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Hermione's POV


"Whoa."  Harry and Ron looked in utter shock at breakfast at what had happened to me in the middle of the night before.  "What happened to you?"


"I don't know.  I woke up and my hair was already like this."  Being tamed I wasn't complaining about, it was just the fact that it was Jet Black and my skin was pale with crystal blue eyes instead of my usual brown ones.  "Draco nearly had a heart attack when he saw me in our common room this morning.


"I can't believe after everything that's happened McGonagall made Draco Head Boy.  You being Head Girl is obvious, but him?"  Ron began rambling, changing the subject.


"You heard Ollivander when he looked at his wand, Ron.  His alligence has changed."  Harry tried to reason.  Maybe we should give him a chance."


"In fact we could start now."  I began.  "Look over at the Slytherin table."  We all looked over to see Draco sitting alone at the end of the Slytherin table, merely picking at his food.


"You wouldn't."  Ron began in a bit of a dare.  I stood and made my way towards the Slytherin table and towards Draco.


"Hey Draco."  I began with a smile.  "Would you like to come sit with us?"


Draco looked at me as if I had quite literally gone mad.  "You want me... to sit with you?"  He said in a statment.


"I wouldn't be here asking if I didn't would I?"  I continued smiling.


"After everything that's happened and you're still asking me?"


"Water under the bridge.  Now are you coming or not?"


"...Alright..."  He stated in disbelief as he stood and made his way over to the Gryffindor table with me.  I'm sure he was thinking that we were going to try and uttering humiliate him or something like that.  Ron seemed to be the only one of us that was really uncomfortable with the scene as Draco sat down next to me and began to eat with us.


"Hey Harry, are you, Ron and Ginny are going for the Quidditch team again this year?"  I began, trying to make small take at the very least.


"Yeah."  His face lit up at the thought of Quidditch.  "Heard you were on the team again to Draco."


"Yeah.  Seeker.  Again."  He didn't seem to excited.  Scared if anything else.  Strange how this was the boy who tormented us all those years in school


"Better train up.  Our teams really good this year.  Good enough to beat you I'll bet."  Draco smiled at the competion.  Finally.


"We'll see."  An excited glint flickering in his eyes.


"And what's that suppose to mean?"  Ron gave him a scrutinizing look, making Draco's face instantly fall down to the ground.


"Nothing... just-"


"Oh honestly Ron.  Give Draco a break, will you?"  I scolded, making Ron back up a bit.


"Hey Draco, some of the Griffindor's, Hufflepuff's and Ravenclaw's are getting together for a fun game of Quidditch after dinner tonight.  You wanna join us?"  Harry offered.


"Sure.  It sounds like fun."  Draco gave a small smile, only to stare down at his plate again once he noticed Ron's scrutinizing glare.  I'm not ashamed to say that I wanted to whack that scowl right off his face.


"Well guys, we better get going.  Defence Against the Dark Arts and we don't want to be late."  I interviened.


"Can you believe Snape still teaches here?  The bloody git can't stay away."  Ron complained.


"Oh Ron, just because Professor Snape in a ghost now doesn't mean that he's a bad teacher now.  And he finally got the job he wanted as the Deffence Against the Dark Arts Proffessor."


"I'm glad that you agree miss Granger."  The ghostly Snape floated right through Ron and hovered just above the table.


"H-Hello Professor Snape."  Ron's voice shook.  He always was afraid of Snape though I had noticed that he was much kinder to me and Harry.  It was strange, but maybe after dying in the shrieking shake with us staying by his side really did show him just how much we cared, though I think Ronald would highly dissagree.


"I can see there are at least a few students left who apreciate my teaching abilities.  Ironically the ones who don't seem to be failing my class.  I wonder why that is."  Professor Snape said with a bit aof sarcasm biting in his voice.  "Oh, and Mister Potter.  Moaning Mertel has been intruding my office inbetween classed and asking for you quite often.  If I were alive I would feel nausiated."  He added in before whisping out of the room and I assumed going down to his classroom in the dungons.


"We better get going before Professor Snape turns Ron into a ghost too."  I teased as we all stood up and headed off to class.




"Finish this chapter on Unicorns, their blood and properties and turn in a scroll of a brief summary about the chapter.  Class dismissed."  We all scrambled to our last class for the day.  Potions.


"Drakie!"  An anoying shriek rang out right after class,making Draco cring emersing the class in a series of giggles, snickers and whispers.  Harry barly flinched, trying not to laugh, but Ron was defiantly not holding back.  Stupid git.  "Drakie Poo!"

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