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“She’s in what!” Harry asked. 

“Labor Harry. As in she’s going to have the baby, as in now. We have got to get to St. Mungos. Where’s your floo powder.” 

Harry motioned towards the fireplace and Ginny ran to it, Harry following closely behind. Ginny grabbed and handful of floo powder and threw it into the fire turning the flames emerald green. “St. Mungos,” she shouted, and stepped into the flames. Ginny stepped out of the flames in the St. Mungos waiting room, with Harry stumbling out behind her, and ran up to the front desk. 

“Fleur…Weasley’s room…now,” she panted. A young woman with short, unnaturally blonde, hair looked up from the front desk as she pulled long strands of pink bubblegum out of her mouth, twirled it around her finger and shoved it back into her mouth.


“Oh hey Ginny. Why are you here today, it’s your day off right.”


“Yeah,” Ginny said quickly, “it is. But that’s not important right now. Melissa where is Fleur Weasley’s room?”


“Oh Ginny who’s this?” Melissa asked gesturing to Harry who was standing behind Ginny waiting as patiently as could be expected. Well far more patient than Ginny anyway. “Is this your little friend you were telling me all about? Oh he is cute,” she added with a wink. Ginny rolled her eyes at the smirk she knew Harry was making behind her.


“Melissa, I don’t have time for this. Where is Fleur Weasley’s room?” 


“You know,” Melissa continued, ignoring Ginny completely as she pulled her gum out again only to shove it back in her mouth, “she talks about you all the time. About how sweet you are, how smart you are, how brave you are, she just goes on and on. She just can’t seem to get enough of you.”


Ginny’s face looked murderous but before she could climb on the desk and throttle Melissa, as her face clearly indicated that was her plan, Harry took a hold of Ginny’s waist and gently but firmly held her in place. “Excuse me, Melissa is it,” Harry asked, “Could you please tell us where Fleur Weasley’s room is we’re in a bit of a rush.”


“Course, anything for you sweetie,” she said with a wink. She opened a book with room numbers and flipped through it for a few moments. “Room 448. Just look for a mass of red hair.” Harry nodded quickly and pulled Ginny out of the waiting lobby. Harry and Ginny made their way down the hallways with Ginny in the lead. She knew every twist and turn they were supposed to take making it painfully obvious where she had spent most of her summer.


“Don’t even say it Potter,” Ginny snapped when she turned to find Harry’s mouth open waiting to comment on what had happened down in the lobby. Harry snapped his mouth shut and kept it that way until they began to near Room 448. Just as Melissa said they could see the mass of red hair before they could see the room. What Melissa failed to mention however was that they would be able to hear Fleur’s screams far before they would be able to see the hair or the room.


Everyone was already there by the time they had arrived. Charlie, who was planning to floo in from Romania the next day and stay through the wedding, decided to arrive today as soon as he got the news. When he saw Ginny he stood up and gave her a big hug, wishing her happy-birthday, and shook Harry’s hand. Fred and George sat at a set of chairs with a table in between playing exploding snap. Ron sat in a chair eating something while Hermione was reading a book. Mr. Weasley sat in a chair jiggling his leg while Mrs.Weasley sat biting her lip as she clicked her knitting needles away. The last in the room for Fleur was her father, Monsieur Delacour, who was steadily pacing back and forth. 


“How is she doing?” Ginny asked as soon as she reached her mother. 

“As well as can be expected,” she said, “considering this is her first child. Fleur’s mother, Apolline, is in there with Bill and Fleur now.” The door opened a bit and the hallway was filled with loud screams until the door was closed and the screams were muffled again, somewhat. Bill stood with his back pressed against the door, his face looking pale and some of his hair hanging loose from his ponytail. Everyone stood up from their seats with anxious looks on their faces.


Bill shook his head. “Not yet,” he said. “They said it could be a while, a long while. I just came out to get her some ice. That’s what she was yelling for, just now.”


“The cafeteria is on the 5th floor, two floors down and to the right,” Ginny said quickly. Bill nodded and took off down the hall. “Well he seems to be taking it well,” Ginny commented after he left. Hermione looked up and smiled weakly.


“He’s doing great. He hasn’t fainted once. Only got a little woozy.” 

Ron snorted. “You make it sound so bad Hermione,” he said. “It’s a little baby it can’t be all that bad. They’re tiny.” Hermione looked up frowning.


“Excuse me Ronald. What do you mean I make it sound so bad? It is bad, she is going through excruciating pain in there.”


Ron shrugged. “Nothing a pain killing potion won’t stop.”

Hermione and Ginny turned to Ron with their mouths open in shock. Ginny could hear Harry behind him whispering, “Shut up Ron, Shut up Ron.” 

“So you mean to tell me,” Hermione asked waspishly, “that if I was in there having your children you would tell me to take a pain killing potion and to suck-it-up!”

“Well,” Ron said a little nervously as he began to notice the tension in the room, “I wouldn’t tell you to suck it up just to…take a potion.”


Hermione raised her hand to smack Ron on the side of his head, as he so rightly deserved, when Mrs. Weasley who was sitting next to her grabbed her wrist. “My boys weren’t in Ravenclaw for a reason dear,” she said her attention never diverting from her knitting needles which were magically continuing on their own.


“Too true,” Hermione snapped before jerking her hand away and standing up. “I’m going to get something to drink, Ginny you want to come?” Ginny nodded and followed her down the hallway but not before she made sure smack the side of Ron’s head on the way out. Ginny and Hermione hurried their way to the cafeteria while passing a flustered looking Bill who was rushing back with a cup full of ice.


“Two coffees please,” Hermione said as they reached the counter. The man at the counter nodded, and after paying him and waiting a moment or two, the girls had their drinks. “So tell me what happened,” Ginny asked after taking a sip of her coffee.


“It was chaos,” Hermione said. “Her water broke at the Burrow and nearly everyone went frantic. The only real calm one was your Mum, although your Dad wasn’t too hysterical.” Ginny nodded.


“That sounds about right, how long have you lot been waiting here?” Hermione glanced at her wristwatch. “About an hour and a half maybe two. We didn’t want to send for you and Harry too early, you know give you a chance to enjoy your birthday.” Ginny smiled a little.


“Don’t worry I have so far,” Ginny muttered into her cup as she took another large gulp. At this comment Hermione looked up from her cup. Her mind flashed back to when Harry and Ginny had run up to them from down the corridor. Harry’s hair had been more mussed than usual, as well as Ginny’s hair. Both of their faces had been slightly flushed and she assumed it had been from running in the halls to find them but perhaps it hadn’t. The more she thought about it the more she put things together, Harry missing a button hole on his shirt, the way Ginny’s skirt was slightly twisted, and the smile on Ginny’s lips just confirmed her thoughts.


“Oh Merlin, Ginny what did you do?” Hermione asked though she was smiling as well.


“I didn’t do anything like that Hermione,” Ginny said though she was smiling as well. “It’s not like we didn’t want to…well it’s not like I didn’t want to we just…didn’t.”


“Oh,” Hermione asked, “did you change your mind or something?”


Ginny shook her head a little. “No we were interrupted but I don’t know, things might change.” Hermione smiled and nodded. “But enough about me,” Ginny said as she started to smile. “Three more days!”


Hermione began grinning from ear to ear. “Three more days till I am officially Mrs. Ronald Weasley. Oh goodness that sounds odd.”


“Better get used to it. It won’t be long now. Soon you’ll be married and pregnant and then you’ll have little Ron and Hermiones scampering around.”


Hermione sniffed a little. “What makes you think I’m going to have children so soon.”


“You’re marrying a Weasley Hermione, I give you ten months tops.” 

Hermione simply sat back and smiled seeing as she could fine no logical rebuttal for that comment. “I’m really nervous,” she said suddenly. “My parents finally agreed to come, they’re still not happy about it and I think they’re still hoping I’ll call it off but at least they’re coming.”


“It’s the least they can do.” Ginny responded.


As Hermione sat there sipping her coffee she noted Ginny waving and nodding to certain healers as they walked by.


“Are you going to miss it,” Hermione asked suddenly.


“Miss what,” Ginny asked.


“All of this,” Hermione said gesturing around her. “Working here at St. Mungos. You go back to school in five days after all.”


Ginny’s nodded, “Of course I will, but I’ll be back in a year and then they won’t be able to get rid of me.”


“Are you excited for this year at Hogwarts? It will be your last after all.” Hermione asked before swirling her coffee around and taking another sip.


A few weeks ago Ginny had gotten her Hogwarts letter in the mail and was pleasantly surprised to find that she had been made Qudditich Captain for the Gryffindor house.


“Very excited,” she said. “But it will be pretty odd going to school without you, Ron and Harry there.”


“Oh I’m sure.” Hermione snorted. “This might be your first year of school with out an annual death threat in the end.”


“What’s life without a little excitement,” Then glancing at her watch Ginny said, “We better head back. Fleur could be getting close now.”


Hermione agreed getting up from her chair with Ginny following suit. By the time they two had reached the floor again Fleur’s screams had begun to form words.


“Is it getting any better?” Hermione asked as they both joined the rest of the family on the couches.

George snorted loudly. “If by better you mean getting worse then, oh yes it’s getting a whole lot better.” 

                  Ginny laid her head down on Harry and Hermione did the same to Ron. Monsieur Delacour finally ceased his pacing and was found slumped down in a chair nervously flipping through the pages of an outdated magazine. Fred and George had given up on their game and had begun to converse quietly with Charlie, probably about new joke shop products. Mr. Weasley’s leg continued to jiggle while Mrs. Weasley’s needles continued to click away, and Ron’s head was leaned against the back of the chair and his eyelids were closed, but by the fluttering of his eyelashes in became obvious he was only in the process of falling asleep.


And that’s how they stayed for hours talking, knitting, worrying, and for most, eventually sleeping. Bill didn’t make much of an appearance, only once or twice to run and fetch something or to make a quick trip to the fourth floor for some form of spell damage Fleur and inflicted on him, without a wand mind you. 

             It had been a couple of hours before Ginny woke up, still lying on Harry. She looked up to see Harry resting with his elbow on the arm of the couch. His face was resting on the palm of his hand and his glasses were askew on his face his other arm was thrown carelessly around her waist. Ginny raised her head ever so slightly to glance around the room. The soon to be grandparents were still up nervously fidgeting while everyone else it seemed had fallen asleep in some way or another.


Ginny picked up Harry’s wrist that was placed around her waist and checked the time, 11:02. They had been there for just shy of 9 hours. She hadn’t eaten in at least the past six and a half hours and as if on cue her stomach began to growl. Slowly and carefully as to not wake Harry she unwrapped herself from his hold and stood up. She stretched back like a cat just waking from a mid afternoon nap and walked over to her mother.


“Mum,” she said quietly her voice slow and lethargic from just waking up, “I’m going to go get something to eat do you or anyone want anything?”


Mrs.Weasley nodded slightly before adding, “Just get something for everyone. The boys’ stomachs should be waking them pretty soon.” 

Ginny nodded before heading back down to the café. When she arrived she gave a quick glance around, before ordering from Oliver, the man who worked at the counter.


“Hello Ginny,” Oliver said smiling, “what on earth are you doing here so late, decided to finally pay me that nightly visit have you.” Oliver raised his eyebrows suggestively and winked. Oliver was a young man straight out of Hogwarts. He was 19 years old with shaggy dirty blonde hair, dark eyes and couldn’t take no for an answer no matter how many times Ginny told him she wasn’t interested.


“Oliver,” Ginny huffed. “Just get me the sandwiches and butterbeer I ordered it’s late I’m tired and definitely not in the mood.”

Oliver flashed her, what he hoped was, another seductive smile. “You can always come over to my place if it’s too late for you to head home.” 

This time Ginny didn’t even bother to restrain when she rolled her eyes while Oliver began placing sandwiches and drinks on a tray in front of her. Ginny snorted before grumbling. “I swear Oliver just when I think you can’t get any stupider you surprise me.”


“Ginerva, Ginerva” he said shaking his head, “ Just when I don’t think you can’t get any colder, you surprise me. You sure there is no way I can warm you up?” He leaned forward handing over a tray laden with food letting his fingers linger a bit to long on hers.


“She’s sure,” called a much deeper from behind her. It was then she felt two strong arms wrap around her waist and she felt someone press their lips to her cheek. She looked up to see Harry flash her a quick smile before he went back to glaring daggers at Oliver.


“You woke up,” Ginny plainly stated.

“Yeah,” Harry said as he took one of his hands and began to fish around in his pocket. “I missed feeling your body next to mine, you were warm.” Then after placing money down on the table he turned to Oliver and asked coldly, “Is that all?”


“Yeah,” Oliver mumbled. “Have a nice day.” 

Harry picked up some of the food off of Ginny’s tray and helped her carry her things.


“You didn’t have to save me.” Ginny said once they were out of Oliver’s earshot. “I was coping just fine.”


“What makes you think I was saving you?” Harry asked back. “Me pulling you away was my way of saving him from getting beaten to a pulp.” 

“By you or me,” Ginny asked.

Harry shrugged. “Both probably.”


Ginny looked up smiling. “Jealous,” she asked raising her eyebrows. 

“Maybe.” Harry said, his cheeks tinting pink, before they reached the rest of the family.


When the two arrived back to the group they found that most of the family were still in the same positions they left them. They set the tray and food down on the table, then after each grabbing a sandwich and a drink they went back to settle down on the couch. In no more than thirty seconds the smell of food aroused those who had been sleeping idly. It was then four, once sleeping, red heads all reached out and began to grab at the food on the table. 


And that’s how they sat for a while just quietly chewing until they were suddenly jolted into an upright position by a blood curdling scream. Everyone’s hands immediately shot to their ears. The windows gave a rattle and everyone could hear the glass shattering of Fred’s butterbeer bottle.


“Holy-” George began, but he was cut off again by another piercing scream.


“Oh dear…” Mrs.Weasley mumbled. “Fleur is pushing again it’s almost here.” And then with one final long shriek, everyone out in the hallway was thrilled to hear the loud sounds of a baby’s wails. Mr. Weasley and Monsieur Delacour began grinning manically while Mrs. Weasley wiped tears from her eyes. Fred and George each gave a loud whoop while Charlie began cheering.


A panting, drenching in sweat, but elated Bill entered the hallway grinning like his father and father in law. “Alec Foster Weasley,” was all he said while he kept grinning.


“Can we see him?” Mrs. Weasley asked anxiously. Bill nodded quickly but put a finger to his lips to signal for the others to keep their voices down. Quietly everyone filed into the room. Their Fleur sat glowing, if even possible, brighter than normal. There was a small bundle in her arms swaddled in a blue blanket. Everyone peaked over the edge to get a glimpse at the face. He had wisps of blonde hair that greatly resembled Fleur but his eyes were the same deep calm blue as Bill’s. 

“He’s beautiful,” Ginny cooed.


“May I hold him,” Mrs. Weasley asked. Fleur nodded slightly and then cautiously she held Alec over. Mrs. Weasley gathered him up her arms and the other women in the room, Madame Delacour, Hermione, and Ginny, all gathered around her, while the men of the room went over to a beaming Bill to slap him on the back and to ask if Fleur had inflicted any lasting damage. Eventually, though reluctantly, Mrs. Weasley handed Alec off to Madame Delacour, then after a few more moments she handed him off to Ginny.


Ginny grinned as she held Alex and let the little boy gently grab at her finger. “Harry,” Ginny said quietly, “what time is it?” Harry took a moment and glanced down at his watch.


“11:57pm,” he said. “Why do you ask.” Ginny now held Alec closer and looked up at Harry smiling.


“Because,” she said, “we share my birthday now.” Bill looked up smiling at Ginny. “Do you think you’ll mind?” he asked sheepishly.


Ginny shook her head then turned her attention back to Alec, as he finally grasped her finger. “Not at all,” she murmured quietly. 

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