“Just friends?” He asked with the look of a lost puppy-dog, as if he had been expecting something more. Oh well, now was not the time for me to get that 'assertive' personality everyone keeps talking about.

“Yeah, just friends. We don’t talk very often and how can I form an opinion of you when I don’t even know you very well?” Complete lies- we talk quite often actually. Granted they are only a few words here or there totaling a small conversation, but acorss the span of five years its quite a lot. If I had been that poor puppet thing with the long nose that grew every time he lied, well my nose would probably be reaching the bookshelf quite a few meters away. “If I got to know you better, then maybe you would fall into the ‘pretty good friends’ category.” Sometimes I hated my own cheek.

“Fair enough.” His eyes drifted to somewhere behind me and I wanted desperately to turn around and see what it was, just for something to stare at other than him. But I kept my composure. This was not the most productive of study sessions, that was certain.

“Lets get to studying then shall we, Scorpius?” I asked finally. Sometimes I just couldn’t stand the boring stuff of waiting. And besides, my grade could certainly use a nice study session.

“I suppose.” He grabbed the book and started thumbing through it while I pulled out and separated my notes by category.

“Great,” I said with a hint of sarcasm, handing him a piece of parchment and flipping the page in the book to a subject we had actually covered. Did he pay attention at all?

That was the worst two hours of my life.

At least I could cross library off of my places that people might occasionally snog.

I had left the library as quickly as possible when the bell rang, telling me my time was getting short before my next class. Without my book I hurtled up the stairs, one after the other, in an attempt to reach the North Tower in time for Divination, a class I hated to the very core. I wouldn’t have stayed with Divination past the fourth year level, but I took a sick pleasure in watching everyone else actually take the stuff seriously. I could care less about any of the things I learned in the class.

“Miss Weasley, please be on time next time, though the stars tell me you will be late three more times in the next week.” Oh joy, it had already started, which meant all the seats in the back were taken by the slackers. How dare they not save me a seat.

“Righty-o, Professor Woodenbaum.”

I took a seat at the front and pulled out my book, staring at the tea cup in front of me. One of the first things we learned was reading tea leaves. I didn’t like that bit at all and stared up at Professor Woodenbaum(who had a terrible head of hair) with disbelief.

“Isn’t this third year stuff? Why are we doing this?”

The class around me groaned and I knew I had made a mistake, broken the cardinal rule of being a teenager. I had just asked the teacher why we were doing easy work. I lowered my head in attempt to dodge the tomatoes.

“Because, Miss Weasley,” he said to me like I was a completely irrational and had a flobberworm sticking out of my ear. “I foresaw that everyone’s aura was clouded with the studying in progress, to clear the aura’s and promote better learning I thought we should study something easy for now.” What a load of poppycock.

Everyone around me agreed and I sunk lower in my chair, taking the poppycock like a good girl.

“Is that fine with you, Miss Weasley?”

“Just peachy.”

I took the tea cup into my hand and leaned over it, dreading drinking the stuff. Contrary to popular belief, I was one of the firm believers in the fact that the tea was spiked. It made my head fuzzy and my judgment a bit blurry. My nose scrunched and I took a look around, spotting Professor Woodenbaum staring me down as if I was going to break his precious cup. It was ugly anyways.

He continued to stare at me and I gulped. There was no way I was going to get out of this, and it wasn’t like I had someone sitting next to me. Normally I sit next to one of the stupider people in the class and pour my tea into theirs when they aren’t looking. But no one was sitting next to me and Professor Woodenbaum wasn’t giving it up.

I took a sip and immediately regretted it. The fuzz took over and the look on Professors face seemed a little nicer. Clearly this wasn’t the most informed idea.

I finished the drink and looked at the dregs, trying to decipher some sort of message from it. All I saw was dirty dregs of tea that I was forced to drink. I was fairly certain that wasn’t in the book.

Professor must have seen some look of distress on my face because he came over and took a look at my tea cup.

“Interesting. You have the sparrow, a symbol of calmness and boredom in divination. It means that your life should be experiencing a great calm at the moment.” He continued to look at my cup and I nodded, not believing a word he said even through my slight stupor. My life was never calm. I’m Rose Weasley. That’s like trying to make a troll recite Shakespeare.

“Mmkay,” I muttered, hoping it would suffice. Professor Woodenbaum looked at me with that oh so disappointed look and turned away from me.

“Class is dismissed.”

It took me two minutes and thirteen seconds to get out of that classroom and onto the stairs. I bolted my way down to the Great Hall to grab myself a sandwich before I took a stroll outside. I didn’t like to spend lunch indoors when it was always a nice day outside, especially nearing summer.

My long legs carried me far and luckily for me, right at the end of the table was a plate filled of little finger sandwiches. Instead of only taking one, I grabbed a couple and darted outside, reveling in the warm air.

“May I have one of those?” Said the liquid voice of someone I was beginning to dread.

“Of course,” I said, despite the hunger in my stomach.

The blonde sat down next to me, far too close I might add, and took the sandwich from my hand.

“Why are you suddenly so keen towards me?” I asked before I could stop myself, knowing instantly that I didn’t want the answer.

“No reason.” He was picking at grass.

“That’s a load of crap if I‘ve ever heard it, and you should know I hear a load of crap everyday.”

“Yeah, yeah. I just figured I would branch out to the rest of the Weasley family, y‘know the whole rebelling stage every teen has to go through.”

Rebelling, that was a good one. Scorpius wasn’t much of a rebel, it took too much effort on his part. He didn’t like walking up the stairs if it could be avoided. Besides, we all knew that he was just holding out until he could leave his parents at seventeen.

“That’s a good one,” I quipped sarcastically with a roll of my eyes. I took a bite of one of my sandwiches and looked at him. He looked extra blonde in the sunlight and I almost had to squint.

“What, you don’t believe me?”

“Not really.”

“Well that’s a real shame y’know, because I don’t think you can handle the truth!”

I snorted and looked at him sideways, brushing some of my brown hair out of my face. “I can handle any sorts of truth.”

“Alright, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me on the next Hogsmeade visit.”

If I hadn’t been so caught off guard, I might not have come up with a response.

“The next Hogsmeade visit isn’t until next year.” What was wrong with me?

“Well then, we can make a Hogsmeade visit over the summer hols.” He seemed so calm about this. He should have been the one turning into a tomato, not me!

“I- I guess that sounds pretty… cool.” I was the queen of cool apparently.

“That sounds great, Rose.” They way he said my name made my stomach do a flip and my body do something I wasn’t planning on doing.

I leaned forward, just a little bit, and he actually completed the rest of the trajectory path.

Place number one to snog: by the lake.


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