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“Get that thing away from me.” I cried, backing away from Lucy who was jumping around in excitement, her hands grasping the Timeturner in her hands as though it were the purest gold made to man. It looked a bit silver to me.

“Oh come on, Steven!” Lucy cried, finally stopping her jumping as she began to walk towards me. “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

“It vanished a long time ago. It’s been replaced with fear for my life.” I told her, not liking how quickly she was gaining on me, but I didn’t want to turn around and have my back facing her, I learnt from that mistake a long time ago, after the scissor incident. She somehow managed to convince my mother that it was I who had chopped all my hair off and blamed her for the fun of it. I got grounded for a week and forced to walk around with a bald spot for the entire time. My brothers made fun of me the whole time. Jerks.

It was during this little thought that I took my eyes off of Lucy for a second, looking down at my hand which had scraped against the rough wall of the castle to check if it was bleeding. This second was all it took for Lucy to throw the time turner around my neck, nearly choking me as she pulled me forwards. She spun the hourglass before I had any time to stop her and I felt and saw the world around me moving at a fast speed. I glared down at her and she beamed up at me.

Where on earth has she taken me?

I couldn’t ask any questions as she took the necklace from around me and tucked it under her shirt and set off at a run. I quickly followed after her. The castle looked the same; I wonder what year we were in?

“Hey, that guy looks really familiar.” I cried as I followed Lucy down some staircases, not entirely sure where we were going, but looking around in awe. My eye caught a smallish guy from Ravenclaw who looked awfully like Bill Oliver, the guy in the year below me who somehow managed to set the Ravenclaw table on fire during dinner once.

“Take a picture it’ll last longer you freak!” The guy who looked like Bill yelled at me. Mmm he has the same attitude as Bill, maybe it’s his father? Or grandfather? Who knows what date we’ve transported to.

“Good day to you too sir.” I yelled at him as I continued running with Lucy, who came to a stop finally and was looking around, I stood next to her and admired the castle wall. It all seemed exactly the same.

“So what year have you taken us to?” I asked Lucy who was peering around the corner of the wall we had stopped at. I poked at a crack in a statue, has this always been here? Will it be here when I go back or forward to where I had come from?

“What? We haven’t gone to any specific year.” Lucy told me, still looking around the corner.

“Decades?” I asked her slightly shocked; I wondered why she would take us back decades? What could she possibly want to do back then? Maybe my parents are here?

Lucy scoffed. “I needed to see something really important, so we’ve gone back twenty minutes.”

I blanched, moving away from the statue to look down at Lucy, grabbing for her arm to turn her around to look at me.

“So let me get this straight.” I cried loudly, letting go of Lucy’s arm and closing my eyes as I pinched the bridge of my nose in exasperation as Lucy looked around in wonder and awe. “You’ve got in your possession a Timeturner, a wonderful contraption that is capable of sending us back to any time that you feel like going to, hell it can probably go into the future. And you chose to visit twenty minutes ago? Are you crazy?” I opened my eyes and looked at her.

Lucy looked up at me with her adorable eyes and I could see a smirk smoothing itself across her lips, I tried not to smirk with her, looking away from her quickly by running my hands through my nest of hair as Lucy and half the school liked to call it. I don’t know why they felt the need to make fun of my last name, how many birds jokes can people come up with?

“A good question there, Robin.”

Lucy felt the incredible need to call me a different bird name every time she could; my best friend is a comedian! Pity no one found her funny but herself.

“I came back here because I wanted to see if ... huzzah! There I am quick hide behind here.” And before I could stop her, she shoved me to the floor. I narrowly missed hitting my head on the corner of the statue, grumbling at her I stood up and dusted myself down, glaring at the back of her head.

I leant forwards and looked around the corner, being about a foot taller than her I could lean over her with ease. Not that I should laugh or make fun of her size at all, I learnt that a few years ago. But only because she punched me so hard in a certain region I had to spend a few days in the hospital wing.

“What are we waiting for you to do?” I asked, ignoring how weird it was to see Lucy walking down the corridor alone, I must have been avoiding her at this point. She had her hands in her pocket as though protecting something, that something I knew to be the Timeturner that was going to cause me much misery. A boy wearing Hufflepuff robes passed her and the Lucy we were watching shot him a hard glare, causing the boy to stumble out of her way and look at her in confusion. The boy quickly run off, as did the other Lucy.

“I knew it.” Lucy cried loudly. “I just knew that he was checking me out.”

“He was wondering why you’re such a weirdo, glaring at the poor boy like that.”

“Don’t be jealous.”

“I’m not jealous, you were glaring at the boy for no reason whatsoever.”

“He was checking me out! I had to fend off his advances somehow.” Lucy yelled at me.

I stared at her for a few minutes, trying to resist the urge to shake her for being so stupid. I reached forwards and tried to take the necklace from her, but as it was attached around her neck it was proving difficult, especially when it was caught in her hair.

“You obviously can’t be trusted with this. I’m taking it back to the head teacher’s office.” I told her sternly trying to undo the clasp so I could pull it from her hair, but Lucy was tugging it away from me with her hands.

“You’re pulling my hair out you great oaf.” Lucy cried, trying to pull the Timeturner back but I knew her game; she was going to run off with it and leave me stranded here now fifteen minutes in the past.

“Try brushing your hair for once and we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Give it to me.”

“Never. I want to go back to a time when I never met you! I would have a better and happier life.”

“Then I would acquire another Timeturner and go back and stop you.”

She slapped my hands away causing me to let go, I quickly lunged forwards in an attempt to grab the damn necklace again, catching the hourglass and accidently causing it to spin, quite quickly I might add. Both me and Lucy stopped our struggling and looked down at it with wide eyes. She quickly snatched it from my hands and threw it over my head before we began getting transported again; I closed my eyes in fear of where we were going to end up.

I opened them after Lucy began poking me. I let out a sigh as I looked around the corridor. The difference between this corridor and the other corridor was that a few paintings and portraits had been added to the walls.

“I think we’ve actually gone back in time Steven,” Lucy told me looking around, trying to find a sign of life. There strangely wasn’t any, where were all the students?

Lucy removed the necklace from around my neck, keeping it on hers as her hair was still tangled up in it. We walked together down the corridor, searching anywhere for a sign of anybody, even a ghost would be nice. But there was nothing.

“It’s snowing,” I told Lucy as I looked ahead and saw a window at the end of the corridor, snow falling fast outside. Me and Lucy ran over to the window quickly, looking out of it.

There were still a few people outside enjoying the snowfall, but not enough of them for it to be a normal school day.

“Do you think it’s the winter holidays?” Lucy asked me, I nodded at her.

“But what year though? We’ve already had our winter holiday, so it’s not this one, unless we went back in time.”

“I don’t remember those paintings or portraits so they must have been added which means we’ve gone forwards in time.”

“We really need to find someone,” I told her, she agreed with me and we turned away from the window and carried on walking.

Peering into a few classrooms as we passed, we still found no sign of movement or life. Letting out a great huff I threw my hands out in annoyance, accidently catching someone with them.

“Oh sorry mate I ...Hey, you! Come back here.” I cried, seeing that the person I had accidently hit was running away from us, and quite fast. “I need to ask you something.”

I let out another sigh as Lucy began digging into her pocket and pulled out her wand, saying “Accio Daily Prophet.”

The poor kids Daily Prophet flew towards us, he would be having such a bad day now, getting attacked and mugged all on the same day.

I turned to look at Lucy who was looking down at the Daily Prophet in her hands.

“It’s next year,” She told me.

“Well, at least we know how far we need to go back,” I told her happily, clapping my hands together in glee. “So shall we find somewhere quiet and go back to where we were? I daresay that... no one is missing us.”

“Yeah go on then, its cold here. Plus I have that Potions homework to redo, I spilt ink on it earlier.” Lucy agreed, grabbing hold of my hand and pulling me down the corridor with her. “Thanks for coming with me, Steven.”

“I didn’t have much choice did I?” I told her. I never had any choice in what Lucy wanted us to do. I should really stand up to that girl.

We didn’t walk far before I stopped us this time; I squinted ahead of myself as two people came into my focus. They looked really familiar but I didn’t understand why.

“Who’s the guy with the amazing head of hair?” I asked Lucy who had stopped and was looking ahead of herself as well. I must admit I was slightly jealous of it, why was my own hair so uncontrollable?

“I don’t know. He looks rather dashing though.” Lucy told me, pulling me forwards quietly, the couple were too busy kissing each other to notice our creeping up on them otherwise it could get awkward.

We stopped dead as we saw the faces of the two people kissing as though their life’s depended on it. You see the reason they looked so familiar was because they were me and Lucy.

Me and Lucy from the future were kissing.

Lucy quickly dropped my hand and covered her mouth in shock.

Things just got awkward.




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