outside I blinked back tears that threatened to spill and walked off.


Sirius P.O.V

"So insult me back! I couldn't give a damn what you think of me but for Merlin's sake, leave my parents alone!" Rosen then stormed out and broke the glass on the door by slamming it so hard. I stared after her, she never reacts that badly. I mean, we fight all the time, I hate her and vice versa. But she looked more upset than angry which shocked me. The only times I've seen her upset is near the lake, and that's only because she's hydrophobic.

Evans spun around towards me and pointed her wand at my throat. "You stupid prat! You know not to mention her parents by now! Especially not in an insulting way!" She yelled at me then sighed. "What did you say?"


"Look, I wouldn't know she would react like that!" I protested, this was the second time I've had a wand pointed at me and we're still on the train…


"You've known she reacts like that since third year." Evans pointed out.


"Don't you think she over-reacts? I mean, my parents are… Well, you know… But don't you think she's over-defensive?" I asked her.


"I'm not getting into this Black. Don't try and judge things you don't know." Evans replied shaking her head.


"Then tell us! She's kept secrets from all of us for years."


"She's kept secrets from you because she hates you!" She exclaimed, annoyed now.


"And Remus and Peter? She didn't tell them." Evans sighed and rubbed her eyes wearily.


"She has her reasons."


"So that's it? She can yell bloody murder at me and get away with it because of something I don't even know? How is that even fair?" I half-yelled. Annoyed at being kept in the dark.


"Look Black, she has a perfectly good reason for her reaction. And a perfectly good reason for not telling you, the second reason you know." Evans walked out of the compartment, before she left she turned back towards us. "Reparo." She muttered as the glass flew back together from when Rosen broke it leaving and left in the same direction Rosen left.


"What in the name of Merlin was that about?" Prongs muttered running a hand through his hair.


"I have no idea." I replied, then smirked at him. "Although I do know one thing."




"Evans didn't jinx you at all!"


Prongs then blushed and I stared a him in shock. James, Prongs, never blushed. Ever. Marauders do not blush, nor do they stutter. Both of those things Prongs has done around/in front of Evans.


"Shut up Padfoot." He told me shoving me slightly.


"He's right though. It's progress." Remus added in. "So she obviously doesn't think you're that bad if she didn't jinx you."


Prongs immediately brightened. "You think so?"


I laughed at him, so did Remus. "Mate, you're so in love with here."


"Shut up you too." He muttered. Making us laugh harder. Part of me, a small part, still wondered what was with Rosen and was determined to find out.



A/N Hello! Yay a second chapter! So, James is now Head Boy and Lily didn't jinx him :O

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