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The clock struck 12 as I walked through the front door of the burrow, my footsteps muffled on the front door mat, I held my breath in fear of being caught. The night was damp but still warm and I couldn't help but think it reflected my mood perfectly.

As my healed boots clicked against the hard wood floor my fear of being caught wasn't enough to focus my attention on the task at hand. A huge smile was permanently attached to my face and I couldn't seem to wipe it off. Even as I knocked into the hall stand and screamed bloody murder as I wrestled with my big black umbrella, I was half laughing. Nothing could ruin how I felt right now. Nothing could ruin the way I felt about him...

“Rose?” the slight switched on. Grandma Molly was sitting in her favourite high backed.

My breath hitched in fright. “Grandma! I'm sorry I didn't mean to wake you.” Bugger. I was in for it. You see, there is one condition to living at the burrow. There is to be NO sneaking. No exceptions.

There was also one condition to being the daughter of Ron Weasley. Don't, under any circumstances, get close to a Malfoy. I seemed to have broken both those rules this evening.

“No no Rose its fine, I was already awake. I didn't realise you had gone out?” she smiled at me knowingly. Was there a question in there somewhere. This cant be good.

“Well you see, the thing is- the thing...what is the thing?” I murmured to myself.

“Why are you smiling my dear.” aww crap. That thing is still there! My hand went to my lips in surprise. Yep, Its still there.

Ok so, at this point in ones life, you have two options. Tell the truth and dig yourself into a whole which you would eventually have to dig your way out of later by telling the truth. Or just tell the truth now. After all this time.

I sighed and sat down in front of her. “Ok Grandma, here it Is. No lies, no excuses. The truth.”

“I'm glad to hear that dear, I've been dying to know what the truth is since you moved in here.” My face fell. How could she have known I was sneaking out! I was always so careful. “You didn't actually think I didn't know you snuck out every night. I'm not that old!”

“But grandma! Why didn't you tell me? Thats your one and only rule - don't sneak out.” I huffed in exasperation. Maybe she'll think I was going to church or something.

She smiled back with a twinkle in her eye. “Dear, I figured if you were going to that much trouble, then you would have a pretty good reason for wanting to do so. Or at least a pretty good man to sneak out to.” Now that shocked me out of my reverie! This woman is a mind reader. Or a genius!

“Oh grandma I've been wanting to tell somebody for so long, but you know dad, he's so anti anything to do with me and boys. But I just couldn't help it! I didn't want to disappoint anyone, especially you and dad. So I just kept it a secret and snuck out. But grandma...i love him so much.” I admitted hurriedly and slightly out of breath.

“My poor rose! Don't be afraid to admit your in love. I'm so pleased for you! For both of you. Now tell me. Who is the lucky man?” she smiled at me encouragingly “Go on, tell me.”

Now that question right there is the real reason i've told nobody about this. My family would ostracize me if they new what I'd done. Or should I say who i've- cough. Sorry got caught up in the moment.

“Well, you see grandma, thats another reason I didn't tell anyone. Its not that I'm ashamed of him. He's amazing, I don't think you could even imagine someone like him! And he loves me so much I can feel it even when he's not around.” I thought back to an hour ago, the park...the bridge...him getting down on one knee. It was the proposal I've always dreamt of.

She smiled at me. Her beaming smile that is the basis of all my childhood memories. “I think I understand more then you realise dear.” there was a creak from the floorboard above. “Now quickly dear, tell me who it is.”

I hesitated, but only for a second, “Its Scorpius Malfoy grandma,” I breathed out his name but was determined to get out all I had to say, “and he's not just a guy anymore. He asked me to marry him. I said yes.”, my words hung in the air and I watched as her smile faltered for a split second. My heart dropped in that instant. Grandma Molly got up out of her chair, the floor cracked under her movement as she shuffled over to me.

She put her hand on my cheek and looked up into my eyes. “Rose, for 19 years I've watched you grow. I was there for your first step, your first tantrum,” she sighed as she recalled her treasured memories. “I've watched you go to hogwarts and become the women you are. And now...your getting married. You deserve this happiness my dear. Don't let anyone tell you that what you feel isn't valid. Of course a Malfoy wouldn't exactly be my first choice for you but...when it happens it happens.”

I sighed in relief and hugged my grandmother tight.

“Thanks grandma. I promise you. I am happy, thankyou for understanding this.”

“I understand dear. All you have to worry about now is telling your father. That should be fun.”

I laughed out loud. “Yeah it'll be a walk in the park.”








A/N: First ever one-shot! I hope you like it, its not the genre or characters that i generally like so if you can pleaseee review and let me know if you like it...or hate it :( that would be amazing!


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