Thank you to Violet

And she leaves without a sound
It's like fallin' backwards
Into no one's arms

- Bullet Proof - Goo Goo Dolls

A man with flaming red hair walked lonely down the stone corridor. The school term was to start in a few days and by then this corridor would be crammed with many school children.

It was his second year teaching here as the Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers. He played for his favourite Quidditch team, Chudley Cannons, for 3 years as a keeper before falling 60 feet from off his broom and receiving permanent problems in his left arm which he landed on. They fixed most of the problems but the reflexes never quite came back like they used to, so he made the decision to leave before the team manager could formerly ask him to resign from his post.

He was now 25 and it had been 8 years since he left this castle with his two best friends for a dangerous journey. It had also been 7 years since the downfall of Lord Voldemort and 6 and a half since Harry decided to move to the country to wait for Ginny to be ready to live with him.

Each day only got lonelier. His best friend, the great Harry Potter, visits Hogwarts regularly. But Harry had someone to go home to each night after his work (he became an Auror). Ron didn’t. She left him 4 years ago, exactly a year before he plummeted to the ground off his broom.

A 21 year old man rolled over and slowly opened his eyes to see the bright sun shining through the blinds. A brown haired women stood next to his bed with a note clutched tightly in her hand. She was fully dressed with a brown coat which fell to her knees.

“M’ione…” He groaned rubbing his eyes and looking at the clock. “It’s only 6 am… what are you doing up?”

She obviously didn’t notice he had woken and jumped letting go of the note which went flying and landed at his big feet. That was when he noticed the packed trunk at the end of his bed.

“M’ione-“ He started before she cut it.

“Ron, Ron, I’m so sorry. I wasn’t suppose to wake you.” She hurried to the side of her trunk, her voice and thoughts racing. “I’m sorry Ron, I need a break from this place. Victor offered me one of his apartments for a while.”

Ron stared at her.

“What’s happening?” He wasn’t quite awake yet.

“It’s in the note Ron. I’m so sorry.” Her bottom lip quivered.

“Are – are you coming back?” He asked scrambling across the bed to her.

Shakily, she nodded. “I-I-I will.” A tear rolled down her red cheek and before he could reach out to her and take her by the hand she raised her wand and a big cracking noise was made and she was gone.

Left the room. Left their apartment. Left London. Left him.


He dug his hands into his cloak pocket to clamp it around a tattered note. It was the same not Hermione would have left by his bed if he had not woken up.

It didn’t say much, said that she needed a break of the life that Hogwarts made for her and all that went through her head.

He used the note as a false sense of security. She didn’t contact him once for the whole 4 years, not even a letter to let him know she was still alive and well. Surely Victor would have told her about the accident; after all it was him that Ron was up against at the time.

But she didn't write one letter while he laid in St. Mungo's for days. Not even a word.

He knew it was useless but he waited each day for an owl to come souring through the window with a letter that had her neat writing all over it, or that he’ll turn the corner to see her face.

He’s waited for 4 years for that and everyone else seemed to give up in the first few months.

“She would have moved on, Ron. She’ll be engaged or something with some flash job.” Ginny always said. There was no doubt that Hermione leaving hurt her too, she was the closest to a sister she ever had.

He headed for the Gryffindor portrait. He loved visiting his old common room; he was now the head of the house too. He skipped up the steps three at a time until he finally reached it. The Fat Lady didn’t even wait for a password and she let him in, sighing and scratching her large head.

He stood in the room where he spent 6 years in. So many hours were spent in here when he attempted to study with Hermione and Harry. He would bring back those days for anything in the world.

No one ever expected him to become a teacher, if anyone it would have been Hermione. Being an Auror just didn’t seem right after the fall, especially seeing his reflexes weren’t right, he knew that they wanted their Aurors to be in perfect shape, like Harry.

He imagined Hermione’s look if she ever found out about him teaching. It would be just like the one when she found out he was a Prefect, not Harry. But he was never alone when he got to teach, there were students to always keep him occupied, most just wanted to hear of the story of the ‘Golden Trio.’ Those stories were legend to the students.

The truth is he missed Hermione more than anything in the world. He was never going to give up on her returning. He pictured Hermione nodding and saying the shaky 'I-I-I will,' every morning as he wakes up.

No matter how useless it was he wanted her to return to him like she said she would. He was going to wait until the final day of his life, but no one and nothing was going to stop him waiting for her. She was the first love (although he hated to admit it,) he ever had and no matter what anyone told him he couldn’t let go of that.

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