Beep. Beep. Beeeeeep.

Lily Evans wacked her alarm clock in an attempt to turn it off. She looked over it and checked the time, 6.30. The red head couldn’t believe this, that she, Lily Evans was up at this time on a Saturday morning. What one might find more unbelievable however, was that Lily Evans was up at this ridiculous hour because the head girl and perfect Gryffindor know it all had Detention.

It wasn’t her fault. It was that stupid git Potter and his friend Sirius. If they hadn’t provoked her, she would have never done what she did. But obviously they could never leave her alone. So she would now have to waste her Saturday. From eight till five. With them. In detention. 


It was now 6.45 and Aiden Jones was exiting the shower. He walked over to his wardrobe and picked up his Uniform, one of the worse things about detention. Detention meant that a student had to wear their uniform whilst they were being detained, so Aiden tied his green Slytherin tie around his neck whilst looking in the mirror feeling sorry for himself. 

Detention. It wasn’t his first time. He never considered himself very good, but today detention was the last thing he needed. He rarely had detention, he always had Quidditch practice on Saturdays. So the fact that today he had to miss an entire practice to spend time in detention was stupid.


Seven O’clock came and went and Stella Croft found herself brushing her long blonde hair back into a ponytail. How could this be? Stella Croft had detention. Nobody would believe this, and the girl was almost dying with horror. It wasn’t all her fault, it was the horrible Sheila Noland’s fault. If it wasn’t for her she would never have to spend her Saturday in detention.  

Stella left her dorm room leaving all her fellow sleeping Ravenclaw’s peaceful. She headed to the dining room to grab some breakfast before she had to go to detention.


At quarter past seven, James Potter walked into the bathroom to check his appearance. His teeth was brushed, he’d had a shower and his face was clean, but his hair was perfectly neat and tidy. That would not look good enough. Pulling his hair and messing it up, James Potter looked absolutely perfect in his opinion, his hair as if he’d just got off a broomstick. That was the perfect way to look for detention.

It wasn’t a surprise that he’d got a detention. It would of been more of a surprise if he hadn’t had a detention. Two more detentions and he and Sirius would own the new school record.


Half Past Seven soon arrived and Carly Korply sat tired at the Hufflepuff breakfast table dreading the day to come. Carly was a quiet girl, shy and mostly kept to herself. Her dark brown hair was tied neatly into a bun. She sat slowly eating the remainder of the porridge that was in her bowl, until every drop was gone. She needed to be gone soon. In less than half an hour, detention would arrive.


Quarter to eight was the time that Sirius Black would wake up. It was that stupid git James’ fault, he was up half an hour ago, he should have woken him up as well. It wasn’t that he was looking forward to the reason he was getting up, but now he was so used to doing this it was almost natural. In fifteen minuets, Sirius Black would have detention.

He was quite proud actually of the amount of detentions that him and James had managed to achieve. As he rushed into the shower, he began to think of it. Two more detentions and him and James had made history, together, they’d achieved the schools most detentions.


‘Black, Sirius’ Called McGonagall as she took a register for the detention.

‘Here Minnie’ Sirius shouted back to his favourite teacher.

‘It’s Professor McGonagall to you Mr. Black’ She scolded him.

‘Croft, Stella’ 

‘Yes Professor McGonagall’ The blonde ravenclaw called out in her sweet voice.

‘Evans, Lily’

‘Here Professor McGonagall’ The red head said.

 ‘Jones, Aiden’ 

‘Yes Professor McGonagall’ He called out in a bored tone.

‘Korply, Carly’ 

‘Yes Professor McGonagall’ She replied in a whisper. 

‘Potter, James’ 

‘Here Minnie’ He shouted out.

‘Professor McGonagall’ She reminded. The students sat and waited quietly for their instructions.

‘You are to be here from eight AM, the time it currently is, till Five PM when you may leave. For whatever you did that earned you this detention this is your punishment, you must give up your Saturday. In this period of time I ask you to write a two thousand word essay on who you think you are’ She instructed. ‘Unfortunately, I am unable to supervise you today, however I will place a lock on this door and I expect all your essays to be completed to a decent standard when I return.’ 

With that, she left the room and locked the door, leaving the six students with a long essay to write, and eight hours in detention. 

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