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'True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare. False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere'

Most people would have heard that quote. But no one really understands the full meaning and preciousness of true friends. They've never been through what I've been through, never seen what I've seen, and never lost what I've lost.

In my life, I've had five true friends. The six of us were always there for each other. Though we were seperated into two groups. Harry, Hermione, and Ron, the Golden trio, the three absolute best friends. And Luna, Neville, and I were another group of three.

Ron, Harry, and Hermione became friends in their first year, and they had the strongest bond. Nothing could break their friendship, and though they had small arguments, they always made up, and always worked it out. They were also in the same year as Neville, and became friends with Neville, but not great friends...at first.

In their second year, Luna and I joined Hogwarts. I hardly knew Luna at the time, and I don't remember much of that year anyway. That was the year Harry saved my life.

In my fourth year, Dolores Umbridge came to teach at Hogwarts. Because she was so horrible and wouldn't let us learn defensive magic, the DA started up. Through that, I became good friends with Neville and Luna. I was already good friends with Hermione, having talked to her quite a bit the summer before, and the summer before that. And through that I became good friends with Harry, also.

From each of my precious friends I gained something special, something that has made me who I am. I thank them so much for everything they've done for me, and for each other. They are wonderful, wonderful friends.

First of all, Ron. My older brother, but only older than me by a year, in our family we were closest. Everyone had someone, Bill and Charlie, Fred and George, Percy and himself. Ron and I, being the youngest two and being ganged up on, got really close. He was always there for me, always making sure I was all right. And even though his overprotectiveness annoyed me to no end, I understood it. He didn't want me getting hurt by any guy. He was a wonderful brother, and wonderful friend.

Next, Hermione. She was the smart one, our book-worm. Until my fourth year, she was my closest female friend, and we knew practically everything about each other. I told her all about my crush on Harry, and she gave me advice on what to do. She was the first one to know whenever I got a new boyfriend. And though she never told me about it, I knew all about her love for Ron. She was as close to being a sister to me. She was the one who made sure I kept up with my work, and thanks to her, I was near the top of my year.

Luna. What can I say about Luna? Our quirky, wierd friend. She was smart, but in a different way from Hermione. Hermione was booksmart. Luna was smarter when it came to people, and in other wierd ways. Her strange creatures, which didn't exist, were quite smart, really. She was the odd one. After my fourth year, she became my other close female friend. Luna, Hermione and I shared so much.

Then, Neville. Neville, our shy, almost-squib Neville, turned into an amazing wizard. He showed in everything he did that courage can come in the simplest and smallest forms, and what everyone thought was the most forgetful and stupid boy turned into such a great wizard, and amazing person. He was the one who grew the most, who changed the most. And through his changing, he helped all of us grow in our friendship. Thanks to Neville, we got out of a few tight spots. If Neville hadn't been around, who knows how things would've turned out.

Last, but definitely not least, Harry. When I was younger, whenever I heard Harry Potter's name I squealed. I was a young girl with a crush on a celebrity. But once I got over that, and started to get to know Harry as a person, that was when I truly respected him. Harry, who had grown up with the horrible Dursleys, was always such a good person, kind-hearted, and always making sure everyone else was okay. He was selfless. And he got rid of Voldemort. Harry taught me so much about selflessness, and love. Once I got to know the real Harry, not the famous Harry Potter everyone knows, I fell in love with him. It was nothing like the childish crush I had on him when I was younger. And thought a lot of people may think that I only love him because he's famous, I can tell you that they're wrong. I truly love him.

All of my precious friends were so important to me, and no words will truly show that. But I will just say that I miss them so much. I can't believe I was the only one who lived through that.

But I know they wouldn't want me to be unhappy. I know they'll want me to live my life, even Harry would want me to move on and have a family, and join him when I'm older. So that's what I'll do. But before I do, I need them to know this:

I loved them all, in different ways. I will never be able to replace any of them in my heart. They were the most important things in my life. I thank them all for being so wonderful.

I love you guys. 

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