I suppose this story all started with the creepy headmaster. The one who was a decent guy until he became headmaster. At least it appeared so. Only Bone knew the truth. What he was plotting.

              A month after he became headmaster, the students came. I suppose that was where I came into play. That was when he began creating his army. Hogwarts’ Army, it was called.

           The dementors were part of the training. We all eventually figured out how to communicate with them. Nobody stared anymore when we began making raspy, hitting-a-frozen-pole-against-a-sidewalk sounds. Except for the strangers. And the muggles. They were the worst. Thinking we were choking. After years of practice, you’d think we’d have mastered the don’t-sound-like-you’re-choking-while-talking-to-dementors-in-front-of-muggles.

            That’s beside the point, though. The point was and is, that we work at Hogwarts. The teachers don’t say it like that, but, it’s true. We don’t get paid, but we are still there. I suppose this beginning is all about explaining. Who I am, what this story is about, and my past.
       The thing is, I haven’t told you who I am, I still haven’t gotten to the point of this explanation about what this is about, and I don’t know my past.

      I’m Lightning, and this is my story. I was ‘adopted’, if you can call it that, by the Forbidden Forest. The others joined in turn.
      I have wasted time already. By the time I finish my explanation, you’ll have missed important things. Explanation End.
         “Lightning!” Bone whispered. I didn’t bother to respond. I just blinked and looked at her. “You missed breakfast.”

     “Was I sleeping?”

      “No. You were somewhere else.”

     “Everyone, wake up!” the headmaster said. “It’s five hours until the students wake up. You should have been patrolling!”

     “Sir, you didn’t tell us to do that an hour before yesterday’s!” an unlucky soul replied.
         “Langlock. Crucio. I told you last week.”

         “Yes, you did, sir. There is no excuse for not patrolling.” Bone told him.

        “Bone! Go see if those idiots are awake yet.”

        Bone went off to check to see if ‘those idiots’ were even still alive. They had been forced to spend the night in the Forbidden Forest. Those students really were idiots. They had assaulted the headmaster. Then tried to kill the whole army with a well-placed Fanged Frisbee. It was a good thing Pain found it.

     I began my patrols. I patrolled for four hours before seeing anything. Then I saw the werewolf. He usually ate the odd bludger. Being a vegetarian werewolf, he was rather harmless. To even the oops-I-got-a-paper-cut-call-my-mummy-to-take-me-home students. I had never liked him. Being raised in the Forbidden Forest, he seemed unnatural. I was much more comfortable around the hey-look-a-student-he-seems-too-brave-let’s-give-him-a-scare types.
     “Hood.” he greeted me.

     “Freak.” I replied.

      Hood was slang for a Hogwarts Army member. Referring to the dark hoods we wore. I very much enjoyed calling Flowerew freak. Flowerew was his name.

      He desperately wanted to devour me. I could tell. I continued on my walk for another two hours before I saw a student.

     His eyes showed fear. Students had learned to fear the dark, hooded army people who walked the grounds.

     “Accio bag!” I whispered as he began to run. I opened it. I reached inside. It had all the possessions of a student, including packed trunk.

     I grinned and put on the bag. I gave chase to the scared sixth year. This would be a good catch.

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