[Draco’s POV]

Well that went well. She did say she was going upstairs, right? But did she keep a body under those thick, baggy, clothes. And water was trickling down her neck, waiting for me to wipe it off. Her loose strands framed her face, making her look like an angel. Those long, slender, perfect arms, hung calmly over the tub. I would never tell her, but there was nothing wrong with thinking it. No there was, she is only a bet. Well, that was what I was trying to convince myself. She walked out of the bathroom, fully dressed, and turned to talk to me. For some odd reason, she wouldn’t look at me. She would divert her gaze toward something else beside me. She blushed a deep red and was fiddling with her hair. That was when I noticed, I only had a towel on.

“Sorry, I should have been more specific when I told you I was going upstairs.”

“No, it’s my fault, I should have checked before entering.” She looked up and this time didn’t look away for a minute too long. She noticed and looked away.

“Be sure to tell Blaise and Nott about the game night in the Room of Requirements.”

“Okay, you go ahead and we will meet you later.”

I walked toward the bathroom, and took a quick shower. It was not too quick, but enough to be clean. I went to get ready, and remembered how Her….Granger was eyeing me. It made me proud that I can make any girl week, even Granger. I had a pretty good idea to where I would find Blaise and Nott. I made my way to the Slytherin the Slytherin common room and went to the portrait. “Pure-blood” I walked in and found Blaise, Nott, and two other Slytherin decent girls. They nodded in acknowledgement and motioned for the girls to leave.

“How’s operation Granger coming along?”Blaise asked curiously while lying back.

“I don’t know, you tell me since the three of us are invited to a get together in the Room of Requirements.” Nott’s face was priceless. Well, that’s what you get when you mess with Draco Malfoy.

“The three of us,” Nott asked after coming out of his trance, apparently he was thinking it was bad being my slave… haha of course not *devilish expression*.

“Ya, the Weasely girl wanted me to invite you two.” Nott turned a little red, at the mention of her name. “Are you turning red?”

 “N..N..No, why… why would you...say that.” He stuttered. If there was one thing I learned about Nott over the years, it would be the fact that he would stutter whenever he would be caught; but only by us. He was after all a Nott, one of the prestigious families in the Wizarding World and he can’t be seen like this. Yet, with us we could act almost like ourselves.

“What are you hiding?” Blaise jumped in, “Does it have to do with the Weasely girl, come on mate you could tell us?”

 “Well, she is pretty hot, just like Granger.” Now it was my time to blush, but I don’t understand why? Yet, thank merlin for my Malfoy genes; that I could keep a straight face. Ironically, that was the first time I was thankful, hopefully the last. I decided to change the subject; they could handle not knowing, what I didn’t know.

“You guys are coming, because I already said yes.”

“Okay mate, when is it.”

 “Right now.”

“Then what are we waiting for, let’s go.” At that we left, we tried not to be seen by Filch, but what could he have done? When we arrived at the Room of Requirements the door opened and we entered, coolly of course. Everyone was already there; all chatting amongst themselves in groups of no more than three.

 “Hey Draco” Hermione called. Everyone looked at her awkwardly.

 “What we’re friends.” Then the looks were gone. We went and sat down, I was next to Granger; Blaise was next to me, and Nott was next to the She Weasel. Maybe I should not say that in front of Nott. She hyped up and started to talk, boy can she talk; yet not as much as Pansy.

 “Okay since everyone is here lets begin.”  First, we will play Twister; hope you all are familiar with the game. Everyone was nodding in agreement. She waved her wand and the mat appeared.

“Here is the order: Harry, Luna, Neville, Padma, Parvati, Thomas, Blaise, Draco, and Hermione. I will announce everyone ready.”  People vigorously said yes and we began.

“Harry, right foot blue, left hand yellow.” Like that everyone took turns, until only two people were left; Hermione and I were left.

 “Draco, right hand green, left foot red.” When I moved, she started to look worried. It was only then I realized I was hovering on top of her, with both hands on each side of her shoulders. I’m pretty sure she wanted to move away, but that wasn’t going to happen any time soon. It was time for stage two of my plan.

 “Hermione.” She looked up, and finally understood the closeness of our faces. We were merely an inch away.

 “Your turn.”

“Come on Hermione, left foot blue right hand red.” She finally gave up and fell down, but in the process knocked me down also. I took this opportunity to kiss her neck ‘unknowingly’.

“Draco, get off of me.” My work was done because she was red as a tomato.

“Well the winner is Draco.” Everyone clapped, and it wasn’t one of those I-have-to-clap-or-else-I-look-mean claps either, more of an it-is-nice-he-won claps. We proceeded to the next game, this would be interesting.

[Hermione’s POV]

      Draco just kissed my neck. Please don’t turn red, please don’t turn red, Damn it… I’m turning red. Please don’t look at me, please don’t look at me, damn it…. He’s looking at me. Wow, is actually smiling? A genuine not one of those despicable smirks. How come I get use to those?


 Ginny called, “Is truth or dare, to keep people from lying you will all have to drink Veritaserum.” Everyone had agreed, so why not me? After, we all sat in a circle and Ginny started it off.

 “Blaise, truth or dare?”


“Okay, I dare you to sing ‘Friday’ by Rebecca Black, and dance along too it.” His face was hilarious, but he still did it. It was so funny, I swear I started crying and I was in great pain.  He did a squeaky voice and an extremely girly dance, which I couldn’t object to because I was in pain. When that was over, and the laughing had died down a bit, after a good 15 minutes, it was Blaise’s turn to ask the question.

“Parvati, truth or dare?” I’m pretty sure after the little seen that was put o n she would definitely pick truth.

 Which she did, “Truth.”

“Is it true you have a crush on Harry?” She had turned red, really, really, really, red. She through her hands over her mouth, as if she would be able to stop talking. The Veritaserum, was starting to kick in, and she had muffled up a yes. Harry’s face was sketched with different emotions. If I had identified them correctly it would seem he was both worried, and excited. He was sneaking glances at Ginny, whom didn’t seem to mind. That made me feel a little sad because I knew she had a change of heart; I just hope Harry likes Parvati just a little. It was quite, but then the silence was broken.

“Neville, truth or dare.”  Parvati broke it; she seemed to not like the attention.

“Dare” Since almost everyone knew he like Luna, it was a matter of time she found out too.

“I dare you to kiss Luna, at make it on the lips.” There was silence, but everyone was secretly encouraging him on. Well not everyone, who knew what, was going on in the heads of those Slytherins’. He had gotten up, and slowly made his way to where she was. She was in complete shock, when he kissed her like there was no tomorrow.

 Everyone was yelling “Ooohhhhh,” like some excited little four year olds. When they broke off, Luna kissed him with equal emotion.  It was the start of a long lasting relationship, with everyone going through the war it seemed like nothing happened. Yet, so much. Mrs. Weasely had never gotten over Fred’s death, well none of the Weasleys’ has. Ginny kept up a good pretence, but sometimes I would hear her crying when she thought she was alone. Wait, this is a happy time don’t think about that right now. Everyone had scooted over so Neville could sit next to Luna.

“Next” Ginny chimed in. This game had gotten from funny, to serious, and then just plain interesting. “Harry, truth or dare.”

 He confidently said, “Dare.”

 “Ginny you owe me.” I dare you to remove one piece of clothing, or something off your body, whenever someone says a word that starts with the letter y. Ginny gave a small smile, and everyone started laughing, well except Harry. Now everyone would deliberately use words that started with y.

“Luna, truth or dare.”

 “Truth.”  Is it true that when you kissed Seamus you threw up in his mouth? The room was filled with faces of both disgust and curiosity.

“Yes, she said cowardly, boy she must have wished she didn’t drink that potion, but it was a necessity towards the game.  At this moment Harry was in the process of taking off his jacket and watch.

“Go on now Luna, it’s YOUR turn.” Ginny was putting a lot of stress on that your, I always knew she wasn’t one of those who backed down. Harry was now taking his shirt off, but honestly I don’t really want to know what’s under my best friend’s clothes, but the rest had other plans.

 “Padma, truth or dare?”

 “Truth” “Is it true that you stay up late and dance around the school in just a bra and shorts?”

 She hesitantly said, “Yes.” This was something I might have to report, but then Ginny would talk me out of it, but I wouldn’t let this go. Just for now though, this was getting interesting. Hey I might be the goody two shoes, Hermione Granger, but I know how to have fun. All the guys had their mouth wide open and dare I say I was shocked myself, a bit. Blaise had interrupted ever male in the rooms thought process.

“Next time, be sure to invite me wont you.” By now, she had turned a crimson red and was giggling hysterically. 

“Thomas, truth or dare?”

 “He was smiling at her, “Dare.”

 “I dare you to kiss Ginny.” Say no more he had already progressed his way towards her.

“Is it okay if I stop taking my clothes off?” No answer and I’m pretty sure it finally hit him.

“No, what are you crazy Padma, why would you dare him to kiss MY girlfriend.” She had put extra stress on the my part. Harry was furious.

“No, Ginny don’t, you don’t have too.”

“It’s just a dare.” Padma told him, because Ginny had mouthed thanks. I personally didn’t like where this was going. They had merely started to kiss and Harry looked like he was about to murder someone. If I knew Ginny she would kiss Nott back, by the looks of it, they were shared a passionate kiss. Harry broke them off in about 4 seconds, all the while complaining about how long that was.  He was about to punch a wall, when Ginny seemed to whisper something in his ear. He had now calmed down and went to sit down again.

“Ginny, truth or dare?”

“Truth” “Is it true that you like me?” This was a serious problem, and if Harry wanted to murder someone before, he would attempt it now.

 “Yes” luckily it was in an inaudible tone which fit the game, and Harry couldn’t hear. That was a really close one.  She hurried along, obviously avoiding any further questions that could possibly be flung at her.

 “Hermione, truth or dare?”

 “Dare” I was pretty surprised myself, but I wasn’t going to spill an incredibly embarrassing truth out there.

 “I dare you to put whip cream over Draco’s lips … and lick it off.” Oh no, I was throwing daggers at her, only if looks could kill.  I couldn’t possibly care what others were thinking at this moment, but I swear I heard a few snickers. Was I going to kill her after this, highly possible.

“Sorry no whip cream.” I was relieved; I couldn’t possibly believe she would think I would do that. “Oh no, where would a witch find whip cream in a magical school, in a magical room.” I sometimes hoped Ginny wasn’t so clever, but one can only hope. I would have objected more, but my legs were already propelling me up and toward the direction he was sitting.  Well, here goes nothing; this will be something Draco Malfoy would remember. I can’t believe I’m doing this; I put the whipped cream over his lips and prayed to Merlin he didn’t stare at me. Oddly enough, I wanted to know what he tasted like, darn my curiosity. When I was close enough, I could smell his intoxicating cologne, which made it harder to resist. I started on his bottom lip, and seductively licked my lips. I took my time, feeling the softness of his lips. I moved onto the top, and didn’t want to stop at all; I planted maybe a dozen kisses on his mouth. I swear I had some tongue action, but I wasn’t complaining. His warm breath was hitting my face, making my legs into jelly. I reluctantly moved away when I was done. I was burning up, and still didn’t have it in me to look in his eyes. I just indirectly or directly kissed Draco Malfoy, and liked it; my friend is growing on me too much.  Literally, everyone’s eyes were popping out if their sockets, threatening to fall out. For some reason Blaise wasn’t surprised at all, I understood Ginny, but why Blaise.

“Truth or Dare, Draco?” Still avoiding his gaze I asked my question.

“Did you really change?” I was compelled to look up, and it was weird I saw his face turn stone cold.

“You know Granger, it hurts that you don’t believe me.” I was really happy, but his eyes told a different story, they were filled with sadness. He used my last name, and it sent shivers down my spine. What did I just do?

Ginny interrupted, “Now for the last game.”

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