Harry stood in the street. He was freezing but he didn't care. Ron and Aydrian came up beside him. "What the bloody hell happened?" Ron asked. "Malfoy." Harry simply replied knowing that is all the answer Ron would need. Aydrian didn't look to happy and disappeared through the Tavern door. Ron turned towards Harry and said, "Blast it all! There will be no more carriages either. The rest of the drivers are on their break!" Harry saw a group of people wandering through the town. "I have to get to Hermione now!" Harry said desperately. Aydrian came out of the Tavern then, "I think I can help with that." He motioned for Ron and Harry to follow and they ran to where the carriages had been placed. ******************* Hermione leaned her head against the carriage wall and let the tears flow. *Will I ever be loved?* The carriage came to a stop soon at the entrance to Hogwarts. She wiped the tears away and exited the carriage. The driver nodded at her somberly and Hermione started up the steps. *Damn that Malfoy! He made me feel this way!* Her thoughts were quickly becoming full of anger. She had planned to do so much with Harry that day. She was even going to lure him under some miseltoe. *Why couldn't I fall in love with somebody else? How could Harry even look at me as a lover and not as a friend?* When she reached the door she opened it and walked in. And almost boweled over Professor Snape. "Watch where you are scurrying stupid little girl." Snape scolded. Hermione tried to hide her face, which still had tear streaks, but Snape saw it. He smiled in delight. "Well well well, why are you crying now? Get a B on your Potions homework?" Snape could clearly see his taunting was having much more effect than normal, and he loved it. Hermione stood at the doorway feeling more miserable every second as Snape continued. "I don't see Ron or Harry anywhere. Although I recall seeing Ron with Aydrian while I was there. So then, where is Potter? Signing autographs?" Hermione flinched when he said 'Potter' and he got the gist of it. *Well,* Snape thought, *this could get interesting.* ******************* Aydrian hopped in the front seat of the carriage and grabbed the reigns. Harry jumped into the back. He looked back at Ron who was just standing outside. "Come on Ron!" Harry said. Ron shook his head. "This has nothing to do with me. This is between you and Hermione." Harry looked sharply at him and saw understanding in Rons eyes. "Come on we have got to go!" Aydrian prompted, they were drawing too much attention. Harry nodded to Ron and shut the door. "Ok Aydrian, hit it!" Harry yelled and the carriage lurched forward. Harry leaned back against the chair his eyes closed. He could see the hurt in Hermione's eyes when Malfoy had said Harry could never love Hermione. He could see that Malfoy had laid bare Hermione's feelings for Harry. Seeing the hurt in her eyes almost broke Harry's heart. *I'm coming Hermione! I'm coming!* Harry said in his mind. ******************* "What you filthy girl, did Harry turn you down? Why of course he did! Someone with his 'importance' with someone of your importance? Although I do admit you are the most accomplished witch I have ever seen you will never be a full blood. No matter what you do. Not even Potter can change that!" Snape taunted and Hermione was about to break under the emotional assault. Then something pierced through the sadness. She heard them like an old muggle radio in her mind. *I'm coming Hermione!* Although it had no real voice to it she recognized it. It was a feeling she got when near Harry, a warmth that could only come when near him. "Harry?" She asked, looking around and drawing a puzzled look from Snape. ******************* Aydrian cursed. The horses were not moving fast enough. He pointed at the horses and said a magical word. They horses burst forward suddenly, going twice as fast as before.In the carriage Harry still had his eyes closed. *How come I never saw it before? How come I never read the signs? She is my best friend and I never noticed that she had feelings for me.* "We are almost there!" Aydrian yelled. *I have got to tell her how I feel. But is this just an infatuation or.......do I love her?* He thought on that. *Yes! I do love her! If she is ever sad or hurt I will risk everything to help her!* The carriage stopped suddenly and he burst out the door and onto the steps of Hogwarts, not stopping for a second. ******************* Hermione looked at Snape. He saw the look in her eyes and it made him stop. He didn't know why. Hermione turned toward the steps of Hogwarts and felt something building inside her, like a wave of warmth and love that she had always felt for Harry. Then a carriage going a little faster than usual stopped and a person instantly burst out of the door and up the steps. It was Harry! Harry looked up and not stopping for a second he took two steps at a time. "Harry?" Hermione yelled and she started down the steps toward him. Aydrian jumped off the carriage and took that time to move away. This isn't his moment. He didn't need to be here. At this moment Hermione felt like she was in a fairy tale. Time seemed to go in slow motion and when they both reached each other they threw their arms around each other and hugged in a loving embrace. They hugged each other closely, wanting the moment to last forever. Harry stroked his fingers through Hermiones hair and she felt like she was in the safest place in the world. After what seemed like eternity they pulled away from each other. Hermione looking happier than she has ever been, looked at Harry. "Harry I..." She began but Harry put a finger up to her lips. "I know Hermione." He said simply. Hermione smiled at Harry, and Harry nearly fainted with love. Usually when she smiled at Harry it was from friendship. But now it was from love and it made her more radiant and Harry, with out a doubt, loved this girl with all his heart. "Hermione I love you!" Harry blurted out. And after he said that Hermione jumped forward in a loving embrace again. As they were hugging they looked each other in the eyes and their love for each other showed tenfold. They both leaned forward and kissed. Harry's mind was on fire. The kiss between them was like a surge of electricity and they stayed at the entrance to Hogwarts like that for many minutes. When they finally pulled away they were gasping for breath and tears were running down Hermione's face again, but her smile showed them to be tears of joy. "I will always love you Hermione," Harry promised, "And I will for all eternity." They hugged and kissed again. Then hand in hand they walked into Hogwarts and whatever fate had in store for them......... Finis (I hope you liked this. It was my first romance fanfic so it wasn't easy. Expect more from with these two in the near future. And please R+R to keep me writing.)

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