James woke up in the middle of the night. He ran to the window and undid the latch. He pulled up the window and leaned out, chunks of vomit fell from his mouth, onto the ground. He always got sick this way when he was stressed.




          Sometimes being the ring leader of his friends was too much. James poured himself a cup of water from the jug on the table next to the still. Why couldn’t Peter deal with Sirius’ issue, at least, for just this once?




    As his friends often forgot, James had his own problems! His parents, being aurors (dark-wizard catchers), put their lives at risk every second they were at work. Though he’d never admit it, James’s worst fear was that he wouldn’t have his mom and dad.



     James thought it was too much, having to deal with Remus and Sirius’s issues as well as his own. In fact, it was so stressful James vomited again. As he pulled his torso back indoors he hit his head. That was it. James rummaged in his trunk for a bit.



          The invisibility cloak James’s father had given him before his first year at Hogwarts was at the bottom of his trunk.



          It had been in his family for years. That, according to Remus, was miraculous. Apparently, most invisibility cloaks would wear out, or tear after a while. James was surprised by that. It made James a little proud to have the best invisibility cloak in the world.



          James pulled on his shoes and a sweater, before grabbing his Silver Arrow 26, which was leaning against his four-poster. James also slipped the map, as well as his wand, into his pocket.




          James disappeared under the cloak. Now, if anyone looked his way they’d see nothing but what was around him.



“Lumos.” James breathed. His wand flickered and a little beam of light erupted from the tip.



          In the wand light, James made his way though the castle. He walked slowly and checked the map every so often. When he reached the tall front doors he slipped outside.



          Even in the dark of the night James kept the cloak on. He made his way to the Quidditch pitch.



          Quidditch, in James’s opinion, was the best sport ever. It was played in the air on broomsticks. There where four balls. Two were bludgers. Bludgers were metal and flew around trying to knock people off their brooms. Beaters (there are two on each team) have clubs and try to hit the bludgers at the other team.



          There also was the golden snitch. The snitch was a tiny, walnut sized ball, with miniscule wings that was lighting fast and nearly impossible to see. Seekers (one on each team) try to catch the snitch. When they do their team wins one hundred fifty points and the game is over.



          The last ball was the quaffle. The quaffle was a soccer-ball (football) sized red ball. The chasers (three to a team) pass the ball around the sky and try to get it into the other team’s hoops, which is on poles that go thirty feet up into the sky. When you get the quaffle through a hoop you get ten points for your team.



          There is also a keeper (one per team) who protects the hoops and stops the other team from scoring. James, himself, was a chaser, and a bloody good one at that.



          James opened the huge oak doors and walked onto the pitch. It smelled like cut grass, oak, and a tint of broom polish. That mixture was James’s favorite scent. The stands went high into the sky around the oval field so spectators could see what was going on. In the moon light James could make out the house banners.



          James pulled off the cloak and reviled himself. He stuffed the cloak up his sweater and mounted his Silver Arrow. He pushed his glasses up his nose and kicked off. The broom flew higher and higher with great speed. Once it reached the top of the stadium. James made a sharp turn. Sharp turns were something James was very good at and it caused Gryffindor to win many matches.






          The freedom of flying was bliss. He could go where ever he wanted. The wind blew through his hair and brushed his cheeks. The air was the only place James felt like he could really think freely. As he came around the stadium again he saw a figure in the Gryffindor stands. He swiftly turned around and flew into the stands. As he drew nearer he made out the fiery red hair of none other than Miss Lily Evans. James flew into the stands and landed a few rows in front of the row Lily was sitting in. She looked up and stared at James with those shocking, almond-shaped, green eyes of hers. In one of her hands was her wand which had a beam of light at the tip, in the other was a quill. A notebook rested on her lap.



          James grinned. “Well, hello Miss Lily Evans. I didn’t expect to see you here. In fact I didn’t even know you knew where the pitch was and, no offence meant, you are the last person I’d expect to see out after curfew. What brings-“



          Lily sighed exasperatedly “Potter would you shut up?”



          James kept grinning “If you let me sit next to you.”



          Lily weighed her options. Either have James be inches away from her or have him keep talking and ruin the silence of her writing time. “Fine, sit”



          James clambered over the rows of seats and sat on the scarlet upholstered seat on Lily’s left. As she wrote, he read over her shoulder.



          Lily was annoyed. “Would you stop doing that?”



“Answer this Lily,” James said “Why are you out?”



          Lily shut her notebook. “I came here so I could have some peace and quiet while I write, to no avail.”



“I didn’t know you write.” said James.



          Lily laughed her beautiful, musical laugh. “How did you think I do my essays? By drawing them?”



          James shifted in his seat. “I meant write like that.”






“I know.” Lily smiled. “Answer this James Potter. Why are you out?”



          James stared at the starry, inky sky. “I came here to think. See, it’s rather hard to think in your dormitory when Peter is snoring, Sirius is mumbling in his sleep, and now Remus screams in his sleep, as well as toss and turn.”



          Lily looked down. “Poor, Remus.”



          James nodded. He knew Remus was friends with Lily and sometimes that made him a bit jealous, but both Remus and Lily were bookish and liked following rules most of the time so it made sense they were friends. 



Lily looked in his hazel eyes. “So this pitch is your thinking space?”



          James nodded. “Yep.”



          There was a moment of silence. The moon shined on Lily’s face so her eyes were in semi-darkness. It was so quiet you could hear every movement in the forest. Both Lily and James were the calmest they were all year.



“Will you out with me?” James asked.






          Lily laughed, pushing James away. “Not in your dreams Potter!”



          James pushed his glasses up his nose again and turned to face Lily. “Well you see Lily, this is not my dreams. This is real life. Will you date me in real life?”



          Lily smiled mysteriously “Maybe.”



“Is that a yes or a no?” James was exited.



“It’s a met me in the common room at midnight on Friday to find out.”



“Alright, then. Accio Broom!” James’s Silver Arrow flew to his outstretched hand. “Grab your stuff Lils.”



          Lily frowned. “Why?”



“Because I am going to give you a ride to the front steps.”



          Lily slapped James. “You know I’m no good on a broom!”



“Just hold onto my waist and you’ll be fine.”



          Lily sighed. “Alright, but things better be fine!”



          The two mounted the Silver Arrow. Lily squeezed her eyes shut tight and clung onto James’s waist for dear life. Her flaming red hair rippled behind her. She became more relaxed. James knew what he was doing. She opened her eyes and loosened her grip on James’s waist. She even rested her chin on James’s shoulder. It was rather enjoyable for both of them. James landed softly on the steps and dismounted.



          As soon as they were off the broom Lily became paranoid. “They’ll find us out of bed after curfew!” she whispered.



          James pulled the invisibility cloak out from under his sweater. “Not with this.”



          Lily gasped. “An invisibility cloak! James that’s amazing! They are really rare!” Lily became stern. “Did you steal it?”






“No, I did not steal it!” James hissed as he pulled the cloak over them and the broom.



          They walked up to the Fat Lady as slowly as possible and Lily whispered the password. When the two got in the common room James pulled the cloak off them.



“Good night Lily Evans.” He said.



“Good night James Potter.” Lily said before scurrying off to bed.



          James climbed the staircase to his dormitory, fell onto his four-poster and dropped his broom on to the floor. Without taking his glasses off, he fell asleep with the biggest smile on his face he ever wore.









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