Hermione stared at Fred

"berry...uh who?"


"that was a question you have to answer" Hermionesad

"ugh.....Fine! when George and me were younger we were far more twisted believe it or not. well when we were around 5 there was this girl in out class that we loved to pick on. once we even turned her into a blueberry we changed her back of course but her hair forever remained blue so we called her Berry.  somewhere along the way George began to develope feelings for her and she for him."

'wow  5 years old and already terrorizing people'  Hermione thought to herself as he listened to his story.

"i wanted to keep pranking her but George refused I couldnt do it with out him. we got in several arguements and at the time being a selfish childsh person i was i blamed her for it so one day i decided to make it stop. i wrote her a letter claiming to be George. i told her to meet me in the forest by a river I knew George liked to go to after our arguements i Knew she would show just where i wanted her to go. I quickly made my way to where i told her to go and upon arriving i made my through stepping on as much twigs as i could to gain George's attenton. just as he looked at us i kissed her. i knew george would think Berry was seeing me behind his back i wanted to make him hate her. I heard him leave soon after. thats when i pushed her away and told her...well some very mean things i know i did some really unforgivable things but George was my only friend back then i was afraid he would leave me." Fred finished Hemrionesat there staring at the redheaded boy. Fred wasnt exactly sure what he was expecting he just knew he didnt want her to hate him.

"wow your a terible person." Hermione said simply Fred looked up to see her smiling compassionatly at him

"well goodnight" Hermione said laying down.

"uh..yea goodnight"


"Goodmorning and how was the lovebirds first night together?" George said jokingly

"Hermione's and Freds Exhausted Glared clearly stated "Say another word and youll be buried alive" George got the hint

"Yesh I was joking what couldnt sleep?" He said turning back to the toast

"well it wasnt exactly the most comfortable night." Hermione said.

"oh why?" George asked as he poured his coffee. Fred simply held up their wrists exposing the chain. as they sat down George served them breakfast.

"well next time dont go get yourselves chained together." he said sitting down and turning to read the newspaper. George suddnely felt a murderous chill go up his spine daring him to turn around. a claw like hand grabbed his shoulder.

"lets not forget whose fault this is again or youll find yourself six feet under with your head and limbs scattered around the world." Hermione said sweetly. George nearly choked on his coffee.

"so whose ready for a day in the shop?" George said jumping up

"the...shop?" Hermione questioned as she picked at her scrambled eggs.

"OH thats right its a monday." Fred said sipping his coffee

"sorry Hermione if you dont mind coming into help out with the shop we'd appreciate it; since Fred does half own the place and we dont have any other help we need to show up."

"Mm I dont mind infact it'll be fun and besides its the least i can do." he smile.

"Great lets get going!" Fred said rushing them to the floo.

Hermione collected herself after getting whisked away to the shop. looking around she assumed they were where they made their products.

"so what should we do today?" Fred asked as he began to stretch.

"AHH hey!" Hermione cried out as one side of her began to lift

"oh sorry but i have this kink in my shoulder i just need to stretch to get rid of it." Fred explain.

"oh...hmmm." she mutter as she looked around for a way she could stand with out getting hurt but so Fred could stretch.

"Here." George said. Hermione suddenly felt her feet leave the ground.

"Wahhhh! wait!" she exclaimed. she never liked to get lifted up

"im really heavy!!!!" she explained.

"nonesense your lighter then feathers." George reasured her by placing her on his shoulder. Hermione blushed and George gave her a lopesided smile. Fred didnt understand why there little exchange irriated him but it did. hurriedly he stretched. and grabbed Hermione lifting her off him.

" he lied your really heavy." he said setting her down

"wow thanks" she said a little annoyed by the insult

"so what are we doing today?" Fred questioned again irriated

"oh! i actually wanted to work on the loopy licorice today so if you guys could manage the counter." George explained

"Sure." Fred said George said his thanks and hurried back.

"Here." Fred said handing Hermione a waist apron.

"thanks" she muttered as they made their way to the counter.

"are you ready?" Fred asked as he placed his hand over a big red button that said OPEN.

"ready?" Hermione repeated.

"yup" Fred said hitting it. just then the closed sign on the door exploded and a flood of people poured in. Hermione was overwhelmed

"Welcome my dear Hermione to a Pranksters world." Fred smirked


"ugh!" Hermione sighed collapsing into a chair. her usually calm and cool attair was no where to be found. Fred laughed.

"I dont get it!?" she exclaimed trying to smooth down her hair which was currently pointing in every direction

"not as easy as it first seems huh?" Fred laughed again.

"how can you handle it everyday?" Hermione questioned.

"well..." Fred began just as a small boy came walking up to them.

"how do these work?" he asked holding our a hand full of small blue and purple stones.

"Here I'll show you." Fred said smiling to to the boy as he and Hermione walked around to the front of the counter. he knelt down to the small boys level and took one of the purple stones.

"now watch." he said holding it up. gently he took the stone and laid it on the floor. covering it with it hand Fred whispered.

"Grow my little flower." he smiled as a light shown under his hand. the young boy watched in amazement. Fred moved his hand away showing the stone. cracking the stone released this sparkling dust and out sprouted a green stalk and in the blink of an eye a beautiful rainbow colored daisy bloomed.

"wow!" the boy said Fred picked up the small flower and handed it to him.

"its on me." He smiled and the young boy smiled his best smile back at him

"Thanks!" he said racing back to a young woman Hermione assumed was his mother and gave it to her receiveing a hug.

" I can Handle it.....Because the reward is far greater then the work" Fred said smiling and turning to her. Hermione's heart skipped a beat and a blush crossed her cheeks.

"Excuse me I'd like to buy this." a sweet voice said suddenly. Hermione and Fred looked up to see a beautiful young woman holding a love potion bottle and one distinguishing feature.....blue hair.

"B...Berry!?" Fred exclaimed.

"Hello Fred."






A/n hey guys sorry its been so long my computers been trying to commit suicide and it finds it funny to do it everytime i try to type but here is the next chapter i hope youll enjoy it.

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