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The scene settles around the second years boys’ dormitory. The five boys, who look slightly older than they did when the travellers last saw them, sit at the foot of their respective beds, dressed in their pajamas. Harry sports a big purple lump on his forhead while Ron’s lower lip is red and puffy; a long and deep looking cut maks the lower end of his face. The two boys look a bit unconfortable but quite pleased of the attention their dorm mates give them.

“September 1st. Dear Ginny, Just want to appologize for missing your Sorting. Or course, I’m not surprised to see you made Gryffindor but still, I would have loved to be there at the time,” the narrative voice begins. The travellers sniffle a bit unpon hearing Ron’s cracking voice.

“How did you get your hands on a flying car?” Neville asks them in awe.

“It’s my dad’s. He charmed our car over the summer so it can fly. We used it quite a lot me and my brothers so I knew how to fly it already.”

“They came and got me at my place one night,” Harry explains, “you guys cannot imagine what a shock it was to see them outside my second-floor, bedroom window!” Harry shakes his head with a disbelieving smile, making the others laugh.

“I wish my dad was as cool as yours, Ron,” Seamus declares, clearly envious of Ron’s family life.

“He did get quite the telling off when Mum found out,” Ron smiles, “he’d told her he bought the car only for studying it. She blew a vessel when she found out he’d actually charmed it and that we’d been using it.”

“We used it, the non-flying way that is, to get to the platform this morning,” Harry begins, a pensieve look on his face, “we must have reached the platform too late I guess because the barrier was closed and we couldn’t get through. The train left without us and we didn’t know what to do so Ron suggested we take the car and follow the train to school.”

“Everyone was looking for you in the train. We should have known you’d find a way to start the year with a bang!” Dean explains.

“Weren’t you worried you’d get lost?” Neville asks Ron and Harry, looking still very impressed by his dorm mates.

“Not really,” Ron shruggs, “once we found the train, we just kept going in the same direction. We flew down a bit every once in a while to make sure we were still on the right track.”

“So, how was it up there?” Dean asks as he opens a bag of crisps, passing it around the room while Ron and Harry begin to describe their unconventional trip

“It was surreal,” Ron says, looking at Harry who nods strongly. “It was like we were rolling on a road made on fluffy clouds.”

“There was nothing but blue sky and blinding sunlight for hours until the sun went down and then it got quite dark.”

“Yeah, it was harder to look out for stray birds or – how did you call them? Aeralplanes?” Ron asks Harry who rolls his eyes dramatically.

“Airplanes, Ron,”

“Right, airplanes. We didn’t see any so, I guess we were lucky it was just us up there.”

“Yeah otherwise you could have been seen and that would have been a problem,” Seamus laughs at the idea. Ron and Harry though, look very inconfortable. Ron’s ears take a deep red color while Harry clears his throat uneasily.

“You guys were seen?” Dean smiles in disbelief, looking franctically between Ron and Harry.

“Yeah,” Harry sighs, “when we were taking off. The invisibility switch was faulty and we re-appeared over a street full of people.”

“It’s alright though,” Ron pipes up in a fake I-dont-really-care tone, “they were Obliviated so we didn’t really break the Statute of Secrecy. Really, it’s only once we got here that the problems started.”

“What do you mean?” Neville frowns.

“Well, first we hit the Whomping Willow,” Harry says, pointing at the lump on his forhead, “you know, the mad tree that hits back? In the park?”

“Yeah, I do,” Dean answers in a dark voice. “Nott challenged me to get pass it last year; a branch hit me so hard in the chest I thought I was going to die. Nott, of course, had a great laugh out of it.”

“That’s pretty much what happened to us,” Ron nodds understandingly. “Got beaten up by the tree and then, Snape found us.”

“Of all the people,” Neville shakes his head, his eyes wide in fear, thinking of the attrocities the teacher could have done to his friends.

“Exactly our thoughts,” Harry mutters darkly.

“Harry and I got a bunch of detentions and Snape tried to expulse us but thankfully, McGonnagal stepped in,” Ron’s strangely calm narrative voice declares.

“You guys know how much he loves us,” Ron declares, his voice heavy with sarcasm, making the four other boys chuckle, “he threatened to expel us, said things like ‘if you were members of my house you’d be expelled’.”

“Right, like he would ever expel Malfoy,” Seamus rolls his eyes.

“Anyway, it was up to McGonagall to decide of our punishment and she let us understand that we’ll spend half the year in detention,” Harry shakes his head, as if trying to look discouraged but really, it is evident how relieved he is of this consequence.

“That’s harsh,” Dean mutters emphatically.

“I thought we’d get expelled,” Ron shrugs, “and I think we’d have deserved it so to be honest, I don’t really mind detention.”

“Me neither,” Harry agrees.

“Anyway, it’s not the detentions I’m dreading to be honest; it’s mum’s reaction... I hope she won’t come here and murder me on the spot. Well, have fun on your first day, I’ll see you at breakfast! Ron,” the boy finishes in a slighly more nervous voice.

“They flew to Hogwarts?”Al bursts out laughing, covering the rest of the five boys’ conversation. “This is so amazing!”

“So that’s what Dad meant earlier when he told G-Mum about her careful watch!” Rose shouts.

“Can’t believe they actually get angry at us for little things after all they’ve done in their lives,” Lily shakes her head in disbelief.

The scene suddently changes and with a whif of parchement, the cousins find themselves sitting on the backseat of the car. Lily and Hugo are seated at the extremities and loudly exclame their surprise when they look outside.

“We’re flying!” Lily shrieks.

“It’s like we’re rolling on the clouds, this is unbelievable,” Hugo laughs giddily.

“Move over, I want to see,” Rose and Al push the younger ones aside to look outside as well. “Woah, this is surreal!”

 “September 1st, dear mum and dad, I’m so, so sorry for stealing the car. We didn’t think; the barrier was closed and couldn’t get to the platform so we decided to take the car and follow the train all the way to school. I don’t know why that seemed like a good idea, I’m sorry.” Ron narrates in a very discouraged voice.

“This voice clashes with the boy we see right now,” Rose laughs, pointing at a gleeful Ron, sitting behind the wheel.

“This is definitly the best way to get to school!” Ron laughs out loud while Harry nods vigorously.

“I know! This view is so much better than the one in the train.”

“Can you imagine what they’ll say when they see us arrive in a flying car? We’ll be the talk of the school for months!”

“Definitly,” Harry smiles, “right now, they must be so worried about where we are; can you imagine Hermione? She must be going spare wondering where we are!”

“Oh, you’re right,” Ron says, calming down suddently, “I had promissed Ginny I would sit with her. Oh well, she’ll make friends like I did last year, right?”

“Yeah, right. It’s how we met and it was great; don’t worry Ron, she’ll survive,” Harry says, trying to appease his friend’s mind.

“You’re right,” Ron agrees. He then gives Harry a mischievous smile and adds, “plus, it’s not like she would have said a word with you sitting in the compartment.”

The scene changes as Harry gives Ron a dark look. They are still in the car but the atmosphere has clearly changed. The two boys are silent and slumped in their seats.

“Are you sure we don’t have anything to drink?” Harry asks in a tired voice. Ron simply shakes his head and Harry groans. He leans forward and put his head on the dashboard, giving the travellers a clear view of his sweaty back.

“I know mate, the toffees dehydrated me too,” Ron sighs.

“Honestly, it’s not the toffees as much as the sun. Who’d have thought the sun could be so warm.”

“You’re over the clouds, idiots; of couse it’s hot, there’s nothing to diminish the strenght of the sunlight,” Hugo shakes his head dramatically at his Uncle.

“Looks like the sun is about to go down though, it will be better before long Harry,” Ron says in a surprisingly ( ) way, pointing at the lowering red sun.

Once again, the scene melts away and reconstructs itself around the same setting. This time though, the sun has definitly gone down and, once again, the atmosphere in the car has changed. The two boys are now fully dressed with Weasley jumpers.

“I can’t wait to be at school,” Ron says in a dreamy sort of voice, “sitting in front of the blazing common room fire”

“I can’t wait to lay in my warm and comfy bed,” Harry declares, “I hope they put some warming pans between the sheet to make it all warmer.”

“So, it’s not such a great trip afterall,” Lily resumes. “First the sun was so warm, they were thirsty and sweat through their clothes; then, the sun went down and the temperature dropped so much, their wet clothes only made them freeze more.”

“We’re far from the glorious story they told their friends,” Al snorts as a strong parchement breeze melts the scene away only to have it reform around the car, once again. All the car’s occupants instantly cheer up when, in the dark night, Hogwarts’ warm lights indicate the end of their trip.

“Come on, car,” Ron says in a soothing voice, barely audible over the racket the engine now makes. “Just a little further and I promiss I’ll have you checked out by someone.”

“Yeah car, we’ll get a mechanic over and he’ll sort you out,” Harry adds.

“Are they talking to the car?” Rose frowns.

“I think so,” Hugo nodds, “heatstroke maybe?”

“Nah,” Lily shakes her head knowingly, “fear of death is my bet. They must be terrified of crashing in the lake.”

“And yet, it’s that tree they should worry about,” Al points at the growing shape coming out of the darkness. “They did say they crashed into it.”

“Watch out for that tree, Ron” Harry shouts suddently, as if he’s heard his future son.

Ron, expertedly gives a strong right turn and misses the tree by inches only to fly right at a wall. Both boys, as well as their future children, scream their lungs out in fear but Ron, once again, manages to turn the car around and avoid crashing into the castle wall. His luck runs out at this point though, because this sharp turn only gets him back to his starting point and this time, there is nothing he can do and the car crashes through the Whomping Willow and falls heavily to the ground. The four teenagers sitting at the back are shaken one into the other while at the front, Harry hits his head on the dashboard and Ron’s mouth collides strongly with the steering wheel. The boy doesn’t even seem to notice the blood that runs freely out of his mouth because his eyes are fixed on his hands, where his wand lays bent in an unatural angle.

“Oh,” Hugo whispers sadly, “so this is how he broke his wand. Poor Dad, I bet he won’t tell his parents about it for fear of being scolded.”

“I know I wouldn’t,” Lily says. “Mum would have my head. Probably say it’s my problem since I shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place.”

The conversations are cut short by a suddent and violent crunch at the side that shakes the whole car. The tree, as if angry of being attacked, starts pummeling the car and it’s occupants. The boys try to get out but to everyone’s surprise, the car starts up again and rolls away from the maniacal tree. When they finally reach a safe distance, away from the branches reach, the car’s doors open in one motion and the six occupants as well as the student’s trunks, are thrown out of the car. The moment the six occupants touch the ground, the doors close again and without a driver behind the wheel, the car rolls away from the kids, crossing the entire grounds and disapearing through the large trees of the forbidden forest.

“As for the car,” Ron’s clearly uncomfortable narrative voice suddently comes over the scene’s eerie silence, “well, it kind of came to life when we landed. It ejected Harry and I and than rolled away in the forest... I don’t know what happened to it after that, we tried to find it a bit but it had gone too deep in the forest. All I can say is sorry, I’ll do my best to stay out of trouble from now on, Ron.”

On that dramatic note, the dark Hogwarts’ grounds are blown away only to be replaced by a much brighter scene. The four travellers, still very shaken by their uncomfortable arrival, find themselves in a corridor packed with students. They quickly spot Ron’s bright hair atop his tall fame and follow him and his two friends as they make their way to the History of Magic classroom. As they walk through the mass of students in order to get closer to Ron, Harry and Hermione, the four teenagers notice two much smaller students beating their way through the crowd, apparently trying to get closer to the trio as well. The girl is unmistakebly Ginny Weasley while the blonde little boy takes the breath away from Lily and Hugo; there is no denying this boy is a Creevey for he looks just like their own classmate, Oliver Creevey.

“Did you see this guy?” Lily tugs at Hugo’s sleeve. “That’s got to be him right? Oliver’s uncle? The one that died in the Battle of Hogwarts?”

“He does have the same looks and the same built as Oliver,” Hugo nods, watching the little boy get closer to the second years.

“Hi Harry!” The boy shouts excitedly.

“Hey Colin,” Harry drawls, giving him a small, tired wave.

“Did you hear Ginny? He said ‘hi’ to me!” Colin excitedly tells Ginny when he turns back to meet her again. The two first year giggle happily before running the other way, probably going to their own class.

“Aww, that was so cute! Dad had a fan club,” Lily cooes.

“September 4th. Dear Ginny, say, that Creevey maniac, he’s your friend right?” The narrative voice shouts angrily over the noise of the corridor. “Would you mind keeping him under control a bit? He’s driving us crazy with his ‘Hi Harry! Can I get a picture?’ twenty times a day. Thanks, Ron.”

“I’m sure there’s no exageration there at all, Dad,” Rose laughs when the scene changes to become the Gryffindor common room where they find Ron and Harry immersed in a game of chess.

“Hi Harry!” Colin’s little voice says as the boy himself appears near the table, jumping from one foot to the other.

“Hello Colin,” Harry sighs without even giving the boy a look.

“Are you really good at chess, Harry? Would you mind teaching me someday, it looks brutal compared to muggle chess.”

“I’m not so good,” Harry mutters, pointing to his bishop being demolished by Ron’s knight at the same moment.

“Well, maybe we can learn together then?” Colin asks, looking at the chessboard with wide eyes.

“I’ve been doing my best to teach Harry for a year now,” Ron smiles mischievously at his friend, “even with a private teacher he’s not getting far. Oh, and I am not taking other students, this one takes all of my time.”

“Oh, alright. Well, can I take a picture of you, Harry, the next time one of you chessmen is being destroyed, to send my Dad and my brother?” the boy asks expectabtly.

“No Colin, sorry but right now, I can’t concentrate.”

“Like that gonna change something to your performance,” Ron sniggers.

“Shut up Ron.”

“See ya then, Harry.”

“Bye Colin.” Harry and Ron mutter while the scene melts away to reform itself around the Great Hall. Ron and Harry are eating silently, listening with only one ear at Hermione who’s telling them about the properties of Mandrakes. Colin and Ginny walk behind them and, as Ginny blushes furiously, Colin brightly calls at Harry.

“Hi Harry! Have a good day!”

“Thanks Colin,” Harry tiredly answers, rolling his eyes.

“You’re being a bit rude Harry, you know?” Hermione tells him, frowing at his attitude.

“Hermione, what time is it?” Ron promptly aks her.

“It’s 8 o’clock, why?” she asks, a bit confused by his question.

“Because it’s the sixth time already since we woke up that Colin as said ‘hi’ to me,” Harry finishes, pushing his plate away from him.

“It’s no reason to be mean.”

“Maybe not but it’s a good reason to be bored of answering,” Ron shrugs, getting himself another piece of toast.

“He was a bit intense,” Al laughs, looking at Colin who sits a couple seats away from the Trio. Colin, Ginny and another girl are talking animatly between them, occasionaly looking over at Harry in the hope that he would look back but the older boy resolutly ignores them.

“A bit? Look at him,” Rose bursts out laughing when Colin takes out his camera and starts taking shots of a very annoyed Harry. The boy in question suddently gets up and walk out of the Great Hall to avoid the camera under the growing laughter of the other Gryffindor students.

The scene transforms while Harry crosses the huge doors and a strong varnish smell engulfes the four teenangers instead of the parchement one they have gotten used to. They find themselves in the trophy room; surrounded by gleaming plaques and trophies. Ron is on his knees, vigorously scrubbing a plaque under the caretaker’s watch.

“September 6th. Hey Gin, I just had the most horrible detention and wish to pass these words of wisdom on to you. Do everything in your power to never, ever get a detention with Filch. He made me wash the trophies for over four hours! By hand!”

“What are you getting up for?” the man snaps when Ron gets up, rubbing his sore knees. “You call this clean? You’re either blind or you have very low standard in cleanliness.”

“I’ve been working on this plaque for fifteen minutes!” Ron snaps back, his ears growing red.

“Fifteen minutes of wasted time then,” the caretaker smirks, “get back to it if you don’t want to spend the night here.”

Ron mutters angrily under his breath as he bends in front of the plaque once more. As he dips his cloth back into the varnish, he suddently goes very white before vomiting all over the plaque. The vomit though, it’s normal sickness looking; there appears to be huge brownish slugs crawling through it.

“What the heck?” The caretaker growls angrily at Ron. “You really want to spend the night here, don’t you? Now you’ve got to start all over again.”

“Granted,” Ron’s narrative voice comes over the chaos, “it might have taken less time if I had not gotten a slug attack all over them when I was practically done but still.”

“Can I use magic, just to siphon the slugs?” Ron tiredly asks.

“Didn’t these slugs happen precisely because of your malfonctionning wand? What do you want exactly? Multiply them? Spend the week down here?”

"Well, can't you do it then?"

"And what are you going to learn if I do that?" the caretaker shouts, getting annoyed, "now get back to work!"

“Stupid Tom Riddle,” Ron mutters between his teeth, grudgingly getting a mop and a bucket to take care of the slugish vomit. “what’d you need to get a Special award for anyway? If you’d been a normal student, I would be out of here by now. Damn you, Riddle and your stupid name.”

“Weasley!” The caretaker snaps, “Less talking and more sweeping if you don’t want to have an extra month added to your detention,” the caretaker shakes his head in disguss, “you’re the slowest Weasley who’s detention I’ve had the mispleasure to look over.”

“How many do you think he did look over?” Hugo asks the others with a smile.

“Well, five brothers had gone by before Dad,” Rose says, holding up her fingers. She bends one down and adds, “we need to exclude Uncle Percy, so that’s four brothers. And I don’t think Aunt Ginny had already gotten herself lended in detention at that point, right?”

“Even the smartass Head Boy cleaned faster than you did,” the caretaker shakes his head at Ron. The boy finishes sweeping the last slugs and turns around to the caretaker.

“Are you done talking about my brothers? I know them alright. I know Bill had to clean up after us since he was a kid and was, therefore, a great cleaner. Don’t need to hear about it tonight, alright?”

“Oh, touchy subject,” the caretaker snarls. Ron turns around, groaning at his error and the caretaker begins a hearty monologue about Bill and Charlie and how much better than Ron they were. The caretaker is going on about how Charlie had much better comebacks when the scene changes and the vanish smell is replaced by one of smoke. Ron is now sitting between Harry and Hermione in the Charms classroom. Small fires are lit in front of each student and all their eyes are fixed on professor Flitwick who is telling them about the different versions of the Incendio charm.

“I remember that class,” Al smiles, “we had to evacuate after Charlie Reynolds mispronounced and set the entire classroom aflame!”

“Now, since the flame is rather small,” the tiny professor explains, “you need to point at the center of the flame. Can anyone tell me what the incatation for doubling the fire’s intensity is? Miss Granger?”

“Incendio Potere,” Hermione rapidly answers although none of her classmate had even raised their hands to give an answer.

“Excellent, 5 points to Gryffindor,” Professor Flitwick squeals, “now everyone take their wands out and we will practice this incantation. Remember to wait for the flame to decrease before casting a second spell at it. Go on.”

“Oh, second word of wisdom : don’t break your wand; it’s bloody hard to perform magic correctly. See ya later, Ron.”

By the time ron has taken out his wand, Hermione has already charmed her flame and Harry is trying to get a good aim. The teenagers notice that Ron has tried to fix his wand with sellotape but it doesn’t seem to have worked all that well. He takes a deep breath when pointing his wand at the flame and says the incantation.

“Incendio Potere,” he says as clearly as possible. The spell touches the flame but instead of making it double in intensity, the flame explodes and leaves a scortch mark on the table.

“What happened Mr Weasley?” the professor asks when the laughter has died down a bit. Ron has blushed a brilliant shade of red and he is trying to sink down his seat in shame.

“It’s my wand sir, it makes spells work funny sometimes,” Ron mumbles.

“Sometimes?” Seamus laughs behind him, “you’ve become a worst menace than I am, mate!”

“Thank you, Mr Finnigan,” the professor says over the renewed laughter. “See me after class, Mr Weasley but for now, you are exempted from the assignement. The rest of you, please go on.”

“This is so humiliating,” Hugo shakes his head in compassion at his father’s misfortune.

“I know, and what a bad friend Mum is righ now!” Rose says, angrily pointing at young Hermione’s look of disaproval.

“You shouldn’t be surprised of this happening,” the young girl is telling Ron. “You were rather careless.”

“Thanks Hermione,” Ron snaps at her. Hermione looks offended and turns back to her flame, sending another perfect charm at it and a small superior smile plays on her lips. Ron crosses his arms angrily and sinks even further down his chair.

“Did they tell her how it happen?” Al asks, trying to understand his aunt’s younger self’s reaction.

“Even if they did, you know that that’s how she reacts, you saw her this morning,” Rose says, the memory of the fight with her mother still fresh in her mind. None of the three others are stupid enough to answer, knowing it will only set Rose off again and when Harry gives a happy cry at finally mastering the charm, the smell of parchement ingulfs the four teenagers and the scene melts away.

The common room reforms around them, carying with it its sweet smell. There are a bunch of students scattered around the room but the noise level is curiously quite low compared to normal. The four teenagers barely have time to consider this fact that their questions are answered when the raspy narrative voice that fills the air.

“October 4th, dear mum and dad. Just a quick letter to let you know that things are ok over here and, as promissed, I have so far kept out of trouble.We all cought the cold so we should be clear for the rest of the year.”

“Ah, cold season at Hogwarts, one of the classic we hope to skip every year,” Rose knowlingly says as they walk over to the Weasley-filled table. Sure enough, the five relatives are looking quite pale under their freckles and smoke comes out of their ears.

“When is our next dose of Pepperup potion due, Perce?” Ron asks his older brother.

“Yeah, can’t wait to start looking like a blazing fire once more,” one of the twins adds, his sarcastic voice missing the necessary energy to actually sound like he means it.

“Tomorow after diner,” Percy sniffs, “and it’s better to look like your head is on fire for about an hour than looking like a clown for two weeks, Fred.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Are we going to make this another family outing?” George asks.

“Definitly, we had so much fun tonight, didn’t we?” Ron answers, rolling his eyes.

“Yes, we will,” Percy sighs at Ron, “but only because I want to make sure you guys are all taking it for real.”

“When did you turn into Mum?” Ginny asks Percy, making her three other brothers laugh.

“Laugh all you want,” Percy says with as much dignity as his runny nose allows him, “but you’ll thank me by tomorow night when your symptomes have all disapeared. I’m going to bed now and you guys shouldn’t wait too long before doing the same. Good night.”

“Night Perce,” the four others mutter, watching him go. They wait until he has gone before getting up from their seats slowly, wishing each other good night as well.

“I hate looking like a boiling keetle,” Lily says, pointing at her younger mother.

“You guys do look even more alike after a good dose of Pepperup potion,” Al smiles at his sister.

“Don’t push it Al, remember that there are three redheads against little lonely you on this subject,” Rose warns her cousin while Hugo and Lily nod.

“Fine, I take it back,” Al says while the surrounding sways a little around them. When everything gets back to normal, they are still in the common room but in daylight. The students still look a bit sick and many of them have apparently just taken their dose of potion. Ron, Harry and Hermione are sitting at a table, pourring over their homework.

“Holy mother of Merlin!” Rose shouts when Hermione raises her head from her homework. Her hair is twice as big as usual because of an obvious fever and she too has just taken her potion so a thick smoke errupts from her ear, under the wild mane. The three others burst out laughing at the sight and notice that even Ron and Harry seem to have a hard time keeping a straight face when talking to her.

“You really look like Hell Hermione, are you sure you don’t want to go bed early?” Harry asks, empathically.

“No, I don’t want to get behind in my homework.”

“It’s impossible for you to ever be behind in your homework,” Ron presses. “Look, Harry and I are just about to finish our Potion’s essay; it’s the only piece of homework we need to had out tomorow. Take the night off and let the potin work its magic.”

“They’re right, Hermione,” Percy says coming to their table. “You’ll be almost all better tomorow night and much mroe productive for it.”

“But –“

“Go,” Harry says, “and sleep well.”

“Alright,” the girl yawns. She picks up her things and without much more resistance, she makes her way up to her dormitory while Percy sits down in the spot she just vacated.

“I got news from Dad,” he tells Ron pompusly. “The pre-inquiry is over and they decided not to press charges against him for the flying car.”

“Oh, that’s good,” Ron smiles, his body relaxing at the news.

“No thanks to you though,” Percy continues sternly. “This whole inquiry is your fault to begin with. No matter if there aren’t charges pressed on him, your actions tainted his reputation badly enough as it is.”

“We’ve already been through this lecture Percy,” Ron mutters, “and I’ve served detention, and I’ve received a Howler.”

“Well, let’s just hope this finally made an impression,” Percy says, getting up and walking away from the table.

“I hope you are doing good and that the Ministry inquiry has not hurt Dad’s reputation too much. Love, Ron,” the letter ends. Ron and Harry share a relieved smile at that news and the scene changes on that happier note.


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