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You smiled, feeling the warmth of the man you sat down in front of. Your arms came to rest upon his knees, as his own pulled you closer to his body. The cool, winter night had captivated the two of you, to the point that you began to simply enjoy a small game. You breathed heavily, watching the air from your mouth twist and turn in a cloud of smoke, mingling with the man’s behind you.

“See, I knew you wouldn’t last long, Luck,” you could hear a trace of a grin with his heavy words whispered in your ear.

“I lasted plenty long, Ced,” you retorted, laying your head upon his shoulder in order to give you a view of his handsome, grinning face. Cedric had been chasing you for the past hour. The thing about your little games was that it was never really Cedric’s job to catch you, but rather, to wait until you grew bored with running around.

“An hour? Hardly any time at all,” he leaned back upon the grass, looking up at the few stars visible through the dark clouds above your heads. You twisted around, allowing gravity to pull you onto him, to which he let out a slight grunt. You smiled again, burying your face into the crook of his neck, you hair falling upon the grass, only to be picked up again by the light breeze.

“Are you suggesting we try again?” You questioned, your voice muffled from his neck. You could feel his vocal cords vibrating as he responded.

“Of course not,” he draped his arms over your waist, with some effort as if to prove his point. You gave a muffled laugh, twisting your hands in his old Hufflepuff scarf, as your own fell idly across his chest and over the grass. He ran his hand idly through your light hair, its dirty color and the night making it ever harder to see his fingers. You lay there for what must have been half an hour, as you found yourself drifting to sleep, only to be awoken by a cold sensation upon the side of your neck.

You gave a slight shudder, sitting up. Cedric grinned as he followed your suit, minus the shudder. He was picture perfect with a light snow falling about his handsome face. You grinned as well, throwing your arms about him in the moment. In the middle of a sweet kiss with your wonderful boyfriend, you began to laugh. He looked at you, slightly puzzled after breaking away.

“Sorry,” you managed through your giggles; “The hilarity of us in our twenties chasing each other and snogging in the snow has just hit me.”

“I see,” he chuckled at your obvious amusement with the situation. He smiled deviously, his fingers finding every place on your body that he knew to be sensitive to human touch. You laughed harder at his playful tickling. You did honestly find it quite humorous that here you were, twenty-two, and he twenty-three, playing in the snow like a couple of star-crossed fourteen-year-olds.

“Ced…Cedric,” You managed between laughs, “Stop…stop.” He obliged, your sweet laughter ringing in his ears. He stood up, lifting you up at the same time. His strength amazed you, even after four years, you were nothing more than a feather to him. You let him hold you up, feeling quite tired from your playful games. He smiled, watching snowflakes settle into your hair, and feeling them litter his own.

“Luck, indeed,” he murmured. You smiled into his chest, seeing as you were to short to be any higher, though having no idea what he was really talking about.

“Ced,” you turned your head up, chin resting on his chest now, as opposed to the side of your head, “This is wonderful. I’ll have to be sure to thank your father for inviting us over.” His face mirrored yours, though he seemed deep in thought.

“Of course,” he stated offhandedly. Your fingers itched to run through his hair, as your eyes darted to and fro constantly between that and his light gray eyes.

“What is it?” You asked, lifting a hand up to run it through his hair, your desire getting the best of you. He gave a small smile at the feeling of your hand. For a moment you thought he was going to lean down to kiss you, but instead he kept going down, disappointing you for a moment. On his knee, he fumbled in his robe’s pocket for a moment.

“Luck,” he grinned up at you, holding your freezing, delicate hand, in his own large, warm one, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this. All of my life really, I suppose. With you I’ve been happier than ever, and I hope you could say the same of me. Your brilliance only surprises me more with each day. The way that you always have time for me, even after one of the worst days of your life, is just amazing. Even when you think you’re at your worst, your beauty is simply breathtaking.” You couldn’t help but think that this moment was going to be life changing. You had never seen Cedric so nervous before; he was always calm, collected, and cool.

Yet he was in front of you on his knee, his hand shaking as it held yours tightly.

“Luck, if you’ll have me,” he gave a nervous smile, “I’d love for you to become Mrs. Cedric Diggory. Will you marry me?” You could feel a grin spreading across your face. You tugged on his hand, signaling for him to stand, which he did. Standing on your toes, you met him with a kiss that was, simply put, the most passionate thing you thought you’d ever done.

“Is that a yes?” He grinned, watching you nod.

“Of course, Mr. Diggory,” you stated, “How could anyone refuse you?”

He lifted his hand, opening the small box in it. You gave a slight gasp at the astounding beauty of the ring inside. It was elegant, quite a contrast to your appearance, you felt. He took your left hand in his, slipping the cold, but beautiful metal upon your thin ring finger.

“I love you, Lucky,” he smiled wide, pulling you to him by your waist.

“I love you too, Ced,” your face mirrored his in expression, as he leant down. You could feel his breath the closer he got, certain that the smoke emitting by way of your mouth was mingling together, the way you had watched it less than an hour before. His lips overthrew yours; his tongue beginning a lengthy battle that you were certain was never to end.

Your smile built into a grin through the kiss, his warm hands resting upon your hips, as yours teased the back of his neck. His happy face met you when your eyes opened, as you broke apart.

“We most definitely will have to thank my father,” he chuckled, a pleasant feeling for your hands, his vocal cords vibrating against them. He draped his arm around you, as you began to walk through the snow. A picture of perfection, two bodies in black and gold, mingling as one.

An AU, of course. Who could honestly refuse dear Ced? Not I. I'm not sure where the nickname came from, either. But I hope you enjoyed this, and hopefully it was worth it. :)

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