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Image hosting by Photobucket TND (The New DragonGirl) DREW THAT! WEll she drew something even awesomer but i had to edit it down to that. Chapter 2:Questions Hermione opened her mouth and shut it many times. “Ma-Malfoy?” she finally managed to say. “Yeah,” the little girl said and looking shyly down at her feet. “Wh-why are you here, where are your pa-parents?” Hermione was still in shock, it had to be Draco Malfoy’s daughter she knew of no other Malfoys. “I-I ran away, they were mean.” “They were mean to you? How?” Hermione's hate for Draco grew hundred fold. “They yelled that I was a squib or somet-" she tried to say but was over come with a coughing fit. “Oh my, come in, Erin, let’s get you warm.” Hermione led the little girl into the kitchen and got her a blanket, she gave her soup to her. “Here, you must be hungry.” “Thanks.” She said and began eating like she hadn’t had a meal in days. “So are your parents Draco and-" who would marry Draco? Pansy maybe? “Yeah, Dayco and Reilly,” she said between bites. “How did you get here?” Erin swallowed and looked down as she began her story. “They were hitting me again and told me that I would have to sleep in the garden tonight-" “How often do you have to sleep in the garden?” “I don’t know, they don’t like me so I ran away and I saw you come in so I came here.” “Oh you poor thing!” “Please don’t make me go back! I don’t want to, I like it here, I’m warm here,” tears crowded her crystal blue eyes and she went back to eating her soup. Hermione realized that she had tears forming too. “No, I won’t let them take you.” “Promise?” “Yes.” ** After dinner as Hermione helped Erin take a bath she realized that her whole body was covered in cuts and bruises, it was a sight that would make anyone with a heart wince. Erin loved the concept of a actual bathtub, she told Hermione that she usually had to take a bath in the nearest lake or something. Erin was shy at first but opened up when she realized that Hermione wasn’t going to hurt her. After her bath, Erin put on one of Hermione’s shirts and crawled into the bed that she and Ron usually shared. Hermione gave her a potion for her cough, goodnight and walked back down to the kitchen. She sat down at the table and thought about what had happened. She wondered how anyone could do that to a perfectly innocent child. ‘But that does sound like something Malfoy would do to a squib.’ She thought miserably, ‘How does he know she’s a squib?’ She would tell Ron, Ron would go and hex the living hell out of Malfoy, he deserved it! But what if Malfoy came looking for Erin playing the ‘father of the year’ act? She would fight for her, even take Malfoy to Wizards’ Court if she had to. That having been decided, she walked upstairs and got into bed beside the small sleeping girl. That night she woke up and saw that Erin was thrashing about beside her. She shook her, trying to wake her, something must be wrong, she knew by the way Erin was thrashing about. “Erin! Erin, wake up!” Hermione cried. Suddenly Erin shot up into the sitting position, gasping for air, “Oh my God! Erin are you okay?” Erin burst into tears and Hermione scooped her up and cradled her in her arms. “What happened honey?” She asked in a soothing voice. “They w-were tr-trying to get me, th-they were trying to k-kill me for running aw-away, and y-you were d-dying!” she said shaking as she cried. Hermione noticed how she always referred to her parents as ‘they.’ “Its ok, shhh you are okay, everything will be okay.” Hermione ran her fingers though her blonde hair. “D-Don’t let them ta-take me,” Erin said cuddling to Hermione. “I won’t, lets go back to sleep, you can sleep right by me.” “O-Okay.” Hermione laid down with Erin’s small frame beside her. She felt for the little girl, what her life had been like, and she was only three! She must have raised herself. When Hermione woke up the next morning she quietly got out of bed and went downstairs to cook breakfast. She was in the middle of cooking breakfast when she heard a little sneeze from the table. Looking behind her she saw Erin, her hair all messed up and sleepers in her eyes. “Good morning Erin,” Hermione greeted. “Good morning.” “Do you want to go visit one of my friends today?” Hermione asked. She needed to talk to Ginny about all of this. “You can go alone, that’s what they did.” “What? They left you home alone?” “Uh-huh.” “Well I’m never going to do that, I want you to come with me.” “Really?” Erin asked with surprise and excitement in her voice. “Of course,” Hermione scooped some of the now cooked eggs onto both of their plates and served them. Erin started devouring her eggs immediately. Hermione watched the little girl eat, Hermione thought of what she would tell Ginny, well how really. “Hi, I thought I’d stop by and tell you that Malfoy's mistreated daughter knocked on my door last night…” just didn’t seem to cut it. After they had finished breakfast there was a problem as to what Erin was to wear, Hermione didn’t want her to have to wear that horrid pillow case thing she was wearing. She looked though her closet and found a shirt that would kind of look like a dress on Erin and after she was dressed brushed Erin’s hair. “Have you ever traveled by floo powder?” Hermione asked trying to decide what would be the best way to get to Ginny’s house. “Threw powder?” “No, floo powder, never mind here hold on to me very tight.” Erin squeezed Hermione’s arm and they apparated. “Are you okay?” Hermione asked Erin when they landed in front of Ginny’s house. “Whoa, I don’t feel—“ Erin leaned over and puked all over the sidewalk. “Sorry!” she exclaimed when she was done. “Its okay! Scourgify! See? All better, I should have warned you, we won’t do that again,” Hermione said. She really should have thought of that before she apparated. They walked up to the door and knock. A Redhead suddenly appeared at the door. “Hey Hermione! What’s---" Her eyes fell upon Erin. “I’ll explain inside.” Hermione said and they walked in, “This is Erin, Erin Malfoy.” “What!?!!” Ginny asked clearly surprised. “Aunt ‘Mione!” screeched Jami as she stumbled into the room and latched onto Hermione’s leg. “Hey Jami, Erin, do you want to play with Jami?” “Ok.” “Jami why don’t you show Erin your room?” Hermione asked. Jami ran off in the direction of her room and Erin followed with a half smile on her face. “Yesterday, when I got home form shopping, I was making soup when I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it and saw her, in a pillow case.” “It’s the middle of November!” Ginny exclaimed. “I know, it gets worse. She told me that Draco and his wife Reilly or something made her sleep outside and when I gave her a bath I noticed all of these cuts and bruises on her. She had never had a bath before either,” Hermione was pacing the kitchen and Ginny was sitting at the table, “Well, not that she could remember, she was fascinated by the tub. Then she woke up from a horrid nightmare where Malfoy was trying to kill her and me. She thought that I was going to leave her at home while I came to visit you.” “That’s so sad!” Ginny said. “I know, she made me promise not to let Malfoy get her again.” “Wow, how old is she?” “I never asked, but I’m guessing around three.” Hermione sat down in the seat opposite of Ginny, “I don’t know what I’m going to do!” “Well, Malfoy is going to try to get her back I bet.” “That’s what I think too.” Hermione put her head in her hands. “So I guess you have to fight him, you need to take pictures of all of her bruises and stuff as evidence, or take her to a Healer.” They stopped to listen and they heard laughter coming from Jami’s bedroom. Hermione couldn’t help but smile; Erin just wanted and deserved, a normal life.
A/N: Hey guys thanks SOOO much for all of the reviews!!!! They made me feel really good! I don't really know how long this story is going to be, but with school and all i can't promise a really quick update, reviews help make me happy though! *HINT*

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